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WWE Raw Results (11/18/13) Nashville, Tennessee

Posted By: Elio C. on Nov 18, 2013

WWE Raw Results (11/18/13) Nashville, Tennessee

We get a re-cap from last week’s edition of Raw

This week’s Raw comes to us from Nashville, Tennessee and the theme this week has been dubbed Raw Country and we kick things off with The Authority making their way to the ring. Triple H says it’s good to be back and despite the accusations of their abuse of power, last week proved that without them there is complete chaos and he and Stephanie are disappointed with the way Raw turned out last week and the people avoiding them will be dealt with. The great news, though, is they are back and well rested and this Sunday is Survivor Series. Randy Orton comes out and blames Triple H and Stephanie because they didn’t spell out who was in charge and didn’t tell The Shield to watch his back and are responsible for Big Show getting an undeserved title shot and he is the face of WWE and feels he needs to be protected better than he has been. Triple H asks Orton who he thinks he’s talking to. Orton says Triple H is talking to the face of the company. Stephanie says maybe there was a bit of confusion as to who was in charge last week but is interrupted by Brad Maddox and Vickie. Maddox says it was all Vickie’s fault. Triple H says it doesn’t matter who’s fault it was everyone has to pay. Stephanie says Maddox and Vickie have become desensitized with all the tag matches made and don’t realize the toll it takes on WWE Superstars and tells them tonight they will be competing. Vickie will go one on one with AJ Lee while Brad Maddox will go one on one with Randy Orton

-Commercial 8:12-

1. Brad Maddox vs Randy Orton - No DQ Match

Maddox tries to escape through the crowd but Orton grabs him and brings him back to the ringside area. Maddox strikes Orton with the microphone. Orton slides back in the ring, Maddox follows and delivers a DDT. Orton throws Maddox over the top rope and over the announce table. Orton pulls him back towards the ring and throws him into the ring steps. Orton places him over the barricade and delivers a DDT. Orton drags Maddox towards the ring and rolls him back in. Orton starts to unload on Maddox with the microphone Maddox used on him as the referee calls for the bell

The winner by referee stoppage: Randy Orton

-Commercial 8:21-

We’re back from break and we get a re-cap of Randy Orton’s attack on Brad Maddox a few moments ago and during the commercial break, on the WWE app Maddox was stretchered out.

Maddox is being carried out as Vickie looks on

2. Curtis Axel vs Big E. Langston – Intercontinental Championship        

Takedown by Langston. Langston with a waistlock but Axel turns it around. Irish whip reversed by Langston. Shoulder tackle to Axel and Langston picks him up and delivers a backbreaker. Suplex by Langston and 2 count on Axel. Langston with a clothesline. Langston picks Axel up and slams him to the mat. Axel turns things around snapping Langston’s neck off the top rope. Axel back in unloading on Langston

-Commercial 8:31-

We’re back and Axel has a chinlock on Langston but Langston throws him off. Shoulderblock in the corner to Axel. Langston off the ropes and Axel catches him with a dropkick. Front facelock on Langston and Langston powers out. Series of clotheslines by Langston and a belly to belly suplex delivered to Axel followed by a big splash. Langston sets up for the Big Ending but Axel counters and delivers a neckbreaker. Langston counters and delivers the Big Ending for the three count

The winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Big E. Langston

Backstage: Randy Orton tells The Shield this Sunday they’re all on the same page and The Shield will have his back. Reigns tells Orton if that’s what The Authority wants that’s what they’ll get. But if they have Orton’s back, he has to have theirs

-Commercial 8:40-

Diva’s Musical Chairs

The Diva’s from Total Divas as well as the ones who didn’t make it are in the ring and Jerry Lawler says the song will be Cruise which is fast becoming the most downloaded song and the game begins. The first elimination is Natalya. Alicia Fox is the 2nd elimination. The diva’s begin shoving and a brawl breaks out in the ring

