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WWE Raw (11/04/13) Greenville, South Carolina

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 28, 2013

WWE Raw (11/04/13) Greenville, South Carolina

Welcome to Monday Night Raw. This week, Raw comes to us from Greenville, South Carolina and we kick things off with CM Punk  coming out to the ring for the opening match of the night.

Luke Harper vs CM Punk

Punk ducks the big boot from Harper. Harper crashes into the turnbuckle and spills to the outside. Punk looking to follow up on the outside but Erick Rowan making his presence known lurking around ringside


Back from break and Harper is in control after Punk lost control on the WWE app. Wyatt rocks back and forth in his chair on the entrance ramp as Harper goes to work on Punk. Punk makes a comeback with a Tornado DDT. Punk with a running high knee in the corner, climbs to the top rope for a flying elbow onto Rowan on the outside. Harper drags Punk back into the ring but Punk escapes and tries for a springboard re-entry. Harper smashes him with a mid-air boot. Harper with a spinning lariat, Punk ducks and rolls him up for a three count

The winner of the match: CM Punk

Post Match: Bray Wyatt enters the ring after Harper & Rowan attack Punk but Bryan runs down weilding a steel chair. Bryan clears the ring as The Wyatt Family retreat

We get the WWE.coom Exclusive of Michael Cole's weekly sit down interview with Triple H where Triple H announces that Big Show is banned from WWE for life. That footage followed by Big Show knocking out Triple H and Michael Cole says later tonight we'll get Big Show's side of the story


Renne Paquette is with CM Punk and Punk says it's never a fair fight. He's been dealing with Paul Heyman and his goons and knows what it's like to be out for months. He knows he's outnumbered and expected the Wyatt Family's attack

Cole said they have secured an interview with Paul Heyman. WWE cut to a pre-recorded interview with Heyman, who claimed to be in Europe seeking alternative treatment for the injuries he suffered at Hell in a Cell. Heyman comically listed all of the back/neck injuries he suffered before adding kidney and facial injuries. Heyman said after everything that he has been through with Punk, it's inexcusable. He demanded an apology for the beating he suffered before Cole asked Heyman if he's crying. Heyman breathed heavily, then hung up.

Ryback vs Great Khali

Ryback with chops to Khali but Khali overpowers him in the corner delivering elbows to the side of the head. Khali with the big chop to Ryback Ryback tries to mount a comeback looking for a suplex. Clothesline to Khali but that's all he gets as Khali continues to chop Ryback down. Ryback explodes with the Meat Hook clothesline and takes Khali down for the three count

The winner of the match: Ryback

Ryback with chops to Khali but Khali overpowers him in the corner delivering elbows to the side of the head. Khali with the big chop to Ryback Ryback tries to mount a comeback looking for a suplex. Clothesline to Khali but that's all he gets as Khali continues to chop Ryback down. Ryback explodes with the Meat Hook clothesline and takes Khali down for the three count

The winner of the match: Ryback

Post Match: Ryback turns his attention to Hornswoggle but Santino Marella jumps on Ryback. Ryback throws him off and into the barricades


Akberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Del Rio with a standing kick, but Kingston respons by knocking Del Rio to the outside. Kofi then flew over the top rope with a big splash. Back in the ring, Del Rio recovered and stomps Kingston in the corner. Del Rio continues the assault. Del Rio snaps off a German Suplex for a nearfall, then slowly gets to his feet and mocks Kingston's warm-up clap to get some easy boos. Del Rio follows with a corner kick before snapping off a suplex for a two count. Del Rio grounded Kingston to retain control of the match. Kingston tries to fight back, but Del Rio drops him with a backbreaker to ground Kingston again. Del Rio wants to end it with a corner enziguiri, but Kingston moves and follows with a second-rope splash to Del Rio's back for a two count. Kingston wants an STO, but Del Rio counters and rolls into the cross arm-breaker. Kingston tries to fight the hold by doing John Cena's move of grabbing Del Rio's hands to release his clasp, but Del Rio overpowered Kofi, who was then forced to tap out

The winner of the match by submission: Alberto Del Rio


Randy Orton vs Big E. Langston

Orton with a kick and an uppercut. Side headlock on Langston. Langston with a shoulder tackle. Orton goes to the outside to regroup. Orton back in and waistlock on Langston countered by Langston. Nearfall on Orton. Orton with a chop on Langston. Irish whip reversed by Langston and an elbow to Orton. Langston in control with a right hand to Orton. Orton back to the outside and Orton telling the official to keep Langston back. Dropkick by Orton. Orton sets Langston up for the DDT but Langston counters sending Orton to the apron and crashing into the barricade


