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TNA Bound For Glory 2013 Results (10/20/13) San Diego, California

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 20, 2013

TNA Bound For Glory 2013 Results (10/20/13) San Diego, California

Welcome to TNA Bound For Glory 2013 and we are live from San Diego, California. We kick things off with X-Division action.

X-Division Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin vs Samoa Joe vs Mannik

Sabin pulls Aries’ to the outside and whips him into the ring post. Sabin back in looking to climb up the structure but Joe back in hits a series of jabs to Sabin and a running clotheline into the corner. Snapmare to Sabin. Dropkick by Mannik to Joe. Aries and Hardy climbing up the structure. Aries moving down the cable, pulled down by Hardy. Double irish whip to Mannik, Mannik with a double DDT to Hardy and Sabin. Mannik with a cloverleaf on Sabin and Aries breaks the hold and takes Mannik out. Aries up on the cable again pulled down by Hardy once more. Suplex by Hardy to Aries. Hardy pulls a ladder out from under the ring. Joe with a suicide dive to the outside onto Hardy. Sabin with a dropkick into the ladder taking Joe out. Mannik takes Sabin out and Aries takes out Joe and Mannik. Aries signaling to the crowd. Aries makes his way down the cable and Mannik pulls Aries down. Uppercut by Mannik. Irish whip by Aries and Mannik gets the boot up. Sabin runs into a boot. Springboard by Mannik to Sabin taking both over the top rope to the floor. Sabin and Aries in the ring. Joe punching away on Aries. Aries seated on the top rope looking for the muscle buster and Aries counters with a crucifix. Dropkick to Hardy in the corner and one to Joe. A second dropkick to Hardy, a second dropkick to Joe. Aries looking for the brainbuster, Joe counters with the rear naked choke. Mannik scaling across the cable. Joe pulls him down and big boot to the face. Splash by Joe on Mannik. Sabin with a dropkick to Joe.  Wristlock to Hardy, irish whip and Hardy to the top rope catches Sabin with a boot to the head. Hardy brings the ladder in and Joe and Hardy fighting on the ladder. Headbutt by Joe to Hardy. Aries knocks Joe off the ladder. Aries  climbs up the ladder as Mannik scales down the cable. Sabin tips the ladder over sending Aries and Mannik crashing to the floor. Sabin picks Hardy up. Kick blocked by Hardy. Hardy connects with the Twist Of Fate on Sabin. Sabin yells at Velvet to stop Hardy, Sabin rolls Velvet in to distract Hardy. Sabin and Hardy scaling the ladder. Sabin knocks Hardy off the ladder and pulls the title down for the win

The winner of the match and NEW X-Division Champion: Chris Sabin

We take a look at a video package of AJ Styles winning the very first X-Division Championship

We see AJ Styles arriving at the arena from earlier today

Bad Influence make their way out to the ring and Kazarian says not since the premiere of Brokeback Mountain have two men been screwed more than Bad Influence and it’s an embarrassment that they’re not wrestling for the tag team titles tonight. It’s an embarrassment to TNA, Bad Influence and the fans. Christopher Daniels says Bound For Glory is the pay per view that is supposed to celebrate TNA and TNA is treating them like the stepchildren. They are TNA and the best tag team the company has ever seen. The way TNA can make it up is having them. Eric Young & Joseph Parks aren’t even a real team. And demand they be added to tonight’s tag team match based on their pristine track record. Eric Young comes out and says he doesn’t want to fight he’s out here and says he’s a scientist and earlier today Bad Influence created a monster and they should run. Bad Influence put the mics down and attack Young. Abyss comes out and attacks Bad Infuence. Black Hole Slam to Daniels, Black Hole Slam to Kazarian. Abyss extends his hand to Young

Backstage: James Storm and Gunner are with Jeremy Borash and Gunner says Bromance better not be worried about their hair or their tans. Tonight, all they better be worried about is a fight. James Storms says Bromance got lucky and says he hopes they’re good.

