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WWE Raw Results (11/25/13) Long Island, New York

Posted By: Elio C. on Nov 25, 2013

WWE Raw Results (11/25/13) Long Island, New York

Raw opens with an “In Memory To Mad Dog Vachon” and we kick Raw off with WWE Champion Randy Orton making his way out to ring. Orton says he thinks he’s owed an apology from all the cynics, doubters and delusional WWE Universe who didn’t think he’d show up as WWE Champion. Before he goes any further, The Authority said they would join him at ringside and he introduces Stephanie and Triple H. The Authority make their way out to the ring. Triple H congratulates Orton and says they couldn’t be anymore pleased with his victory last night and when he hand picked Orton ten years ago to be the future of WWE, Triple H knew he had the potential. Stephanie says last week they threw negativity and adversity at him last week and he overcame all obstacles. Orton says Stephanie just made this all about herself and he didn’t need any help last night. Triple H said there would be no interference and there wasn’t. Orton said he didn’t need their help. He took everything Show could dish out unlike someone else. He slayed the Giant last night and proved he is the face of the WWE and the greatest WWE Champion and no one can take that away from him. John Cena comes out. Cena introduces himself and says he’s the World Champion and Orton is the guy who slayed a giant and now is standing out here looking like a piece of…Stephanie cuts him off and says the people are chanting for Daniel Bryan because they’re sick of the administrative BS. They’re sick of Orton but the question people are asking who is the real champion? Cena says he thinks it’s time that there’s only one champion and issues a challenge to Randy Orton to a championship vs championship match to unify the two titles. Stephanie says they have been talking about this for a while. Triple H tells Orton to grow up and stop crying. A minute ago, he was all confident and now he’s crying. Triple H says in 3 weeks at TLC, he is going to hang both championships above the ring and make history. They are going to do something epic because it will be Randy Orton vs John Cena in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

-Commercial 8:14-

The Shield vs Rey Mysterio & Rhodes Dynasty

Reigns unloads on Goldust quickly trapping him in The Shield’s corner. Ambrose with an elbow drop, Rollins with a dropkick and Ambrose with an irish whip and Goldust comes back with an uppercut. Rollins launched over the ropes to the floor. Rollins off the top rope caught by Goldust and an inverted atomic drop to Rollins

-Commercial 8:21-

The Shield in control of the match but Goldust hits a double DDT to Reigns and Ambrose. Rollins with a cheap shot to Cody Rhodes. Mysterio gets the tag. Mysterio flying around the ring taking down all members of The Shield. Rollins picks Mysterio up but Mysterio sets it up for the 619 but mid-ring collision. Cody Rhodes gets the tag taking out Reigns. Mysterio sets up for the 619 again but Reings spears him. A spear to Goldust. Rhodes with the Disaster Kick. Ambrose back in with the headlock driver to Rhodes for the three count

