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Drew McIntyre Talks UK/WWE PPV, Stables, CM Punk Returning, More

Posted By: Ben Kerin on May 01, 2014

Drew McIntyre Talks UK/WWE PPV, Stables, CM Punk Returning, More

Drew McIntyre recently spoke with DigitalSpy to promote WWE’s upcoming tour of the UK. Here are some highlights:

People still talk about SummerSlam ’92 at Wembley – do you think we deserve another pay-per-view and will we get it?
“I think it’s possible. Obviously there’s a huge time difference with the States, but it worked out for Summer Slam ’92 and it was wildly successful. Personally it’s one of my favorite pay-per-views of all time. Of course, I would love to do a show back home. They can see how passionate the crowds are – if that doesn’t convince you to do a pay-per-view, I don’t know what else will.”

You’re a guy who was in development before NXT existed – what do you think about that change?
“When I first came over it was the end of 2007 – I was still 21. Watching the growth from back then, when it was Developmental, they helped you hone your skills, and get you ready for the big time. It was a like a faraway land – WWE seemed so far away. When you got there it was such a shock.

“Now, NXT is its own brand. You’re learning, but at the same time you’re getting a miniature WWE platform to perform on. So when you get up to the big stages it’s not so much of a shock that knocks you down on the ground.

“You’re ready, there’s a lot of exposure for some of the characters – the people who watch it are aware of the characters. Everybody is much more prepared. The performance center in Orlando is the most unbelievable place I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Three man stables are all the rage now – you guys, The Wyatt Family, The Shield, even a three-piece Evolution – why are they so hot right now?
“I think it’s a good idea to get everybody comfortable on the main stage, and also generally with these groups every person brings a different flavor. When it comes to The Shield, they’ve obviously got three completely different characters put together. It makes an awesome group of individuals.

“When it comes to the Wyatts they’re all very similar with Bray leading the way, and together they’re a force. When it comes to us guys, we’re completely out of our mind! We’re sometimes too focused on having a good time than winning matches.”

How did you adapt personally from being The Chosen One to being one of three?
“It was obviously night and day, the difference. I went from a Terminator-style character to being in a band, having a good time. For myself, at the time it was pretty good. I did suffer a hand injuryand have to get surgery. I wore a cast for about the first seven months of 3MB, I had to get a screw put in my wrist. It gave me a chance to show a different side of my personality, rather than be serious all the time.

“That’s what it’s all about. You can’t just be the same character forever, you’ve got to add some layers, show some personality. That’s what we’re all about – we’re about entertainment, and I’m having a great time right now. One day I’ll maybe get a little serious again and start heading for those titles…”

Do you think that CM Punk will make a return to the WWE in the foreseeable future?
“Personally I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know what’s going to happen. You can never tell what’s going to happen in sports entertainment, that’s what the boss always says.”

And what do you think about the rumors of Sting finally making his debut with the WWE?
“He’s somebody who’s never been in the company, if that was to happen it would obviously be a very big thing, but as I always say – don’t believe everything you read on the internet until it actually happens!”

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