-Commercial 8:47-

3. Big Show vs Ryback

Ryback shoves Show and Show shoves Ryback unloading with punches and a headbutt. Show with a giant chop to Ryback follows with another headbutt. Irish whip and shoulderblock sends Ryback to the mat. Ryback slides out o the ring. Ryback unloading on Show. Irish whip reversed by Show and another shoulderblock sends Ryback to the mat. Irish whip by Show and Ryback takes out Show’s knee and unloads on Show keeping him down. Ryback with a leg drop on Show. Ryback off the ropes delivers a splash. Front facelock on Show. Chinlock on Show as Ryback wears him down. Show gets up to his feet but Ryback delivers a DDT. Ryback with the chinlock again keeping Show grounded. Show gets to his feet and delivers a side suplex creating separation between himself and Ryback. Clotheslines by Show to Ryback. Splash in the corner by Show. Ryback with a spinebuster to Show. Ryback setting up for the Meat Hook clothesline. Ryback goes for the Meat Hook but Show grabs him by the throat. Ryback with a kick to the knees. Ryback picks Show up and delivers ShellShocked but only gets a 2 count. Ryback picks Show up for another ShellShocked. Show pushes him back into the ropes. Ryback bounces off the ropes and Show delivers the KO Punch for the three count

The winner of the match: Big Show

Post Match: Orton tried to attack Show from behind but Show delivered a spear sending him out of the ring.

Backstage: Zack Ryder is with Florida Georgia Line and 3MB walk in and introduce themselves calling themselves the Rhinestone Cowboys

-Commercial 9:05-

Backstage: Randy Orton is in the trainer’s room with an ice pack on yelling and asking where The Shield was and says he guesses they’re not on the same page.

4. The Real Americans vs Kofi Kingston & The Miz

Waistlock by Miz and Cesaro takes Miz down. Miz takes Cesaro down. Irish whip reversed by Miz. Miz delivers the big clothesline. Double axehandle from the second rope. Cesaro with a backbreaker on Miz throwing Miz to the outside. Swagger with a clothesline. Shoulder tackles in the corner by Swagger. Swagger with the Swagger Bomb on Miz. Cesaro with a double stomp. Miz trying to fight back, Cesaro with an uppercut. Irish whip and double back elbow. Swagger with a back body drop to Miz . Kingston with a double axehandle and series of dropkicks to Swagger. Kingston lands the Boom Drop and sets up for Trouble In Paradise. Cesaro taken out and Swagger catches Kingston slamming him to the mat. Kingston with a neckbreaker. Kingston goes for the tag but Miz jumps down from the apron as Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock for the tap out

The winners of the match: The Real Americans

Backstage: Vickie knocks on the Training Room door and as a trainer comes out Vikcie pretends to have fainted

-Commercial 9:18-

We’re back and we take a look at what happened moments ago with Vickie pretending to have fainted. Stephanie McMahon says she looks dehydrated and needs to be taken to the hospital. Right after she’s taken to the ring

5. Vickie Guerrero vs AJ Lee

Vickie is rolled into the ring and she pretends to faint again as Tamina and AJ look on. The referee calls for a bottle of water for Vickie. Vickie slides out and comes face to face with Tamina. Vickie sprinting up the ramp but AJ runs up and grabs Vickie by the hair dragging her back to the ring. AJ locks the Black Widow in for the tap out

The winner of the match by submission: AJ Lee

Backstage: Triple H is with Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler and says he knows they’ve had their differences in the past and tonight in the spirit of Raw Country they will compete in a Broadway Brawl.

-Commercial 9:30-

6. Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler – Broadway Brawl

Sandow unloads on Ziggler with knee strikes and sends Ziggler through the ropes to the outside. Ziggler thrown into the steps. Sandow goes to strike Ziggler with the electric guitar but hits the ring steps instead. Axehandle by Ziggler. Back in the ring, Sandow continues the attack. Ziggler with a kick to the gut. Dropkick to Sandow. Ziggler on the top rope and Sandow slams him off the top rope into the organ.