The winners of the match: The Shield

-Commercial 8:31-


The Miz was in the ring for a Miz TV segment. Miz welcomed everyone to his talking segment, which drew a light response. Miz said his guest tonight is a seven-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion, and one of the Top 100 NFL players of all-time. Miz hyped this man on "Live with Kelly and Michael," then introduced Michael Strahan. Instead, Titus O'Neil emerged on-stage dressed in a suit with a fake gap in his teeth. Miz told "Michael" that he's never looked so good, then Titus spoke with a Strahan lisp that it's an honor to be here on Raw. Miz hyped "Michael's" accomplishments, then asked him what's with the gap. The crowd was quiet. Miz asked Strahan why he doesn't fix the gap in his teeth. Titus called it distinctive, then Miz said that gap is wider than the gap from the Giants and the Playoffs. Miz thought highly of his joke, then Titus/Strahan tried to change subjects. Titus said there is a man backstage with speed, agility, and charisma. Not Big Show or Roman Reigns, but Titus O'Neil. Suddenly, Flo Rida's music interrupted to bring out the real Michael Strahan. Strahan pointed to the gap in his teeth, then took a victory lap around ringside. Strahan entered the ring and thanked Titus and Miz, saying they were great out here, but their jokes are weak. Strahan said the back-up towel guy has better jokes than Miz. Strahan then endorsed Titus's suit, but said his gap is weak. Strahan said WWE is about fun, then asked the crowd if they're ready to have some fun tonight. Because tonight is Monday Night Rrrrrraw. Strahan thanked the audience for letting him be the guest host, then noted he has it on good authority that they will have a "double team," er... "tag team main event." In one corner will be WWE champion Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio. And, in the other corner, it will be Big Show and his partner, World Hvt. champion John Cena. Miz said that sounds good, but he wants to know if Strahan can hack it in the ring. Strahan took offense, saying he thinks Kelly Ripa is tougher than Miz. Miz responded that Strahan was cool 15 years ago, then Strahan told him not to let the suit fool him because there's a bad man underneath this. Titus calmed down Strahan, telling him that Miz could give him a simple move that will put him out of action. Miz said he doesn't think Strahan can handle a simple hip toss.
For insurance purposes, Titus cleared the ring of Miz's talk show set. O'Neil joked that he is available for tomorrow's talk show with Ripa if Strahan does not make it through this tomorrow. Miz then tried a hip toss, but Strahan easily blocked. Miz accused him of being stiff. O'Neil then removed his suit jacket, but Strahan again blocked the hip toss. Miz said it appears Strahan doesn't want to take a bump, saying he's as soft as the Giants getting TDs thrown on them by Tony Romo. Strahan, now upset, blocked a hip toss and delivered a hip toss of his own. Miz sold being upset, then Titus celebrated with Strahan, but Strahan hip-tossed him, too. Miz got the cue to end the segment and told the crowd to give it up for Strahan. Titus went from being upset to laughing it up with Strahan. The trio then "broke from the skit" by hugging and taking a curtain call together

-Commercial 8:46-

Big E. Langston & Mark Henry vs Curtis Axel & Ryback

Axel starting out against Langston. Langston with an irish whip and shoulder tackle in the corner. Backbreaker by Langston. Ryback gets the tag and delivers a spinebuster to Langston. Big splash to Langston. Ryback with a military press dropping Langston. Axel back in dropping elbows and punches on Langston. Chinlock on Langston. Langston with a belly to belly suplex. Henry in with shoulderblocks and a headbutt to Axel. Powerslam to Axel. Langston takes Ryback out with a clothesline. World’s Strongest Slam to Axel for the three count

The winners of the match: Mark Henry & Big E. Langston

-Commercial 8:55-

Total Divas vs Non Total Divas

Rapid-fire eliminations to start, mixed with the feed cutting out at one point. Referee Chad Patton had the assignment tonight of making like a windmill counting one, two, three every 45 seconds or so. Natalya mixed in a submission fall on Kaitlyn by forcing a tap-out to the Sharpshooter. Then, A.J. Lee entered to fight with Natalya, who beat her at Survivor Series last night. This time, though, Brie eliminated A.J., creating another potential challenger to A.J.'s Divas Title. Summer Rae was left alone in the match. She tried dance-based, non-wrestling distractionary tactics, but the Bellas finished her for the pin and the win.

Bella Twins & Eva Marie

-Commercial 9:12-

Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler - Hampton Hardcore Match

Sandow quickly removed Ziggler's hockey sweater and wiped his face with it to draw boos. Ziggler was wearing a Zack Ryder t-shirt underneath the jersey, of note. The crowd picked up a light "We Want Ryder" chant as the announcers continued to crack jokes about the Hamptons. Sandow then removed Ziggler's second layer of clothing to reveal a Ziggler undershirt. On the outside, Ziggler bashed Sandow around ringside, but then ate a mic to the face from Sandow. 2:00 in for Cole to bring up the Mean Street Posse. JBL flipped out about Cole referring to Pete Gas when bringing up the Attitude Era. Ziggler then dropkicked a trashcan over Sandow's face leading to break.

