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WWE Raw Results (11/11/13) Manchester, England

Posted By: Elio C. on Nov 11, 2013

WWE Raw Results (11/11/13) Manchester, England

We kick things off with a re-cap of the Big Show-Triple H segment from last week’s Raw.

And this week Raw comes to us from the United Kingdom. The show begins with the new WWE Champion Randy Orton making his way out to the ring. Orton takes the mic and says it looks like Big Show got his job back but also blackmailed his way into a title match at Surivor Series. And if anyone saw the beatdown Show received last week, they’ll agree with Orton that he’ll be victorious and regain his title and status as the face of the WWE. And while Triple H and Stephanie are on a well deserved vacation he is in charge of Raw. Brad Maddox comes out and tells Orton he appreciates Orton wanting to help out but reminds Orton he is the General Manager and therefore has the authority. Kane, the new Director Of Operations, makes his way out to the ring interrupting Maddox. The crowd starts chanting “You Sold Out”. Kane says last week The Authority appointed him Director Of Operations which means in their absence he is in charge. Maddox tells Kane he’s been around for a while and proceeds to make the opening match. Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes. Kane then says no the opening match will be Goldust vs Randy Orton. Orton tells them to make up their minds. Vickie comes out and wishes Triple H and Stephanie a good vacation and says she has confidence in Randy Orton’s in-ring skills and as the former GM of Raw, current GM of Smackdown and voice of reason, The Authority would agree with Randy Orton’s decision and tonight Randy Orton will face both Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a 2 on 1 handicap match.


Rhodes Dynasty vs Randy Orton

Side headlock takedown by Goldust. Orton with a side headlock take down of his own and Goldust escapes with a head scissors. Hiptoss by Goldust. Rhodes with a suplex to Orton and 2 count. Orton with an uppercut to Rhodes/ Orton with shoulder blocks in the corner.


DDT by Goldust to Orton. Missile dropkick by Rhodes. Sunset flip by Rhodes and Rhodes in conrol of the match hits a monsault onto Orton. Rhodes whips Goldust into Orton, Orton misses with an RKO as Goldust catches him with a right hand. Orton sent to the outside.  The official begins the count and Orton begins to walk backwards up the ramp as the official reaches 9. Big Show comes out and attacks Orton sending him shoulder first into the ring steps and chokeslams Orton through the announce table.

The winners of the match by count out: Rhodes Dynasty


We get a WWE “Did You Know” Fact

We’re back and we get a re-cap of Big Show’s attack a few moments ago at the end of our opening match and follow with what happened during break showing The Big Show getting into a cab and leaving the arena.

Los Matadores (w/El Torito) & Santino Marella vs The Union Jacks (3MB)

Diego starts off with a snapmare on Slater. Diego firing off chops on Slater. Mahal with a shoulderblock to Diego. Clothesline by McIntyre and a stomp on the face. Marella with punches and a hiptoss. Mahal with knees to the gut. Slater chases El Torito around the ring and Marella gores Slater from behind. McIntyre picks El Torito up but gets taken out by Los Matadores. Marella sets up and hits the Cobraw on Mahal for the three count

The winners of the match: Los Matadores & Santino Marella

Backstage: Maddox apologizes and Orton asks how he could let that happen he’s the GM. Vickie asks Orton to accept her apology and Orton tells her to save her apologies for next week. Kane walks in and tells Orton to listen to him and Orton says he’s not listening to anyone. Kane says Orton will listen to him or Big Show won’t be Orton’s only problem


Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston

Knee strikes to Kingston by Sandow. Sandow unloads on Kingston. Sandow with a chinlock on Kingston and Kingston to his feet fighting back with kicks. Irish whip reversed by Sandow. Sandow with shoulder tackles in the corner. Sandow back to the chinlock wearing Kingston down and Kingston again fights out of it. Sandow with the Cobito Acquiet and a series of elbow drops. Sandow runs into a boot and Kingston turns it around unloading on Sandow. Kick to the side of the head by Kingston. Kingston off the ropes with a leg drop. Sandow with the irish whip into the corner. Kingston with a kick to Sandow. Sandow knocks Kingston off the ropes and  hits the “You’re Welcome” for the three count

The winner of the match: Damien Sandow


Curtis Axel vs Dolph Ziggler – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ziggler backs Axel into the corner. Axel and Ziggler trade side headlocks and hammerlocks. Irish whip by Axel. Ziggler moves out of the way but Axel off the ropes connects with a dropkick. Ziggler with a side headlock but Axel turns it around into an irish whip and Ziggler connects with a dropkick. Hiptoss by Ziggler. Ziggler follows up with a suplex. Ziggler with the Heart Stopper, Ziggler hooks the leg but gets a 2 count only. Irish whip reversed by Axel and Ziggler sent over the top rope to the floor. Axel follows Ziggler to the outside driving him spine first into the aporn. Axel unloads with punches and throws Ziggler back into the ring for a nearfall. Series of elbowdrops on Ziggler. Axel hammers away on Ziggler, Ziggler counters with a DDT and now both men are down as the official begins the count. Axel rushes and hits the ring post shoulder first as Ziggler side steps. The crowd starts a “Let’s Go Ziggler” chant. Ziggler with an elbow and series of punches in the corner. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker and another elbow drop. Axel launches Ziggler into the turnbuckle with a slingshot. Ziggler delivers a Famouser. Back suplex by Axel to Ziggler. Axel on the top rope but Ziggler cuts him off and drops him with a face plant. Ziggler going for the ZigZag but Axel able to hold on. Axel drops Ziggler face first and hits the Perfect Twist for the three count

