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James Mitchell Reveals Dixie Carter's Dislike of His TNA Gimmick

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Oct 17, 2014

James Mitchell Reveals Dixie Carter's Dislike of His TNA Gimmick

James Mitchell better known more recently as The Sinister Minister in TNA posted the following on Facebook about a recent conversation he had with Vince Russo on how TNA President Dixie Carter didn't like his on-screen character...

During a recent conversation with former WWE and TNA head writer, Vince Russo on Vince Russo’s Pyro & Ballyhoo, I asked him to explain to me how the decision was made in TNA creative to fire me, when I was clearly a good soldier, a top tier on-screen presence who got real heat and unquestionably one of the very few money-promo guys. He offered the following-

“Two overlaying things with TNA. One is much bigger than the other. And Jim, one of ‘em is like almost unbelievable to say, okay? Dixie Carter, I hate to say this, and I hate to use this word, but after owning the company for so many years, Jim, was still such a mark that if Jim Mitchell would be the Devil on television and was getting heat because that was his job, and that’s what he was paid to do, because people were booing and hissing you, Dixie did not like Jim Mitchell. Not that she, and you shouldn’t laugh, this is a shoot, so literally bro, if you’re getting heat and people are booing you and she doesn’t like you because of your “character”, a lot of times that transforms into her not liking you.”


That explains a lot about her subsequent creative input. Perhaps if I posted Tweets insensitive to Japanese typhoon victims, as she recently did, I would have been more in line with her vision of how a heel gets heat."

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