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WNS Column: Wilds' War Cry: Adapt or Perish

Posted By: Stephen Wilds on May 07, 2014

WNS Column: Wilds' War Cry: Adapt or Perish

I decided to focus on a couple of specific matches from WWE's Extreme Rules event instead of taking a broad look at the week in wrestling, giving me the opportunity to say what worked, what did not, and what I want to see later on. 

Due to YouTube copyright issues, I will be using video game footage as my background instead of wrestling footage. 



If you have comments, feel free to follow me on Twitter and voice those opinions, or check out the gaming videos on my YouTube channel and everything else I write. 

Twitter: @StephenWilds

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SerenitysBane

Tags: #columns #wwe #extremerules #shield #evolution

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