Langston with a clothesline to Orton and Orton back to the outside as Langston follows. Orton with a boot but Langston sends Orton head first into the ring steps. Dropkick to the knees by Orton. Orton rolls Langston back into the ring. Langston charges as Orton moves out of the way and Langston crashes to the outside. Orton on the outside levels a clothesline to Langston. Nearfall by Orton. Orton with the Orton Stomp. Orton with a chinlock trying to wear Langston down. Langston to his feet backs Orton into the corner. Langston delivers a shoulder to the gut. Clothesline floors Orton. Another clothesline . Orton misses with his own clothesline. Langston with a belly to belly follows up with a big splash. Orton with a kick and a backbreaker to Langston. Langston tossed shoulderfirst into the ringpost. DDT by Orton. Orton sets up but Langston counters the RKO and explodes with a clothesline. Langston picks Orton up for The Big Ending but Orton counters with an RKO for the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton


Tyson Kidd & Natalya vs Fandango & Summer Rae

Fandango with a kick and shoulderblock to Kidd. Dropkkick by Kidd. Slap by Summer Rae and Natalya with a double leg take down. Summer Rae drops Natalya on her face. Summmder Rae with another face plant. Body scissors on Natalya and Natalya turning it around picks Summer Rae up. Summer Rae with a sunset flip.. Kidd unloads on Fandango. Irish whip reversed by Fandango. Kidd sends Fandango to the outside and a kick by Kidd. Summer Rae with the distraction and Fandango takes control of the match rolling Kidd into the ring. Fandango goes for the legdrop but Kidd catches him locking the sharpshooter in as Natalya takes Summer Rae out.

The winners of the match: Tyson Kidd & Natalya


Backstage: Renee Paquette brought in a frowning Damien Sandow. Renee introduced footage from last week's Raw when Sandow failed in his MITB cash-in attempt against Cena. Back to Sandow, who talked almost like a normal character that he cannot stop thinking about the referee counting one, two, three. Sandow said he's been stripped of everything, then said when he looks in the mirror, he sees a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Real Americans interrupted Sandow's promo time. Zeb Colter told Sandow that they will prove themselves against John Cena and the Rhodes Bros. tonight in the six-man tag main event. Sandow did not join in their "We The People" cry, instead saying, "Me...the uncrowned World champion."


John Cena & Rhodes Dynasty vs The Real Americans & Damien Sandow

The babyface trio started off in control of the action as Colter and Del Rio argued on commentary. A graphic showed "Tyson Kidd" trending on Twitter and Cole claimed it's because of "Total Divas," which was a transparently promotional conclusion since 99/100 people would not have said that's the reason. In the ring, Cena tagged out to Goldust, who helped Cena suplex Cesaro for a two count. Cody then tagged in and worked on Cesaro, who eventually recovered and backed Cody into the heel corner. Cena re-entered and teased the Attitude Adjustment on Sandow, who slipped out and bailed from the ring. The Real Americans and Sandow regrouped on the outside as Raw cut to break with Cena in control.


Back from break, Swagger covered Cena for a nearfall, then Sandow entered to work on Cena. Meanwhile, the crowd picked up a "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" chant that favored the pro-Cena audience. Swagger re-entered and slapped on the Patriot Lock, which Cena broke free of, but ran into a knockdown clothesline. Cesaro slowed the pace on Cena as Raw neared the top of the hour with Cena preparing to make a Cena Comeback. Right at the top of the hour, Cena sprung on Cesaro's shoulders to snap off a huracanrana, popping the crowd. Sandow prevented Cena from making a tag, though, before targeting Cena's previously-injured left arm/elbow. Sandow continued the assault as Del Rio plugged his title re-match against Cena at the next PPV, which hasn't been announced yet. At 16:20, Cena broke free of Sandow with power offense before inching his way across the ring to tag in Goldust simultaneous to Cesaro tagging in. Goldust delivered signature offense to Cesaro before landing 6 of 10 Corner Punches. Sandow tried to run in, but Cody dropkicked him out of the corner. Swagger then found an AA from Cena. But, Sandow dropped Cena with his "You're Welcome" finisher. Cody knocked Sandow out of the ring, leaving the legal men in the ring. Cesaro wanted the Big Swing on Goldust and connected with about 20 revolutions. JBL counted in Spanish, but stopped at 14. Goldust rolled out of the ring after taking the Swing, so Cesaro followed to the outside, prompting Cena to to chuck Cesaro into Zeb Colter's lap. Back in the ring, there was a ton of fast-paced chaos involving all six men until it came down to Goldust dropping Cesaro with the Final Cut. Goldust pinned him for the win. Afterward, Cena celebrated with the tag champs as Del Rio angrily looked on from outside the ring. Meanwhile, the heels regrouped on the outside.

