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TNA Slammiversary Results (6/15/14)

Posted By: Elio C. on Jun 15, 2014

TNA Slammiversary Results (6/15/14)

Backstage: M.L.K. is talking about tonight's pay per view

Video Opening highlighting TNA's past Slammiversaries

Welcome to Slammiversary and we kick things off with championship action for the X-Division Championship

X-Division Championship: Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards vs Tigre Uno vs Crazy Steve vs Mannik vs Sanada

Mannik with a dive over the top rope onto Sanada and The Wolves double suicide dive through the ropes takes out both Sanada and Mannik. Steve goes under the ring and pulls out a ladder setting it up. Steve on the apron and Tigre Uno dropkicks him to the floor.  Tigre Uno with a twisting corkscrew. Mannik folds a ladder up and slides it into the ring. Tug of war between Sanada and Mannik and Sanada drives Mannik into the corner. Springboard chop to the head by Sanada. Dropkick by Tigre. Sanada going for a double arm underhook but Tigre counters. Chop to Richards. Release suplex sends Tigre into the ladder. Edwards slides a ladder in. Mannik from the top rope takes out The Wolves. Steve picks up the ladder and uses it like a windmill taking everyone out. Steve sets the ladder up. mannik cuts him off. Steve goes up the ladder and is just fingertips away from grabbing the title but Sanada slides back in and knocks Steve off. Sanada goes to the top rope and moonsault onto Steve  Sanada picks up the ladder and it's the champion making his way up the ladder as the crowd breaks into a "This Is Awesome" chant. Tigre Uno from behind with a kick to Sanada's head. Tigre pulls Sanada up the ladder. Tigre tosses him off the ladder. Edwards holds Tigre in place as Richards flies off the top rope cracking the back of Tigre. Edwards and Richards both eyeing the championship and The Wolves both climb up the ladder. The Wolves trade punches atop the ladder. Headbutt exchange between Richards and Edwards. Sanada pulls Edwards down and delivers a suplex sending both toppling to the floor. Mannik with a springboard onto the ladder. Mannik with a powerbomb from the top of the ladder sending Richards crashing through the second ladder. Sanada inches away from the title. Edwards trying to pull Sanada down but to no avail as Sanada reaches up and grabs the championship to retain.

The winner and still X-Division Champion: Sanada

M.L.K. walks out and MVP says he's supposed to be in the hospital and this is how he's treated. They are a football's throw away from mediocrity and ineptitude and the fans have the nerve to boo him. He understands they're upset because they paid their hard earned money to see MVP become champion and if he were them he'd be disappointed too. MVP says the reception he's receiving from the fans is not right. Dixie Carter went to The Board Of Directors and MVP has now been censored though he's not sure why. As Director Of Operations, he's been told he has to give the people a fair  match. Tonight, Eric Young will still defend his title inside a steel cage. However, there's been a change. Bobby Lashley will face Samoa Joe and Kenny King will be facing Austin Aries and the winners of those respected matches will go onto face Eric Young for the championship it can't get any more fair than that and in the interest of fairness, MVP says he will not be involved in any of the matches.

 Bobby Lashley vs Samoa Joe

Lashley unloads on Joe. Joe fights out of the corner but it's Lashley still in control. Shoulder tackle into Joe. Irish whip and Lashley runs into a boot. Joe with a kick to the side of the head. Joe measuring Lashley with short jabs. Clothesline by Lashley. More short jabs by Joe to Lashley as he gets pummeled in the corner. Joe sets up for the facewash. Joe off the ropes but Lashley slides out of the ring. Joe with a dive to the outside. Headbutt by Joe. Lashley picks up the ring steps and uses them on Joe. Double cross chop by Lashley and clothesline in the corner.. Elbows to the side of the head and a neckbreaker to Joe. Elbow by Lashley. Snap suplex by Lashley. Lashley still in control. Series of shots to the chest by Lashley and Lashley back to the nerve grip on Joe. Joe gets to his feet and lands a kick to the head. Inverted atomic drop and big boot to Lashley. Joe with the senton. Irish whip reversed by Lashley and Joe hits the uranage to Lashley. Joe goes for the Kokina Clutch but Lashley backs Joe into the corner. Lashley on the turnbuckle fights out of the Muscle Buster. Joe almost bumps into the referee. Joe turns around and Lashley spears him for the pin and win