-Commercial 9:20-

Sandow was in control of the action in the ring. Sandow then emptied a trashcan's contents in the ring, revealing numerous red Solo cups. So, Ziggler neckbreakered Sandow into the trash scattered across the ring. Sandow came back with a bodyslam into trash, then he draped the Islanders jersey over Ziggler to deliver the Elbow of Disdain.
Ziggler rolled out of the ring to recover, then slipped under the ring to retrieve a fire extinguisher, which he spewed in Sandow's face. Sandow sold being blinded as he returned to the ring to receive a corner splash from Ziggler. Ziggler followed with another neckbreaker before picking up the canoe paddle and smashed Sandow with it. Fameasser followed, but Sandow kicked out of a pin attempt. Back to the outside, Sandow tried to retrieve another trashcan as Ziggler followed to the outside. Meanwhile, the crowd entertained themselves with a "Randy Savage" chant. Sandow then chucked Ziggler into the ring steps before rolling him back into the ring. Off-camera, a security guard could be seen reprimanding a man dressed up, which drew boos from the crowd. Ziggler then missed with a corner splash and Sandow slammed him into a trashcan with his Full Nelson slam finisher for the pin and the win.

The winner of the match: Damien Sandow

Backstage: Santino and Michael Strahan shared notes. Santino then freaked out when Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan, in his lamb mask, walked into the shot to play a comedy role in this skit. Rowan offered Strahan his own replica lamb mask. Strahan obliged, then Rowan walked off. Back to Santino, who freaked out before telling Strahan to place the mask on the Thanksgiving turkey. Strahan sold concern, then broke the fourth wall looking into the camera as Raw cut to break

-Commercial 9:33-

 In-ring: Renee Paquette was standing by for an interview segment. First, she welcomed out C.M. Punk. Once Punk entered the ring, Renee introduced Daniel Bryan. The crowd exploded with "Yes!" shouts as Bryan bounced down to the ring. Renee first asked Punk for thoughts on their tag team victory last night against the Wyatts. Punk asked if they survived last night. "Yes!" Bryan shouted. Is the deck stacked against them because Bray Wyatt is also involved? "Yes!" But, is the silver lining that they finally get their hands on Bray? Yes! Is Bray a false prophet? Yes! Are they in Long Island? Yes! Ready for a fight? Yes! Is it completely weird that we all have our own microphones and Renee isn't asking any questions? Yes! Punk did a comedy bit asking a question that did not have a Yes or No answer, then all three paused for the crowd to react. Punk then got serious that they always beat the odds, whether in handicap matches or anything else in WWE. Punk said it seems like The Authority's solution to everything is sticking people in handicap matches to solve problems. Punk mocked Triple H's creativity, then named a bunch of tag teams that they could put opposite them, name-dropping his Chicago buddies, before vowing to burn them all to the ground. Punk dropped the mic after exhausting himself. Bryan then looked around the arena to find the closing number. Bryan said he's looked into the eyes of Bray Wyatt and knows he won't stop until he finishes them. But, they will not let that happen. And, there is only one question left. What time is it? "It's clobberin' time!" Punk shouted. Bray's video feed then cut in and the Wyatts made their way to the ring leading to break.

-Commercial 9:44-

 CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family

Punk starts out with kicks to Rowan but Rowan shoves him to the mat. Punk unloads and Rowan turns it around landing a chop. Slam by Rowan and Punk counters with kicks. Bryan taking over where Punk left off. Irish whip reversed by Rowan and Bryan down to the mat. Bryan in the wrong corner as Harper comes in. Irish whip, Bryan jumps to the top rope and backflips over Harper landing spinning back kicks coming off the ropes. Irish whip by Harper to Punk and Punk gets the boots up. Shoulder tackles in the corner by Punk. Bryan with an uppercut to Harper. Harper with punches to Bryan. Wyatt entering the match landing a right hand to Bryan. Headbutt to Bryan. Falling headbutt by Wyatt. Rowan back in lands a boot to Bryan. Slam by Rowan. Rowan with a headbutt. Irish whip into the corner and Bryan side steps. Punk with a clothesline from the top rope and now Punk landing a series of clotheslines. High running knee to Rowan. Suicide dive through the ropes to the outside. Rowan thrown back into the ring. Punk with a neckbreaker. Punk to the top rope, lands the flying elbow onto Rowan. Harper and Wyatt with a distraction. Rowan from behind launches Punk over the ropes to the outside.

