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Dish Network Announces They Will Carry WWE WrestleMania 30

Dish Network Announces They Will Carry WWE WrestleMania 30

PWInsider.com is reporting that Dish Network has announced that they will, in fact, carry WWE WrestleMania 30 next month.

No official details have been given regarding this apparent about-face from the satellite company, but PWInsider.com quotes a Dish Network employee who spoke with them that the decision to carry the event was made sometime over the past 24 hours. Furthermore, Dish Network will reportedly be carrying future WWE pay-per-view events "on a case-by-case basis."

As previously reported, Dish Network had announced that because of the WWE Network, they would no longer be carrying WWE pay-per-view events, which started when they dropped the Elimination Chamber event from their lineup earlier this year. DirecTV was also upset about the WWE Network, and both companies placed all of the blame on WWE for their decisions to air pay-per-view events for cheaper than what a cable or satellite company would normally charge, but Dish Network was the only company to completely drop WWE pay-per-view events from their lineup.

While not officially confirmed and considered a rumor at this point in time, it is widely suspected that Dish Network had received negative feedback from customers regarding their decision to no longer carry WWE pay-per-view events and realized they would lose money by doing so, which may have led to the company reversing their initial decision.


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