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WNS Column: Studs & Duds 3

Posted By: Quinn Smith on May 30, 2014

WNS Column: Studs & Duds 3

Hello to all you fellow STUDS of the IWC, Quinn here to bring another segment of STUDS and DUDS, for all your eye pleasuring needs. It’s humbling to know that you’re all enjoying the reads and again, any suggestions or recommendations you have, voice it below and I’ll take all into consideration!


STUD – Cesaro

Is there a superstar, pound for pound, stronger than Cesaro? I highly doubt it. Not in WWE, at least. The man’s power alone, mixed with his superb wrestling skill makes him an asset for the company’s future. He’s a marketable wrestler that can be admired for having ‘the look’ but there’s much more to him than just having that (he can actually wrestle a damn good match). To me, his matches that occurred back in February against Cena (on Raw) and Orton (on Smackdown) proved enough that he can compete with the top talent, and stay at their level. Both matches were phenomenally done and he’d even pick up a huge W against Orton. 

Cesaro is another example of what WWE is doing with Ziggler, but not to the same extreme. Obviously, Cesaro is getting a more notable push, but his push still seems very bland and directionless. I don’t know if their plan is to give him the US title (I think Rusev SHOULD gun for that and a Rusev/Cesaro feud could happen. I’d love to see that!) but I hope he’s given a direction soon, and I think having him be a ‘Paul Heyman guy’ is hurting him. No, not because he associates himself with him (Paul Heyman is a damn genius on the mic) but because it’s doesn’t allow Cesaro to grow more within his character. Paul talks for Cesaro, and Cesaro just wrestles. Maybe they pull the angle where Cesaro is irritated with all of Heyman’s talking, and this prompts Brock Lesnar to come back to help his dear manager and this brings the Cesaro/Lesnar feud for Summerslam 2014 (BOOK IT, WWE). Realistically though, if that were the case, then I’d give Cesaro the W over Lesnar and this would put Cesaro on a whole other level. Think about it, HHH feuded with Lesnar but lost the 3rd match and that prompted Hunter to “walk away” from the ring after that steel cage. CM PUNK feuded with Lesnar but ultimately lost at last year’s Summerslam in what was actually a stellar bout between the two. Having Cesaro win would give him that much more of a push to top talent status, and help begin the mold for the future of WWE.

Cesaro’s wrestling speaks for itself, as it’s something that fits everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve fallen in love with his uppercut. It’s almost like an RKO in the sense of it being able to be hit anywhere within a match and it’s a crowd pleaser, as well as visually pretty. It’s also impactful and adaptable within the ring; he’s hit it from the top rope, to a spring back attack that’s just as pretty. Nothing better though when he counters an irish-whip, and on the rebound he launches said opponent in the air and nearly decapitates them as they fall back down to their eventual impending doom. 

I could go on with dream match ups or feuds that include Cesaro but for now, I’ll enjoy his wrestling when he’s on. My only hope is that he (sooner, rather than later) breaks away from the whole ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ gig and does his own thing, with him becoming a cool, badass like star.

DUD – Damien Sandow

What happened to this wrestler. He had a good character going that played a good heel, but ever since winning Money in the Bank last year in July (He shouldn’t have won that at all), cashing in and losing to Cena, he’s fallen off the relevancy wagon and is now used as some silly pawn for some questionable, comedy gigs. The whole “Magneto” thing was too silly and even before then when Bryan occupied Raw, it made him look weak (and also, of all people, why on earth would you bring out Sandow to stop such a movement..) 

Sandow needs a resurgence of his character (much like I mentioned to Barrett) and maybe even look to the past and see what gimmicks worked and potentially taking some ideas to build him up again. At the top of my head, having him still have the similar personality and mannerisms that his “Intellectual Savior of the masses” had but put a suit and make him similar to the lead heel Jericho was much in 2008. He has excellent mic skills and his mat work is good, but I find that it needs little tweaks. 

Ultimately, he’s yet another talent that is being wasted by ‘humor’ segments and it’s sad/infuriating as a wrestling fan to continually see this happening to other stars. The future is approaching; the need to build for the future is now and garbage like this is unacceptable. 