-Commercial 9:54-

Rowan in control with a chinlock on Punk. Punk trying to fight back. Wyatt in, backs Punk into the Wyatts`corner. Slam by Wyatt to Punk. Gator roll by Harper on Punk. Side headlock by Harper and Punk gets to his feet trying to fight back. Harper with an uppercut. Irish whip into Rowan and Rowan traps Punk in a bearhug. The crowd chants for `CM Punk. Punk with a kick to the ear. Bryan dropkicks Wyatt and Rowan off the apron. Bryan unloads with kicks and a missile dropkick on Harper. Bryan with the Yes Lock. Rowan from behind. Rowan lands in the turnbuckle after a drop toehold from Bryan. Dropkicks to Wyatt and Harper and the referee begins to lose control of the match and calls for the bell.

The winners of the match: No Contest

Post Match: Rowan and Wyatt pull Bryan out of the ring. Harper hits a discus clothesline to Punk. Rowan hoists Bryan over his shoulder as The Wyatt Family walk back up the ramp. Punk climbs out of the ring and out of nowhere Roman Reigns spears Punk. The Shield then stand over Punk and roll him back into the ring. The Shield set Punk up for triple powerbomb

-Commercial 10:05-

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

Kingston extends his hand and Miz slaps him. Side headlock takedown by Miz. Side headlock takedown by Kingston. Miz and Kingston exchange armdrags and hiptosses. Waistlock on Miz,Miz reverses. Kingston reverses. Miz counters, Kingston with a dropkick sending Miz to the outside. Drop toehold on Miz into the front facelock. Miz with an irish whip. Kingston with a headscissors but Miz drops him face first on the mat and lands a boot. Chinlock on Kingston. Miz charges in the corner but hits the turnbuckle. Kingston with chops and kicks. Kingston connects with the boom drop on Miz. Kingston sets up for Trouble In Paradise. Miz goes for the figure four leglock. Kingston counters with the SOS. Kingston shoved in the corner catching Miz with a kick. Crossbody on Miz and Kingston covers him for the pin but Miz rolls through and covers Kingston for the three count

The winner of the match: The Miz

We get a Mick Foley WWE Shopzone infomercial

-Commercial 10:20-

Fandango's logo was hanging above the ring. WWE plugged a Facebook trivia quiz, then Cole sent it to Lawler, who was ringside with Mr. Charlie Tebele. Charlie won a Superstars for Sandy auction, according to Lawler. Lawler said he even has a wrestling name for himself. The Kosher Butcher, complete with t-shirts. Lawler said he also understands that he has a finishing name. The Circumcision. Lawler laughed, then cut them off.

R-Truth sold concern over the fan developments ringside. As 3MB was being retained ringside, Truth said he and Brodus Clay were talking before the show. And, they decided to give Xavier Woods some help from Cameron and Naomi, who came out on-stage to dance with Xavier on the way to the ring. Ringside, 3MB - dressed normally this week - sold being unimpressed. Heath Slater then entered the ring to face Woods.

Xavier Woods vs Heath Slater

Woods delivered early offense as the announcers debated whether Woods can hang at the big-leagues in a singles match. Slater then took control of the match as McIntyre paced ringside hiding behind his shades and leather jacket. Slater lost control moments later, then Woods delivered a headbutt and discus punch. Woods followed with a double-foot dropkick, then rolled through into a clothesline. Woods followed with his arm-yank finisher for the pin and the win. Cue up a post-match celebration. Woods then left the ring and retrieved the auction winner's Circumcision t-shirt to complete the celebration in the ring.

The winner of the match: Xavier Woods

-Commercial 10:32-

Backstage: The Bella Twins were shown talking to Michael Strahan. The Bellas noted their favorite team is the rival Philadelphia Eagles, but Strahan still signed their football. Cameron and Naomi then walked in and got Strahan to sign their footballs. Next was Eva Marie. She awkwardly said Strahan can catch him on her own TV show. It's called "Total Divas." Goldust, in a blonde wig, then walked in and did his signature noise in Strahan's face, drawing laughs from the announcers.