The winner of the match: Bobby Lashley

Jeremy Borash is up in the Carter Family party suite and asks Dixie for her thoughts on Slammiversary. Dixie says she's surrounded by family and friends what more could she ask for. Dixie says she had very important meetings this week but won't share until she's standing in the ring and everyone is listening. She says you know what they say about karma and MVP doesn't know what he's in for

Magnus vs Willow

Magnus dominated and wore down Hardy early on as Bram ranted & raved ringside. Hardy made a comeback with a corner dropkick, then delivered a second-rope splash for a two count. Hardy climbed all the way to the top next, but airballed a big splash. Bram suddenly decided to enter the ring, but Abyss pulled him out of the ring and beat the crap out of Bram with rights and lefts. Bram brawled back, then Magnus jumped to ringside to join the scrap. Suddenly, Hardy stood on the top turnbuckle and did a no-look flying back splash that took out the heels.
Back in the ring, Abyss beat up Bram, who looked more and more like Chris Hero with his hair unfurled from its standard pulled-back look. The ref tried to get Abyss out of the ring, then Hardy re-entered the ring for two Twist of Fates to Magnus. But, Magnus kicked out of a pin. Suddenly, Bram showed up ringside with a weapon, then Abyss went under the ring to retrieve his giant barbed wire board. Bram dropped his object, then bailed up the ramp as Abyss stalked him. Back in the ring, Magnus crotched Hardy, then grappled him for a rear-grip uranage. Magnus covered for the win. The bell sounded, drawing Abyss's attention back to the ring. Abyss sold concern as Bram returned to the ring to celebrate with Magnus. Abyss then chased off the heels before standing over Hardy.

The winner of the match: Magnus

Kurt Angle comes out to introduce the next inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame. Angle announces the inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame 2014 and the next inductees into the TNA Hall Of Fame are the greatest tag team, Team 3D Bully Ray says the crowd's "We Want Tables" chant is the best he's heard in forever. Bully says he can't even begin to tell Devon how great it is to be standing in the ring with him again. The crowd starts chanting "One More Match" Bully says they accept the hall of fame induction for one reason and one reason only because of the fans. For their entire career, each and every single fan are responsible for taking and making Team 3D the most successful team in the history of professional wrestling. Devon says last August when he left, he vowed never to come back because he thought he was done and that he was through. A "You Still Got It" chant gets going as Devon continues on that he got the phone call saying they were going to be inducted into the hall of fame. He and Bully have been riding up and down the highway winning one tag team title after another and he thinks it's only fitting they go out together in a blaze of glory.

Backstage: ECIII walks in and says he beat the first inductee into the hall of fame, Sting and became the new icon. Then he beat  Kurt Angle and became the new face. Tonight he is going to beat Bully Ray and become the Hardcore American Icon

Austin Aries vs Kenny King

Before the bell sounded, King jawed with members of the Dallas Cowboys sitting ringside on the front row. Once the match started, King and Aries went face-to-face in the ring. King cheap-shotted Aries, then turned his back, taking a corner dropkick. Aries tried to follow right up with his Brainbuster finisher, but King wiggled out and bailed to the floor to avoid a one-minute loss. Back in the ring, Aries tried a top-rope move, but King leapt at the ropes to crotch Aries. King followed with a step-up kick that knocked Aries down to the floor. Back in the ring, Aries worked with the crowd on running across the ring apron before knocking King's head into the corner turnbuckle. Aries followed up with a top-rope missile dropkick for a two count. Aries tried to follow with a corner attack, but King blocked with a boot to the head. King tried a pin and put his feet on the ropes, but ref Brian Hebner saw it and yanked King's feet off the ropes. King argued with Brian, then walked into a kick and Last Chancery submission. King avoided tapping out, then the match continued. King tried to follow up after smiling toward the Cowboys ringside, but Aries blocked a top-rope move with elbow strikes. Aries then grappled King for a top-rope Brainbuster suplex. It was good for the pin and the win. And, Aries advances to the TNA World Title main event to face Eric Young and Bobby Lashley in a steel cage.

The winner of the match: Austin Aries

Von Erichs vs Bro-Mans

Marshall, wrestling barefoot like his dad, opened with a big armdrag on Jessie. D.J. then entered and took offense from Marshall. But, Bro-Mans used their numbers advantage and experience to cut off Marshall and begin working him over. Marshall fought back with big forearm strikes, then delivered a powerslam. Marshall tagged out to Ross, who dropkicked D.J. Zema, then again. Jessie cut off Ross behind ol' Earl's back, then the Bro-Mans went on the attack. A loud "Von Er-ich" chant broke out, but Jessie cut off Ross to maintain the heel attack. Jessie missed a legdrop, though, and Ross tagged out to Marshall. Marshall delivered a big dropkick, then corner clotheslines followed by a double clothesline. Marshall pulled out The Claw, but Bro-Mans cut him off. Ross then smashed the heels with a dual top-rope dropkick. Chaos in the ring. Von Erichs then double-teamed D.J. before Jessie re-entered the ring with a chair and smashed the Von Erichs for a DQ.