World Tag Team Championship: Gunner & James Storm vs Bro-Mans

The challengers worked on Gunner early on as Mr. Olympia shouted instructions from the outside. Gunner had enough of the challengers, so he smashed Robbie with a running knee to the face to break free. But, he could not make a tag to Storm, allowing Bro-Mans to regain control of the action. But, Jessie lost control up-top, allowing Gunner to deliver an overhead fallaway slam. Storm finally tagged into the match and cleaned house on the heels, getting the crowd involved in the match. Storm delivered a running neckbreaker for a two count, then Jessie got involved. All four men in the ring. Chaos, then Storm came off the top with an elbow drop to Robbie for a close two count. All four men remained in the ring as ref Brian Hebner gave up on trying to restore order. Meanwhile, Storm had a big cut on his right leg that was producing a stream of blood. Robbie scored a very close two count on Storm, then he walked into a uranage from Gunner. More action until the champs seemed to finish off Robbie with a combo powerbomb into backbreaker, but Jessie broke up what looked like the finishing pin. Robbie then chucked one of the title belts into the ring, distracting the referee. The ref didn't see what Tenay described as an "illegal clothesline" from Jessie despite the action being a four-man brawl with no order restored for five minutes. Robbie then pinned Storm for the pin and the win. New tag champs. Taz sold shock over the finish as the new tag champs posed in the ring with Mr. Olympia, who get center position.

The winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: Bro-Mans


We take a look at a video package of the Hall Of Fame ceremony held last night for its latest inductee Kurt Angle.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces Sting, the very first Hall Of Fame inductee. Sting comes out and says it’s good to be in San Diego and last year being the 1st inductee in the Hall Of Fame made it a night he will never forget and now they induct Kurt Angle. A man who brought gold home in the ’96 Olympics and when he transitioned into pro wrestling he rose to the top and there’s not a person who does not love or respect Kurt Angle. And he is a lot of things but above all, he’s a family man. Sting introduces Kurt Angle. Angle comes out to a loud chant of “Angle!”. Angle says he’s been blessed with a lifetime of memories and thanks God, his family and fans and this Hall Of Fame means more to him than they’ll ever know. The fans chant “Thank You Angle”. He says the love and support he has from the wrestlers and management, there are no words and he wouldn’t do it justice. Sting, asks Angle to join him in the Hall Of Fame and presents him with a box. Angle opens the box and pulls out a Hall Of Fame ring and the crowd is chanting “You deserve it” and Angle says hearing what Sting just said and the reaction from the crowd makes him realize just how important this Hall Of Fame is. He says the truth is he let his family, friends and peers down and hasn’t lived up to his full potential and respectfully declines the Hall Of Fame induction and says he’s setting a new standard and everything he’s accomplished in the past is nothing to what he will accomplish in the future and when he is worthy he will join Sting in the Hall Of Fame.

Backstage: Dixie Carter is on the phone and says since this is AJ Styles' last night she wants all his merchandise on sale. EC 3 walks in and Dixie says tonight they still have to find him an opponent and to remember what they always say. The World Needs More Carters

TNA Knockouts Championship: ODB vs Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher

ODB clotheslines Brooke and Gail. Fallaway slam to Brooke. ODB charges and Gail gets her legs up but ODB sends her to the floor. Brooke unloads on ODB.  ODB with a bronco buster on Brooke. Gail back in and ODB with a right hand. Gail trips ODB. Brooke takes out Gail and unloads on ODB once more. Faceplant by Brooke on ODB. Clothesline by Brooke and a kick to ODB. Swinging neckbreaker to ODB. Brooke bounces off the rope and Gail trips her pulling her to the ringpost. Gail with the figure four around the ringpost. Gail back in and ODB with a kick and a spear. Brooke and ODB trading right hands. ODB picks Brooke up on her shoulders, Brooke with a roll up. ODB with a single leg Bston Crab on Brooke. Gail back in with a kick to the back of ODB’s head. Gail unloads on ODB. Gail going to the top rope. Brooke and Gail exchanging right hands on the top rope. ODB on the top rope hits a double suplex but both Gail and Brooke block it knocking ODB off the top rope. Missile dropkick by Gail to OBD. Brooke with the elbow drop on Gail. ODB running through Gail and Brooke. Gail Kim elevated by ODB and suplex by ODB. Brooke whipped into the ropes.  ODB charges and takes out the referee. Gail Kim takes the referee out as well. ODB picks Gail and Brooke on her shoulders.  Samoan Drop by ODB dropping Gail on top or Brooke. Lei’D Tapa walks out and stares down ODB. ODB exits the ring and charges but gets laid out with a big boot. Lei’D Tapa makes her way close to the ring and Brooke jumps off the top rope into Lei’D Tapa’s arms as she powerbombs Brooke into the ring where Gail covers her for the three count

The winner of the match and NEW Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Backstage: New TNA backstage interviewer Gill approached new TNA tag champions Robbie E. and Jessie, along with Mr. Olympia. The Bro-Mans vowed to continue the celebration this Thursday in Salt Lake City, then partook in a protein shake celebration.