The winner of the match and still Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Backstage: Brad Maddox and Kane are arguing over who's in charge. Maddox says Kane needs to listen to him or he’ll be in big trouble. Kane says Maddox will be in trouble if Maddox doesn’t show him respect. Maddox says they need to get on the same page and books John Cena vs The Real Americans. Kane likes it but not to be outdone he books his own handicap match. In a 3 on 2 match it will be The Shield vs Daniel Bryan and CM Punk


Tamina Snuka vs Nikki Bella

Tamina with a knee to Nikki throwing her into the corner. Nikki with a roll up. Dropkick by Nikki and Tamina goes for a clothesline. Nikki ducks. Tamina dropping Nikki face first. Slam by Tamina. Tamina with a bow and arrow submission on Nikki. Pumphandle slam by Tamina. Tamina with a chinlock on Nikki. Backbreaker by Tamina. Nikki with a back body drop. Flying headscissors and clothesline to Tamina. Monkey flip by Nikki and bulldog to Tamina. AJ with a cheap shot on the outside. Tamina with a big boot and AJ takes Brie out. Tamina on the top rope lands the superfly splash for the three count

The winner of the match: Tamina Snuka

Post Match: Brie takes out AJ and Tamina with a dropkick


We’re back from commercial and the announcers plug the WWE 2K14 game and the 30 Years Of Wrestlemania Mode.

They re-cap the final moments of tonight’s opening match.

Backstage: The Shield walk in and Randy Orton ask where they were an hour ago. Last week they beat down Big Show and this week he got his ass handed to him. Ambrose says it’s none of Orton’s business where they were and The Shield say they don’t work for Vickie Guerrero, Brad Maddox, Kane or Orton and tell Orton to feel better soon. 


We get footage from Total Divas of Natalya training with Fandango.

Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) vs Fandango (w/Summer Rae)

Waistlock by Kidd. Fandango with a side headlock and Kidd with a snapmare. Kick by Kidd. Irish whip by Kidd reversed by Fandango and Kidd sent to the floor. Fandango throws Kidd back in and covers him for a nearfall. Chinlock on Kidd into a side headlock. Fandango with a back suplex but Kidd counters and connects with a headscissors sending him into the corner. Fandango sent ot the outside. Kidd rolls him back into the ring. Springboard sunset flip over the ropes onto Fandango but Fandango with a reversal for the three count

The winner of the match: Fandango


John Cena vs The Real Americans

Zeb Colter and The Real Americans come out and Coltersays as Real Americans today is Veteran’s Day in the US and tonight they are standing on a foreign land full of imperialists, soccer thugs, bad food and evil monarchs. Plus it’s full of people who found the antics of Mr. Bean hilarious. They say the sun never sets on the British Nation but in today’s age, the sun never rises.

The match starts off with Swagger and Cena. They both lock up and Swagger immediately tries to work the arm of Cena. Cena tries to evade Swagger while watching his back. Cesaro wants in and gets the tag. Right as Cesaro and Cena lock up, Alberto Del Rios music hits and Del Rio makes his way to ringside. Cesaro throws Cena to the outside and Swagger clotheslines him on the outside. Cesaro goes to the outside and slams Cena into the barricade


We return with Cesaro slamming a knee to Cenas back. Cesaro throws Cena across the ring, and tags in Swagger. Swagger puts Cena in a headlock but Cena fights out. Swagger tags in Cesaro but Cena hits a full nelson neckbreaker. Cesaro however keeps Cena down and tags in Swagger. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb but only gets a 2 count. Cesaro is tagged in and Cena tries his comeback but Cesaro lands in an uppercut. Cesaro goes for the Swing but Cena reverses into the STF. Swagger is tagged in and locks in the ankle lock. Cena gets out and Cesaro is once again tagged. Swagger takes Cena down and both Cesaro and Cena are down. Cesaro makes another tag and Cena hits the back suplex on Swagger. Swagger gets hit with a five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA. Swagger reverses into a Patriot Lock. Cena fights out and hits an AA on Swagger. Cesaro breaks up the pinfall and both Cena and Swagger are down  Cesaro is tagged in and Cena hits a powerbomb right away for a 2 count. Cesaro and Cena exchange blows until Cesaro flings Cena in the air for a massive uppercut! Cesaro goes for the pinfall but only gets a two count. Cesaro places Cena to the top rope but Cena pushes him off. Swagger is tagged in by Cesaro. Swagger is thrown off and Cena hits a cross body. Cena clotheslines Cesaro and locks the STF in Swagger. Swagger taps out.