-Commercial 9:38-

Shoulder tackles by Sandow to Ziggler. Sandow attacking Ziggler with a steel chair. Takes the chair and wedges it in the corner. Roll up by Ziggler for a 2 count and Ziggler turning things around unloading with punches. The fiddle connects with Ziggler as Sandow blasts him in the head. Ziggler with a DDT. Ziggler blasts Sandow with the fiddle and delivers the Famouser. ZigZag on Sandow but Sandow shakes Ziggler off. Sandow sends Ziggler head first into the steel chair still wedged in the corner. Ziggler sent face first into the cello. Sandow winding up with the guitar. Ziggler side steps and Sandow goes flying into the ringpost shoulder first. Ziggler grabs the snare drum and blasts Sandow with it followed by the bass drum. Ziggler winds up and knocks Sandow out with the guitar covering him for the three count

The winner of the match: Dolph Ziggler

We take a look at the segment that opened tonight’s Raw.

Backstage: Randy Orton storms into Triple H’s office and demands to know what is going on. Where were they? Where was The Shield and he demands respect as the WWE Champion and asks if he has Triple H and Stephanie’s confidence. Stephanie says they were just talking about that and they need to think about it.

-Commercial 9:50-

John Cena comes out to the ring with his arm in a sling. Cena takes the mic and thanks Nashville for the wonderful reception and says he definitely needed it and has an added piece to his wardrobe because he’s gone through a lot recently and throws to footage of Alberto Del Rio’s attack on Cena’s injured arm last week. He Despite that he showed up on Smackdown and throws to footage of Del Rio’s attack from this past Friday and says he’s had to watch that footage every single day since it happened which is why he’s in a bad mood and thanks the WWE Universe for their excitement and it’s the energy from a WWE Universe like this that made him want to come back soon. Because he wants to be here in front of the crowd. But, maybe he came back too soon sitting here with his arm in his sling. He said trying to be some sort of super-hero made him think maybe he shouldn't be World champion. But then he looks around the audience and says, "Damn right, I should be World Hvt. champion." Cena said Del Rio does not know who he's stepping in the ring with in six days. He noted he's performing in his hometown on Sunday and there is a certain amount of excellence that comes with being World Hvt. champion. Cena said pain is temporary and pride is forever, so in six days, he will hold this title and said loud, proud, and clear: "The Champ Is Here!". After Cena delivered the fired-up speech, Del Rio walked out on-stage and sarcastically clapped it up for Cena. "John Cena, what an amazing speech! Santa Maria! We have a real superhero in da house!" Del Rio said Cena is so good that he almost made him cry. Cena responded that on Sunday, he's going to make Del Rio tap. Del Rio laughed off the tough words, then told Cena to show the audience that he can actually hold up the title. Using his arm with the sling, of course. Cena responded that all that matters is he will be ready on Sunday. Del Rio said he will be ready... to be humiliated and embarrassed in front of his family, mami, and papi. He said a real champion takes advantage of every opportunity. And right now he sees a great opportunity. Del Rio licked his lips in anticipation, but Cena cut him off and said a real champion does take advantage of every opportunity. Cena dropped the sad, arm-in-a-sling look and sold being perfectly fine, hoisting Del Rio in the air for an AA tease, but Del Rio scampered out of the ring and complained about Cena trying to trick him. Cena, offered the crowd a visual that he's healthy, hoisted the title belt in the air with both hands, but Lawler said he doesn't think he's 100 percent.

-Commercial 10:05-

7. R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs The Rhinestone Cowboys (3MB)

Xavier took a beating early on as Truth tried to shout encouragement from the ring apron. Truth entered via tag and suplexed McIntyre before tagging in "the kid." Xavier said it's Morphin' Time, then rolled into a clothesline before delivering a fall-away shoulder-yank to McIntyre for the three count. Xavier wins his debut.

The winners of the match: R-Truth & Xavier Woods

Post Match: Xavier brought 3MB's props into the ring to do a dance number with Truth. After a replay of the finish, the winners continued to celebrate in the ring.

Authority Office: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon told Randy Orton that they've been thinking. Stephanie said there will be no Shield and there will be no help on Sunday. Hunter said they expect Orton to prove why he should be the Face of WWE by winning by himself. Orton seethed, then calmed down and said he'll show them confidence.

-commercial 10:17-

Florida Georgia Line Performance

8. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Usos & Rhodes Dynasty vs The Shield & The Wyatt Family

Feeling-out process as the announcers sat back and watched the action unfold. Harper then tagged in on Rollins, who got upset with Harper. "We're a team," Harper reasoned. Shield did not take kindly to reason and a war of words broke out ringside. Not pictured, Bryan led the crowd in "Yes!" chants as the heels argued heading to break.

