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Eric Bischoff Disputes WWE Version Of How He Signed Hall and Nash

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Oct 09, 2014

Eric Bischoff Disputes WWE Version Of How He Signed Hall and Nash

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff was asked in a recent interview with AltenativeNation.Net for his thoughts on the new Monday Night War series airing on the WWE Network.

While he has not watched the series he responds to the WWE suggestion that he offered Kevin Nash and Scott Hall a lot of money to jump ship from WWE to WCW kicking off the Monday Night Wars. 

"Well it’s really hard for me to honestly respond without having personally seen it, but based on what you just described to me, it’s consistent with the false narrative that WWE has been engaged in, as well as a lot of the peripheral media that covers professional wrestling and entertainment. There are certain things that are based in fact, that no matter how hard WWE can, and try to change some of those facts, because they do have the platform re-educate those who either weren’t around paying close attention, or don’t see the other side of the true story to make up their own opinions, or own minds.

But here are a couple of facts that kind of shape that false narrative to the foundation. Number 1: Hall and Nash weren’t forced to leave their beloved WWE for anything, they chose to. They chose to leave WWE and come to WCW, not for the money, because the truth and the facts are that I probably didn’t offer them any more money than they were already making. I couldn’t really speak to this, because I wasn’t doing their taxes at the time, but I’m pretty sure that they were probably making more money. But the real reason I remember, having firsthand discussions with both of them, they didn’t leave WWE for the money. They left WWE to come to WCW for the lifestyle, because we had a maximum of 180 days in their contracts.

The WWE was running them much more than that, then you add travel on top of the actual days they were performing, they were running 300 plus days a year. That’s a fairly well documented schedule that I think many people that were in WWE at the time, if not now, would support. WCW wasn’t running that heavy of a schedule. We hadn’t built up our international business model, or our arena revenue model, enough to support that kind of schedule. Did they get a guaranteed amount of money that was probably close to equivalent, possibly slightly more than they were making at WWE? Yeah. But the narrative that they were forced to leave because I was offering them this huge vast amount of money is complete and utter nonsense. It’s just not true."

Bischoff discusses criticism from the WWE Network’s new Monday Night War series, his plans for WCW had his deal to buy the company gone through in 2001, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall’s WCW contracts, being in talks with a wealthy Las Vegas venture capitalist just before going to TNA about launching a wrestling promotion, WCW and WWE’s announce teams, why he hired Johnny Ace during WCW’s dying days.

To read the full interview click here.

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