JB brought in Bobby Roode to discuss his match against Kurt Angle tonight. Roode sarcastically called it a "shocker" that Angle turned down the Hall of Fame. He claimed responsibility for Angle turning down the HOF after what he told him Thursday on Impact. So, tonight at Bound for Glory, he proves that he is a better man and wrestler than Angle. Roode also vowed to make Angle tap out

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode

Angle sold having ring rust early on, allowing Roode to take early control. Roode sold being cocky about his control, so Angle asserted himself with an early Anklelock. But, Roode impressively countered and shoved Angle to the outside. Meanwhile, Taz recapped Angle turning down the "highest honor in the industry, the Hall of Fame." Notice he did not say "TNA Hall of Fame," just a general "Hall of Fame," as if it's just an entity not affiliated with a particular company. On the outside, Roode and Angle traded blows with Roode retaining the advantage. Roode began targeting Angle's neck, then continued the attack in the ring. Angle then fought back with a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. But, Roode came back with a spinebuster for a two count of his own. Roode followed with a cross-face submission, trying to wrench on the neck. But, Angle reached out and grabbed the bottom rope for a break.
Angle went for a desperation moonsault, but Roode moved and flowed into a cross-face submission. Angle teased tapping before grabbing Roode's foot and flowing into an Anklelock while trapping the other leg with a figure-four. Innovative hold, but Roode broke free and flowed into another cross-face. Angle found a way to escape, lift Roode onto his shoulders, and flow into the Angle Slam for a close nearfall. Reset at 16:00. Angle wanted the trio of German Suplexes, but Roode pulled the ref in close to allow him to mule kick Angle with the ref's vision impaired. Roode then nailed a power move out of a fireman's carry position for a close two count. Roode went back to the move, but Angle avoided and slapped on the Anklelock. Roode fought, then Angle grapevined the ankle. Roode freaked out and teased tapping out, then sold passing out. The ref decided to check Roode for life by lifting his hand in the air, but in the process, Roode's hand fell on the bottom rope, with the ref inadvertently causing a rope break. The crowd booed. At 20:00, Angle reset his attack and took Roode to the top rope to deliver a super Angle Slam. Both men sold on the mat, though, so Angle was unable to make a pin. The ref applied a ten count, Roode reached his feet at nine, the ref stopped counting for Angle for some reason, and then Roode collapsed on top of Angle. It was good for a three count. Apparently the deal is Angle "injured his head" executing the super Angle Slam.

The winner of the match: Bobby Roode

Post-match: No one checked on Angle as the announcers sold concern about Angle's condition. The ref focused on Roode, then one minute after the finish, checked on Angle. A TNA staffer then hit the ring to check on Angle, who did the hand-twitching deal to sell feeling in his hands. Medics eventually hit the ring to check on Angle as Roode's music stopped. Angle was fit for a neckbrace as the announcers talked about Angle's history of neck injuries.
Angle was placed on a stretcher and taken out of the ring, but he suddenly got off the stretcher to sell toughness. Angle then walked onto the entrance ramp and forced his hands in the air to salute the crowd on the way out. Angle continued to sell being a physical wreck before leaving.

Backstage: AJ Styles ispreparing for his upcoming match

Backstage: Bully Ray says this is a club resurrected and tonight is about their creed, colours and championships and he is talking to someone and says no one thought this person would ever trust him but they fooled them all. And when you ride with the Aces ‘n’ Eights, you never walk alone

Ethan Carter vs Norm Fernum

Carter with an overhead throw. Waistlock into a side headlock, into a hammerlock. Carter back to the side headlock and a wristlock takes Fernum down. Fernum, with a wristlock of his own and Carter with a forearm to the face. Carter unloads on Fernum. T-bone suplex by Carter. Submission hold by Carter. Fernum trying to fight back. Dropkick to Carter. Fernum with a crossbody. Carter with a headlock driver for the three count

The winner of the match: Ethan Carter III

Backstage: JB is with Magnus. Magnus says they’ve arrived at the biggest night of the year, they’ve arrived at San Diego and they’ve arrived at Bound For Glory. This is the biggest night of his life. But the biggest night of his life was July 4 when he was named the 4th member of the Main Event Mafia an honour that will last forever. Magnus says opportunity knocked on his door and now he’s knocking on Sting’s door and he knows he’s in hostile territory but he likes it like that. And says Sting has nothing to lose but Magnus has everything to lose and he has a date with destiny and she’s waiting