The winners of the match: Von Erichs

Post Match: Kevin Von Erich hopped the guardrail and flew into the ring, popping the crowd huge. Kevin then wound up D.J. Zema, shot him off the ropes, and put him in The Claw, drawing another big reaction as if they were back in the Sportatorium. Kevin kept it on for a while, then stood tall in the ring with his sons to close the match segment.

Backstage: JB brought in the Beautiful People to hype Angelina Love's Knockout Title defense against Gail Kim. JB took umbrage to Angelina's boastful talk, asking how many times she won the title without Velvet Sky's help. Sky took exception to JB's questioning, saying they do everything together, which is why they are the Beautiful "People."

Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love vs Gail Kim

The BP's personal referee, Stiffler, was assigned this contest. Gail was the aggressor early on, looking for early offense on her rival in the division. She even took it to Velvet on the outside early on, but Angelina was able to sneak up behind her for a ringside attack. Back in the ring, Angelina dominated, but could not secure a three count despite having Stiffler in her pocket. Referee Earl Hebner eventually showed up and tossed Velvet from ringside, then tossed Stiffler from the match assignment, having enough of Stiffler letting the BP get away with outside interference for months. Angelina tried to roll up Gail with her feet on the ropes, but Earl caught that and stopped his count. Gail then accidentally dropkicked Earl when Angelina moved. Angelina and Gail each followed up with visual three counts, but Earl remained KO'ed as Stiffler checked on him. Stiffler then decided to re-enter the ring when Angelina cheated to pin Gail and rendered a three count.

The winner of the match and still Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

Backstage: Bully was shown talking to Devon. Devon said he's heading back to the hotel and won't be ringside to watch Bully face Ethan Carter III. A roving cameraman then asked Bully for words before his Texas Death Match against ECIII. Bully referenced legendary Texas wrestlers, then issued a warning to Ethan that he doesn't think he knows what he got into. He told Ethan that he better starting to pray to God.

Texas Death Match: Bully Ray vs ECIII

As the bell sounded, Tenay introduced the rules for the first time that it's No DQ, etc., and it ends when the opponent cannot answer a ten count. That changes the dynamic with this being a Last Man Standing match. Bully was the aggressor early on, tossing Ethan around the ring and then to the floor. On the outside, Bully pulled out a table and then another. Bully set up two tables next to each other, but he took so long that Ethan was able to recover and blast him from behind. Ethan rolled Bully back into the ring, but lost control and Bully lit him up with left-hand jabs. Bully said he needed one more table, then pulled out a third table and slid that one into the ring. Bully slowly set it up in the corner, then turned around and ate a clothesline from Ethan. "We Want Cowbell" chant from the crowd before Ethan slid under the ring to grab a chair. Ethan weakly smashed the chair over Bully's back, then delivered a more emphatic second and third shot. Ethan told Bully to get up, then measured him for another chair shot, but Bully big-booted it into Ethan's face. Chop to the chest. And a second. Then, a big wind-up and delivery for the third. Bully wasn't done, as he went under the ring to retrieve a cheese grater. Bully raked the grater across Ethan's chest, then teased a follow-up attack across the forehead. But, Ethan low-blowed Bully to slow him down.
On the floor, Ethan retrieved a chair and slid it into the ring. Back in the ring, Ethan repeatedly jammed Bully face-first into the chair. Ethan then climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Bully crotched him. Bully followed with a superplex across the ring, with Ethan's butt landing on the chair. Bully then went back under the ring and retrieved a Dallas Cowboys trashcan you would find at Sports Clips. Bully looked around for something else to do, then decided to pull back the ring mat. Bully pulled back the padding and mat, exposing the boards. Bully then polled the crowd on "boards" or "tables." Bully measured Ethan for a piledriver into the board, but Rockstar Spud showed up and hit Bully across the back with a Kendo Stick. Bully slowly turned around to see what hit him, then crotched Spud with the stick and bounced him up and down. Kendo Stick to Rockstar's head finished him. Bully tried to follow up on Ethan, but Ethan smashed him face-first into the exposed boards. Ref Brian Hebner started his ten count, but Bully barely made it up before a ten count. Ethan then had possession of the Cowboys trashcan. Inside were shards of glass, which ECIII spilled across the ring. Ethan taunted Bully, then measured Bully for a move into the glass, but Bully caught him in mid-air with a Bubba Cutter. Ethan writhed in pain taking the move, then rolled to the floor to recover. On the outside, Bully stalked Ethan and dropped him with a Kendo Stick shot. Bully then spotted the tables nearby and placed ECIII across both tables. Bully measured ECIII for the finish, but Dixie Carter marched down to ringside and stood over Ethan. Ray yelled at Dixie, then chased her around ringside as Ethan got off the tables. Suddenly, Dixie kind of fell into Ethan, who kind of bodyslammed her to the floor. Dixie sold being unconscious as Ethan checked on Dixie. Bully then scooped up a lifeless Dixie and placed her on the tables. Bully measured Dixie as Ethan slowly slid into the ring in the background. Bully contemplated whether to take out Dixie, giving Ethan enough time to hit Bully from behind, Rockstar to pull Dixie out of the way, and Bully to crash through the tables. The crowd chanted "bulls---" as the ref reached a 10 count, counting out Bully. Ethan was declared the winner and he celebrated with Dixie and Spud to loud boos.