The winner of the match: John Cena

Post Match: Del Rio ambushes Cena with a chair, attacking the arm. Del Rio puts the chair on Cena’s arm and locks in the arm breaker. Big E however comes in and makes the save, fending Del Rio off. A huge Big E chant erupts


Backstage: Del Rio asks Maddox if he saw what Del Rio did to Cena and told him to give Langston a message to keep his nose out of Del Rio's business. Vickie says how about they put Del Rio's nose in Langston's business


Ryback vs R-Truth

Side headlock by Truth. Ryback powers out of it and sends Truth to the mat. Ryback begging Truth to take a swing. Side headlock by Truth and Ryback sends him to the mat again. Clothesline ducked by Truth. Irish whip, reversed by Ryback and Truth comes back with a kick. Ryback drives Truth spine first into the corner. The crowd starts into a “Goldberg” chant directed towards Ryback. Ryback slams Truth to the mat. Ryback with a series of chops and another slam. Ryback with a big splash on Truth. Ryback keeping Truth grounded. Truth gets to his feet and Ryback turns it into a bearhug. Truth gets out of it but Ryback plants him with another slam. Ryback rushes the corner, Truth side steps and rolls Ryback up for the three count

The winner of the match: R-Truth

We once again get a re-cap of the end to the opening match of tonight's Raw


Big E. Langston vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio unloading Langston and Langston fires back with a series of punches. Irish whip by Langston, Dropkick to the legs by Langston. Del Rio with a chinlock on Langston. Irish whip by Langston, Del Rio off the ropes hits a DDT to Langston. Del Rio back to the chinlock turning it into a sleeperhold. Langston slams Del Rio. Langston with a series of clotheslines follows with a belly to belly suplex. Big Splash on Del Rio. Enziguri by Del Rio to Langston. Del Rio going for the cross armbreaker but Langston counters and blasts Del Rio. Langston picks Del Rio up going for the Big Ending, Del Rio counters into the cross armbreaker. Langston tries to fight it but ends up tapping

The winner of the match by submission: Alberto Del Rio


CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Shield

The bell sounded and neither team made a move, feeling each other before locking up. It was Punk and Ambrose to start. Bryan and Rollins entered next, prompting Bryan to put Rollins in the surfboard stretch to work on the former Tyler Black. Punk then tagged in and catapulted Rollins into the corner turnbuckle as the announcers talked about JBL's long-time tag partner, Ron Simmons. Reigns dramatically entered the match next and stared down Punk before pounding on him in the corner. Bryan then tagged in and tried to help Punk double-team Reigns, but Reigns ran over both men with a double clothesline. Reigns then chucked Punk out of the ring to help Shield begin to wear down Bryan. But, Bryan ducked a Rollins clothesline, suplexed Rollins, corner-smashed him, and finished it off with a top-rope huracanrana for a nearfall. But, Ambrose provided a distraction that allowed Rollins to pop Bryan in the head


Raw returned two minutes before the top of the hour with Shield working on Bryan as Cole noted this main event was made by their director. Director of Operations Kane, that is. The crowd tried to rally with a pro-Punk chant as they hit the top of the hour. Reigns stomped away on Bryan, who tried to fight back from his knees. Now on his feet, Bryan ran into a knock-down clothesline from Reigns for a two count. Meanwhile, JBL sold excitement for The Authority returning to Raw next week after their "vacation." Lawler said The Authority should take an extended vacation so they go away for a while. Bryan knocked Reigns out of the ring, allowing him to crawl to his corner to tag in Punk as Ambrose also tagged in. Punk and Ambrose legal. Punk went for a top-rope Macho Man elbow drop and he connected for a two count when Rollins broke up the pin. Bryan then cleared Rollins to the outside before delivering a flying suicide dive. Chaos on the outside with Punk joining the party. Back in the ring, Punk kicked Ambrose in the head before calling for the GTS. But, Ambrose interjected himself into the match and took a GTS. Ambrose tried to roll up Punk, but Punk escaped just before three. Punk then slapped on the Vice. But, before Ambrose could tap, The Wyatts's video interruption played.

The winners of the match: No Decision

Post Match: Suddenly, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were in the ring and Bray Wyatt was on the outside. Everyone sold uneasiness before the Wyatts came face-to-face with The Shield, who were upset at them for interrupting their match. After Shield and the Wyatts jawed at each other a bit, with the crowd encouraging them to keep losing their cool, a fight broke out between the two groups. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns got into it ringside, then a six-man brawl broke out in and out of the ring as the crowd cheered wildly. Suddenly, Bray calmed everything down and pointed to Punk and Bryan ringside. All six men turned their attention toward their common enemy, but The Usos and Goldust & Cody Rhodes hit the ring to make it a six-on-six battle. The faces cleared the heels from the ring, then Bryan and Punk stood tall in the ring along with their back-up. Signing off, Cole asked what The Authority is going to think about this next week when they return. They have 12 wrestlers that need to get shined at the end of the show and WWE focused on the non-wrestling authority figures. That about sums up the angle. Raw signed off at 11:08 with Bryan and Punk and Co. standing tall in the ring.

-End Show-

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