Sting Vs Magnus

Feeling-out process early on as the two wrestlers played nice. Meanwhile, on commentary, Taz wondered why this match is happening - "why do you need a match to make you? You make yourself." Magnus then stopped playing nice by catching Sting on the way back into the ring. Four minutes in, Taz drew attention to Sting's t-shirt selection, prompting a debate over Sting's intentions with the shirt. Magnus tried to get in Sting's head by doing Sting's signature howl pose before hitting a Scorpion Splash. But, Sting came back with a trademark no-sell, a howl, and the Scorpion Deathlock. Magnus escaped, then blocked a corner Stinger Splash with an elbow. Magnus then nailed a Scorpion Deathdrop before climbing to the top rope. Magnus delivered a flying elbow drop, but Sting escaped a nearfall. Magnus wanted a second elbow drop, but apparently missed, but both men sold the effects.  Sting tried to make the comeback, but Magnus popped him with elbows to the mouth. Sting did a Flair Flop to sell, drawing a few Whoos from the crowd. Sting recovered in the corner, then challenged Magnus to bring the fight. Magnus did and dropped Sting to the mat before slapping on a Texas Cloverleaf. Sting fought the hold as the crowd made light noise. Sting eventually had enough, tapping out to Magnus, stunning the crowd.

The winner of the match by submission: Magnus

Post-match: Magnus got his hand raised and stared off into space with a determined, somewhat crazy look in his eyes. Magnus celebrated in the corners as Sting recovered to his feet. Magnus ignored Sting, continuing to celebrate. Sting then hobbled over to Magnus, who continued celebrating and ignoring Sting. Sting went for a handshake, Magnus disrespectfully slapped his hand, clutched it, and walked out of the ring. Taz said Magnus doesn't do humble well. Sting eventually limped out of the ring as Taz noted Magnus just beat a legend and blew him off afterward

Backstage: JB was standing by with Bully Ray and Brooke. Bully repeated his vow to send Styles home an unemployed disappointment. "Welcome to my jungle," Bully closed.

World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles vs Bully Ray

Ray backs Styles in the corner and referee Earl Hebner gets a clean break. Ray yells at Styles that he’s afraid of Bully. Slam by Bully to Styles. A second slam by Bully. Armwringer by Bully and Styles is down to his knees. Styles counters but eats a clothesline courtesy of Bully Ray. Bully intimidating Styles even more and Styles fights out of the corner with a right hand and nails a dropkick to Bully. Bully tries to trip Styles but Styles locks in the Calf Killer. Garrett Bischoff comes out and is on the ramp. Styles spots him and walks towards Bischoff. Bully grabs the hammer as Styles climbs back into the ring. Styles blocks the hammer shot with a kick to the arm. Styles picks up the hammer. Bully blocks it and delivers a chop to Styles’ chest. Another chop to Styles. Bully with an open handed slap and Bully mocking Hulk Hogan cupping his hand to his ear. Styles dares Buly to hit him again and Styles standing up to Bully. Each time Bully knocks him down Styles gets back up and now it’s Styles unloading on Bully. Bully explodes with a clothesline and delivers another chop Styles with a series of right hands and a dropkick to the knee. Styles looking to go up to the top and Knux comes down and stands between Bully and Styles. Knux catches Styles and delivers a chokeslam. Bully with the cover and 2 count only. Bully yells at Knux that he’s supposed to keep Styles down. Bully intimidating Hebner. Bully turns his attention back to Styles but accidentally knocks Knux out of the ring. Bully with a big boot to the chest sends Styles to the floor. Bully goes to the outside and bounces Styles’ head off the broadcast table. The crowd starts yelling “We Want Tables”. Hammer shot by Bully blocked with an enziguri to the back of the head. Styles picks up the hammer. Bully’s head bounced off the broadcast table. Styles back in the ring, flies over the top rope but Bully moves out of the way as Styles goes through the  broadcast table. Tazz hands Bully a cutter and Ray cutting around the ring covering pulling it back followed by the padding, exposing the boards. An eruption of “ECW” chant from the crowd as Styles still on the floor . Bully on the apron with a boot to the head. Bully calling for one of the boys to come out but Dixie Carter comes out instead and calls for a chair. Carter hands the chair to Bully. Styles with a springboard forearm shot into the chair knocking Bully down. Springboard 450 onto Bully. Carter getting into Hebner’s face as Hebner tries to count the pin. Hebner distracted by Carter. Styles dragging Bully to his feet and Bully counters with a back bodydrop onto the boards. Slaps by Bully to Styles. Bully on the second rope and a seated senton onto Styles. Bully with a chair shot to the back. Bully picks Styles up for a powerbomb. Styles counters with a pele kick. Chair shot to the head by Styles. Styles goes to the top rope and connects with the Spiral Tap for the three count

The winner of the match and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles

-End Show-

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