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WNS Video: Is Samoa Joe hurting the X-Division?

Posted By: Garvin on Sep 10, 2014

WNS Video: Is Samoa Joe hurting the X-Division?

Since TNA went to New York, I've been raving about how awesome the X-Division has looked. Whether it's bringing back Homicide, Low Ki, or the 6-sided ring, TNA seemed to be making all of the right decisions.

But last week, when Samoa Joe, your reigning X-Division Champion, looked past the #1 Contenders match and challenged TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, it really bothered me.

It bothered me because, to me, it made the X-Division and the wrestlers within it look secondary to Samoa Joe and his motivations as Champion. Here's a conversation I had with a few friends about this very subject:

What say you? Did TNA make a mistake booking Samoa Joe in a match against Lashley? Is Samoa Joe hurting the division as Champion or elevating it?

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