Backstage: Cena and Michael Strahan were shown talking it up. They shared some laughs, then Strahan said he'll be watching Cena in the main event. It's next.

-Commercial 10:40-

Raw returned with Randy Orton's music playing to bring out the WWE champion for the tag team main event. Cole repeated Orton's outlandish, heelish claim that he is the Best Superstar of All-Time. Cole said he will have a chance to prove himself when it's Orton vs. Cena for both the WWE Title and World Title in a TLC match in three weeks. Alberto Del Rio, fresh off a World Title match loss last night, came out on-stage selling frustration and anger over losing last night. Del Rio marched down to the ring holding up his Mexico flag. After a pause, last night's other big loser, Big Show, was introduced. Show, who has yet to address his WWE Title match loss last night, charged the ring, which scared off Orton. As Orton and Del Rio waited outside the ring and Show seethed in the ring, John Cena's music played to bring out the World champion. On-stage, Cena went side-to-side evaluating the cheers from each side of the arena. Cena then charged the ring, posed for his preferred section, and completed his ring entrance as Cole thanked Michael Strahan for guest-hosting Raw.

John Cena & Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio & Randy Orton

Big Show and Del Rio started things off as Cole recapped Orton being mad at The Authority and John Cena. JBL called it Orton biting the hand that feeds him. In the ring, Show lit up Del Rio with a frying pan-like chop, then tried again, but Del Rio avoided the second attempt. Orton then tagged in for Del Rio and Show took out his anger on Orton.

Show offered another frying pan-like chop to Orton's chest as JBL brought up the fact that Show is wrestling one night after taking The Punt from Orton, which previously put people on the shelf for months. Sure, Orton completely whiffed Show, but the illusion is Orton connected flush, which allowed him to pin Show. In this match, Show continued to dominate Orton leading to break.

-Commercial 10:53-

 the announcers brought up the "Undisputed champion" item. Cole said Chris Jericho became the first Undisputed champion over a decade ago. However, Cole said it will be WWE Title vs. World Hvt. Title at TLC. In the ring, Cena teased the AA on Del Rio, but Del Rio escaped and DDT'ed Cena for a two count. Just before the top of the hour, Cena made a tag to Show, who hip-tossed Del Rio over the top rope into the ring. Show then back body-dropped Del Rio and hyped himself up. Show tried a running attack, but Del Rio took out the knee before side-kicking Show in the head. JBL tried to fill his plothole that Show could still be woozy from taking a Punt last night. The ref then checked on Show, playing up the idea of Show feeling the effects of the Punt following Del Rio's sidekick. How would Show be cleared by the medical team if he took a Punt last night? One plothole begats another one. Del Rio continued to target Show's head as the announcers wondered if the ref should call the match. Show then wandered over to the heel corner and reached out to tag Orton, selling the effects of a concussion. As the crowd chanted for Zack Ryder, medics entered the ring to check on Show, temporarily suspending the match. Orton then jumped over the referee to attack Show some more.
The heels became over-aggressive, though, allowing Show to make a desperation tag to Cena. As Cena cleaned house, Show remained flat on his back ringside as the ringside medic checked on Show. In the ring, Cena put Del Rio in the STF. No sign of Orton to make the save and Del Rio tapped out, giving Cena another win over Del Rio.

The winners of the match: Big Show & John Cena

Post Match: Cena immediately checked on Big Show, who remained out cold on the floor. But, Del Rio blasted Cena from behind to take out his anger following the result. Cole said it's been a rough couple of weeks for Del Rio, who then tried the Cross Arm-breaker, but Cena dropped him with the AA. Suddenly, Randy Orton blindsided Cena with the WWE Title belt, KO'ing the World champ. Orton then grabbed Cena's World Title belt, re-entered the ring, and stood tall with possession of both title belts as Cena sold on his back. After a replay of Orton's sneak attack, WWE returned to a shot of Orton standing tall. Cole said it's a match 11 years in the making - who is the True Face of WWE? Credits and Raw signed off 7 minutes past the top of the hour with Orton standing tall on this night.

-End Show-

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