The winners of the match: John Cena & Rhodes Dynasty

Backstage: Vickie walks into Triple H’s office and warns him that Big Show is here. Stephanie walks in and says she let Show into the building and the board said they don’t want to take risks with lawsuits. Triple H says he doesn’t care. Banned is banned. Stephanie says it’s not about Triple H, or what she did it’s about the WWE. Stephanie says Triple H has never had any trouble taking McMahon money and the board doesn’t want any lawyers involved they want to settle this between Triple H, Stephanie and Big Show.


Curtis Axel vs Dolph Ziggler

Axel unloads on Ziggler. Ziggler with a dropkick. Ziggler goes to the top rope but Axel pulls him down. Axel measures him with elbows. Axel has Ziggler on the ropes Irish whip and a dropkick to Ziggler.. Axel with a chinlock on Ziggler. Ziggler fights to his feet and delivers a jawbreaker. Ziggler sidesteps Axel and Axel hits the ringpost shoulder first. Ziggler unloads with punches in the corner and delivers am elbow drop. Axel with a shot to the back of the neck. Powerbomb attempt by Axel but Ziggler counters with the Famouser. Sleeperhold by Ziggler but Axel shakes him off. Ziggler hits the ZigZag for the three count

The winner of the match: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage: Two hours later, Renee Paquette caught up to Daniel Bryan pacing backstage. Bryan said normally it wouldn't be a wise move to run into the mouth of madness, but he saw a chance to get payback and he took it. Bryan noted it appears someone else has an issue with the Wyatt Family.


Backstage: Vickie walks in and informs Triple H and Stephanie that Big Show is willing to meet with them but not in their office. Stephanie tells Show to be a man and come in because they’re waiting for him. Vickie says Show wants to meet them in the ring

The Usos vs 3MB (Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater)

Big splash on McIntyre. McIntyre and Slater with a double suplex. Slater with an irish whip in the corner. McIntyre working over Jimmy. Chop by Jimmy and McIntyre drops Jimmy with a modified samoan drop. McIntyre slaps Jimmy around and Jimmy with a thrust kick. Slater in takes out Jey and goes airborne but Jimmy catches him with a thrust kick and big splash from the top rope for the three count

The winners of the match: The Usos

Backstage: Renne Paquette is with Los Matadores and they throw to a video package of some of their actions since their debut.


The Bella Twins & Eva Marie vs AJ, Tamina & Aksana

Waistlock by Nikki on Tamina and Tamina backs her in the corner. Samoan Drop by Tamina on Nikki. AJ with a front facelock on Nikki into a submission and Nikki drops her face first. Shoulderblock to Tamina and sunset flip by Nikki. Brie takes out AJ and Tamina accidentally takes out Aksana as Brie lands a series of dropkicks on Tamina. Tamina takes out Brie and Eva Marie. Tamina goes up to the top rope but misses the Superfly Splash. Eva Marie gets the tag and rolls Tamina up for the three count

