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More on Eva Marie's Backstage Reputation in WWE

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Oct 23, 2013

More on Eva Marie's Backstage Reputation in WWE

In another update on Eva Marie's backstage heat in WWE, it's now being reported that a lot of her heat originally came from how she portrays herself on the Total Divas show. Reportedly, a lot of people backstage saw how she acts on the show and they immediately disliked her simply based on what they saw on the show.

Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com/The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the following:

"Even though Total Divas is a reality show and its scripted, and most normal, rational people realize its fake, there are people in WWE who watch that show and developed a very strong dislike for Eva Marie...having never met her in their life," said Alvarez.

Her attitude on the show reportedly caused WWE officials to make the decision to try to deflate her ego by having her work matches on television when they knew she would look bad.


Source: F4WOnline.com Tags: #wwe #total divas #eva marie

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