-Commercial 10:41-

Back from break, Cody Rhodes rocked Rollins with right hand strikes. Ambrose then tagged in and rocked Rhodes after running him head-first into a bass drum...nevermind, a simple corner turnbuckle. The babyfaces tried to rally behind Cody, who continued to take a beating, this time from Rollins, who mocked Goldust by doing his pose right in his face. Goldust sold terrifically by staring straight ahead with a (facepaint-aided) look of "Oh, you'll get yours." More tags between The Shield only, which Cole pointed out. Rollins began toying with Cody, which woke up the sleeping Rhodes. Cody delivered a suplex, but Harper tagged in on Rollins, again setting up a verbal war of words. After a brief verbal exchange, Harper saw what was happening on the other side of the ring and cut off Cody from making a tag, but Cody absorbed and nailed a Disaster Kick. WWE then cut to a super-close-up corner turnbuckle shot of Bryan preparing to take the hot tag, prompting Bryan to tell him to back up. Bryan then took the tag and exploded on Harper with signature Bruiser Bryan offense. But, Harper cut him off with a running powerbomb out of the corner. Bryan in trouble as Bray Wyatt tagged in for the first time in the match. The crowd chanted for Punk as Bray pounded on Bryan with forearm strikes. Once Bray indicated he was in control of the action, the crowd tried to rally with a "Daniel Bryan" chant, but the Wyatts and Shield suddenly formed an alliance and began exchanging tags to work on Bryan. Ambrose even wanted a hug or a hand signal of agreement with Rowan, but Rowan left him hanging and went to work on Bryan. More tags from the heels before Bryan caught Ambrose with a knee to the gut. Bryan tried to get to the face corner for a tag, but the entire heel group charged the ring to clear the entire face group off the ring apron. The ref tried to restore order with Bryan in trouble heading to break.

-Commercial 10:54-

Back from break three minutes before the top of the hour, Bryan was still in trouble. As Bryan sold in the heel corner, Rowan looked toward his new friends and selected Reigns to receive a tag to continue assaulting Bryan. Reigns wanted a back-drop on Bryan, but Bryan countered with a DDT. Bryan then made it across the ring to hot-tag Punk, who cleaned house on the heels. Punk delivered a double neckbreaker to The Shield, then stood up and smiled toward the crowd. High-knee to Ambrose, then one for Rollins. Then another for Ambrose. Punk climbed to the top for a Macho Man Elbow Drop and he connected on Ambrose. Punk wanted a GTS on Ambrose, but Bray Wyatt entered the ring. Punk lost focus on Ambrose, but then slapped on the Vice. The heels broke it up, though. Chaos with bodies flying everywhere. Usos splashed heels on the outside, then Punk and Ambrose bumped into each other mid-ring. Goldust broke up a pin, but then ate a big spear from Reigns. Cross Rhodes for Reigns. Buckle Bomb for Cody. Double-attack from The Beard and The Best. It came down to Punk and Ambrose again. This time, Punk nailed Ambrose with GTS and it was good for the pin and the win.

The winners of the match: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Usos & Rhodes Dynasty

Post Match: The Real Americans hit the ring to try to attack the faces. And there's Rey Mysterio returning to Raw TV. Mysterio stormed the ring and went through Rowan's legs to hop onto Cesaro to send him flying to the outside. Mysterio cleared more heels from the ring, then dialed up a Double 619 on Swagger and Harper. Punk then dropped Harper with a GTS into Bryan's running knee. Bryan, Punk, and Rey stood center-ring as Cole excitedly said Rey is back. The faces then took a curtain call in the ring with Bryan leading the crowd in "Yes!" cheers. Cole tried to collect himself and sell Survivor Series on Sunday, with Lawler filling in that it will be better than this feeling on Sunday. Cole tried to hype Orton's WWE Title in jeopardy on Sunday as the faces continued to stand tall as Raw signed off four minutes past the top of the hour. No word on whether Rey is the mystery partner for the faces at Survivor Series, but that was the implication.  

-End Show-

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