The winners of the match: Eva Marie & The Bella Twins


Raw returned to the arena 11 minutes before the top of the hour with Triple H's music playing to bring out Hunter and Stephanie McMahon hand-in-hand. Steph smiled to the crowd, while Hunter frowned before having a final conversation with his wife. The Authority entered the ring, then Hunter began the segment. Hunter told Big Show that if he wants to waste everyone's time (frown from Steph) and make this all about him (frown from Steph), then hurry up and get this over with. No Show. Stephanie played nice cop welcoming Show out to the ring. Big Show's music played to bring out "Big & Tall" Big Show, who was all-smiles as USA Network execs salivated over putting an episode of "Suits" on a Monday night. Show was asked what he wants. Show said he wants a broom so Stephanie can fly back to Connecticut. Hunter said he can stand out here and trade sophomoric barbs all day long, but he knows it's about money. Hunter asked how big of a check Show wants to sell his dignity one more time. Show said it's not about money. He said it's about him doing what he was meant to do. It's about performing for WWE. Show said as much as Hunter makes it hard to work here, he just wants his job back. Hunter smirked and sarcastically said Show just wants his job back. Hunter started to tell Show to take his job and stick it, but Steph interrupted and calmed him down. Steph spoke next that if Show wants his job back, then he's re-hired. "Yes!" Show shouted, leading the crowd in "Yes!" chants as Hunter sold inner conflict with his back to Show in the corner. Show said there's one more thing. Show said in order for the world's largest lawsuit to go away, the World's Largest Athlete deserves the World's Largest Bonus. Hunter angrily came out of the corner before Steph calmed him down. Show said he's not worried about the money, though. He said he would like something he hasn't had in 18 years - the Face of the WWE. (The bridge to a Orton vs. Show match.) Stephanie freaked out about this one, saying Show needs to look in the mirror, which brought over Triple H to calm down his wife. The Shield's music suddenly played. As Shield came out through the crowd, Show asked if this is some kind of trick as Hunter smirked and Steph sold concern quickly going to break.


Raw returned just before the top of the hour with Hunter leaning against the ropes apologizing for the interruption from The Shield. Now, what do you want? Big Show told Hunter that he's going to give him a WWE Title match against Randy Orton at Survivor Series. Hunter got in his face and told him he got his job back, so he better leave before he leaves him in a puddle of his own blood. Big Show took the message and left the ring. Show cheerfully told them that his attorney will be in touch with WWE to complete his lawsuit and own all of them. "So, have a good night!" Big Show said on the way up the ramp. After a pause, Hunter told Show to wait. Hunter grumbled: "You've got your match at Survivor Series." Show hunched up his shoulders and said he didn't quite hear Hunter. So, Hunter repeated it with more life. Show, now walking back toward the ring, said he didn't hear it right after Hunter's wife busted his eardrum a few weeks ago. Hunter very quietly repeated that Show has his match at Survivor Series. Show polled the crowd on whether they heard that, then walked back into the ring to stand in Hunter's face and tell him one more time in a "clear, coherent voice." Hunter raised the mic, closed his eyes in a wincing manner, and told Show: "You have your job back, you have a WWE Championship match at Survivor Series at Randy Orton." Show told Hunter that that wasn't so hard, then asked for a handshake. Hunter ignored him, then noted that since Show works for him again, it's only fair that Show steps in the ring and competes like everyone else had to do tonight. Hunter said he thinks it should be a handicap match. But, not just The Shield. It will also be the man who will beat Show at Survivor Series - Randy Orton. Orton's music played to bring out the WWE champion as Show smiled before removing his suit jacket. Show began rolling up his sleeves to fight as Hunter gave Orton some instructions. And, the bell sounded.

Big Show vs The Shield & Randy Orton

Show took on all four men early on, but then took a "wicked spear" from Reigns. As Stephanie shouted instructions from ringside, the heels ripped apart Show's dress shirt before Orton demanded that Show be picked up. Shield set up for a triple powerbomb, but Show broke free before chokeslamming Reigns. But, Rollins and Reigns tackled him, only to take a double suplex. Show stood up, ripped off his dress shirt, and stalked Orton, but Kane's music played. Out came Kane dressed as Glenn Jacobs in a suit and tie. Show locked eyes with Kane, then Orton distracted Show to allow Rollins to take him down. Orton then delivered an RKO to Show as the crowd sat confused. Kane then chucked chairs into the ring for Orton and Shield to use on Show, causing a DQ.

The winner of the match by DQ: Big Show

Post-Match: Orton and Shield continued to assault Show, drawing boos from the crowd. Shield then dragged Show out of the ring as Kane cleared the announce table. Reigns blasted Show with ring steps, then Orton called for an end to Show. Shield set up for a triple powerbomb through the announce table, and Reigns delivered it as Stephanie and Kane looked on approvingly. "Welcome back," Stephanie declared as the crowd sat stunned. Orton then held the WWE Title belt over Show's fallen body as the crowd picked up a "You Suck" chant. Kane stood approvingly in the background, looking like John Laurinaitis, as Orton stood tall and ref scurried out to check on Big Show. Cole said Show might have been better off banned for life. Raw signed off at 11:11 with Orton standing tall, Shield admiring their work, Hunter & Steph & Kane looking on approvingly, and Show KO'ed on the table scraps.

-End Show-

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