The winner of the match: ECIII

Video: Highlights of the James Storm-Mr. Anderson feud leading up to tonight's encounter

Mr. Anderson vs Cowboy James Storm

The match begins right out of the gate as Anderson runs down to the ring and attacks Storm. Storm rolled back into the ring. Chop block by Storm as he goes to work on Anderson`s leg. Series of strikes by Anderson and swinging neckbreaker. Anderson cuts Storm off the top rope and drops Storm with a DDT. Open handed slap by Storm, Anderson seated on the turnbuckle. Storm to the top, hooks Anderson up but Anderson fighting back. Storm with a kick to the back of the head. Storm back on the top turnbuckle. Anderson picks Storm up on his shoulders and hits a rolling senton from the top rope. Last Call Superkick sends Anderson through the ropes to the floor. Storm picks up a can of beer and takes a drink spitting it in Dallas Cowboy player George Selby's face. Storm continues to antagonize Selby. Selby jumps the guardrail as Storm is momentarily distracted. Storm turns around and Anderson hits the Mic Check for the three count

The winner of the match: Mr. Anderson

Backstage: Eric Young was interviewed by JB ahead of his TNA Title defense. Austin Aries then walked in to talk to EY before the main event. After Aries left, EY delivered a passionate promo about being a crazyman in front of crazy people. And he plans to remain TNA champion.

TNA World Championship: Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Aries - Steel Cage

Aries and Young ganged up on Lashley early on, trying to remove him from the equation, but Lashley quickly recovered and press-slammed Aries, then Young into the cage wall. The crowd came back with an "Austin Aries" chant, not showing much support for the champ. Aries responded with high-impact offense to Lashley, then tried a Brainbuster, but Lashley blocked and threw him into the cage. Young came back with a DDT to Lashley, putting all three men on the mat. Another "Austin Aries" chant picked up steam. Young got the crowd behind him with a Feat of Strength lifting Lashley and Aries into the air from the corner turnbuckle for a big slam. All three men sold on the floor, then Young found himself on top of the cage moments later. Young steadied himself, then measured Lashley for a leaping elbow drop down onto Lashley. That took a lot out of Young, who then took a Brainbuster from Aries, but Young kicked out just before three. Nearfall for Lashley, who speared Aries. Then Lashley measured Young, but Young ducked and Lashley crashed through the cage door. It was Aries vs.Young at this point with Lashley outside of the cage. Young delivered a top-rope elbow, but Aries kicked out again. Taz hyped the energy in the building throughout the night, then Young tried to end Aries with a piledriver, but Aries back-dropped and dropkicked Young in the mouth. Reset at 11:00. Aries and Young traded forearms and strikes, rocking each other. Aries delivered a discus forearm on his second try, then a running corner dropkick. He couldn't follow up, though, as Young snapped off a piledriver. Young covered for a three count to retain the title.

Post Match: Lashley sold frustration outside the cage as he recovered to his feet. Back in the cage, Young celebrated, then helped Aries to his feet. Young and Aries stood tall together, then Aries dejectedly slipped out of the cage to leave Young standing tall in the ring still TNA champ.

 -End Show 9:56pm-

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