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Paul Heyman Accounts His Negotiations with TNA and Spike TV

Posted By: Ben Kerin on Aug 08, 2014

Paul Heyman Accounts His Negotiations with TNA and Spike TV

During a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, Paul Heyman revealed an account of his negotiations with TNA and Spike TV about taking over creative and owning a stake in the company.

"In 2010, after Brock Lesnar choked out Shane Carwin, there was a discussion that I had with TNA that involved Spike TV. Ultimately, because TNA had been trying to get me on the phone from the day I left WWE in 2006 and I never took the phone call. We finally got into a conversation because Spike TV had reached out to make that happen.

Ultimately, the story of this is, if I was going to do it, I wanted the Dana White deal. I wanted complete control, I wanted a piece of the company and I wanted the ability to, when the time was right, to take it public. I wanted to do the programming completely different than the way they had been doing it and Spike TV signed off on it. The concept was a very youth-oriented, youth-based, youth-marketed promotion. A complete contrast to the way WWE does things. A complete and utter alternative to WWE at the time.

While the ruling family in TNA had no problem with my salary request, my ownership demands, my concepts, etc. etc., they didn't want to implement as much of a youth-oriented product as I was looking for and I balked at it. I have no regrets about that. At the end of the day, they were happier being a WWE-lite promotion than they were branding themselves something different as TNA.

So that was the last flirtation I had with doing my own thing...In regard to doing my own thing in sports entertainment, I kinda do my own thing now with Brock Lesnar and I'm very happy doing it.

Running a whole show is a 24/7 and 365 commitment, and you would need an enormous amount of financing and very strong distribution set up front to get me to the table to even consider such a task. Otherwise, it's doomed to fail."

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