DUD – Ryback

I hate this character. He’s clearly an attempt to use a big guy with big strength and expect it to work like he’s Brock Lesnar or something. His mic skills are terrible and his wrestling is subpar. Sure, he has strength to lift 2 guys up at once, or lifting someone with the weight of Henry or Show. That’s impressive and I’ll give him his due for that, but I don’t see much of a future for him as nothing more than a mid-carder that can be used as a pawn for other’s push or just when a ‘big guy’ is needed. His “bully” angle where he stated, “I hate bullies” and then proceeded with these segments that had shown Ryback as a bully. That angle went absolutely nowhere, really or if it did, I definitely don’t remember it. I’m not sure what his character needs or if there’s any room for him to grow, but for now, he’s just irrelevant and not many people seem to care when he’s on TV. 

STUD – Sami Zayn

I can’t wait to see Sami Zayn be competing on Raw against Cesaro when Cesaro is a World Champion (Looking towards the future, clearly.) Sami Zayn has some of the best wrestling mat work and I’m sure I’ve said that a few times regarding stars but in order for the future to be bright and hopeful, we need superstars that have both great mic work and ring work. I’d say ring work is obviously more important, but also having a good amount of charisma is key when it comes to talking and interacting with the crowd. 

Sami is doing things in the ring that the average wrestling fan has never seen and it’s getting a good reaction, too. He has an unreal arsenal of attacks and maneuvers that separate him from others and puts him on a whole other class of wrestlers. I thoroughly enjoy the outside diving-through-the-bottom-turnbuckle that smoothly makes the transition into a spinning DDT (seriously YouTube it if you have yet to see it). His ‘Helluva’ corner kick is also incredibly impactful and looks visually pleasing. He has an arsenal that needs to be seen on YouTube or also just watch NXT to see it in action. 

Remember when I mentioned there’s the art of wrestling, then the art of selling? Yes, he has that also. He makes those around him look like all stars, regardless of the move. It’s not that he flops around from a single punch, but it’s the bigger moves and ultimately finisher that is when he shines and ultimately makes others shine because of it. 

Sami has a bright future in WWE and if WWE is smart, in due time, you could have this guy at the top with Cesaro, among others. He’s a star now and he’s a future top star for the main roster. Don’t screw this up, WWE. You have a genuine gem, with Zayn. 


The future looks incredibly bright with the matches that were on card from last night. Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze stole the show with their bout, Charlotte vs. Natalya was easily one of the best women’s match I’ve seen in the last while, Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd had a great match as well. I’m anxious to see a certain few of those stars to be given a main roster spot with (preferably) Raw where the action is live. If you missed NXT takeover, find a way to go watch it and become a wrestling fan again. The men and women there possess true wrestling talent and they put on quite a show, each and every week.


We actually have 2 questions today, which I find quite cool that IWC are asking questions. First question comes from HoundsOfJustice (via Twitter) and she asks: 

where do you think the tag team division is going & do you think it'll ever become relevant again?”

It pains me to say, but I feel as if the Tag Team division will continue to “just be there”. I’d love for factions and teams to reemerge and become relevant again, but that’s ultimately up to how the writing team and how they see the scheduling of stars. I find that not only the tag team division, but even champions like Wade Barrett, Paige etc aren’t getting the recognition that a champion should (read my last article, I talk about this) It’s remarkable at how irrelevant it’s seemingly become, after it was going somewhat strong with Usos, Rhodes Brothers, Shield and The Real Americans. 

Next question came from AmerieHart@WNS (from my last article) and they ask: 

What would you think of a Bray Wyatt/Bo Dallas, heel v heel feud? I think it has the potential to be awesome.”

I think given the 2 entirely different gimmicks (one clearly being more over than the other) it COULD work but one angle I’d LOVE to see and am hopeful on it is somehow incorporate Bo into the Wyatt family and have him become the 4th member. Having Bo on the main roster now, as well as his brother Bray, this angle is not as far fetched as I'm imagining it (to me at least). WWE could go with a whole Wyatt takeover, similar to what Evolution did when they won the tag, IC and World Heavyweight title. Bray being the main champion, Bo being the IC or US champ, Harper and Rowan being the tag champs and have them as the dominant force and focus for other superstars to go after. 

I have plenty of ideas of how the product could be better in ways, but I’m sure I’m one of millions that believe they know how make the product better. So I leave a question for you, IWC and that is: 

If you had control of WWE, and all their talent/writing team/developmental team/etc how would you change the product IF you wanted to change it. What different elements would you add in or bring back?

I’m interested to see what you guys and gals can come up with!

Thanks for hanging and reading, you lemon and rosebuds.

Stay Classy, IWC


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