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Randy Orton Reportedly Not Suspended Over Signature Pharmacy Scandal

Posted By: Wrestling-Radio.com on Sep 02, 2007

Randy Orton Reportedly Not Suspended Over Signature Pharmacy Scandal

According to Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch, Randy Orton will not be suspended by WWE despite his name turning up as a client for the corrupt Signature Pharmacy online firm. Things do indeed appear to be in Orton's favor considering that he appeared at last night's Raw house show whereas the other wrestlers listed as being clients of Signature Pharmacy didn't.

WWE is telling people that Orton fessed up to his dealings with Signature Pharmacy a few months ago, and somehow "already did his time." Most of the guys in the locker room are not buying it at all and see this as WWE trying to get out of losing him right now when they need him in his high-profile storyline with John Cena.

Sports Illustrated reported on Thursday night that Orton received Somatropin (HGH), Nandrolone (anabolic steroid) and Stanozolol (anabolic steroid) through Signature Pharmacy from September 2004 until the firm was busted in February 2007. Stanozolol and Nandrolone are anabolic steroids. As noted several times before, buying steroids and other drugs through the Internet is prohibited by the WWE Wellness Policy and should result in a suspension. In Orton's case, it would have been his second offense, which would have called for a 60-day suspension.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt noted on Friday night that only one of the eleven wrestlers suspended is a two-time WWE Wellness Policy offender. Out of the fourteen WWE wrestlers listed as being clients of Signature Pharmacy, only Orton and Masters have previous Wellness Policy violations under their belt. Considering that Orton appears to be safe, it looks like Masters is the mysterious second-time offender. Masters didn't appear at last night's SmackDown taping. At last Tuesday's SmackDown taping, it looked he was starting a program with Chuck Palumbo after he chickened out of doing a Masterlock Challenge with him.
Source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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