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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/3/13)

Posted By: Elio C. on Oct 04, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/3/13)

We start off with a look at last week's life-altering developments involving Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan, the continued disintegration of Aces & Eights, and Ego's continued targeting of Brutus Magnus. We then go to the arena where AJ Styles comes out to a loud reaction from the crowd, and as much as he'd like to talk about Hulk and Dixie, he's here to talk about his opponent at Bound For Glory: Bully Ray. He knows exactly who Bubba is: he's the World Champion and the man he's going to beat for what he wants. It's put up or shut up time for AJ, and he doesn't have a contract, so he's all in. He hasn't even looked at the World Title in over a year, he's hungry to get it back, and Bubba may be the most dangerous man in the building,but he begs to differ. Bully's music hits and he comes out with Brooke Tessmacher in tow. He tells the sound guy to shut his music off, then tells AJ that Dixie must really be in his head because he hopes to win the World Title, with the emphasis on hope. If AJ was a true winner and champion, he'd know he could beat him, but since Dixie is in his head, he even doubts himself. Dixie's a gorgeous woman, not as gorgeous as Brooke, but AJ shoun't worry about Dixie because he has to worry about him. Bully says to look what he did to Hogan, Sting, Hardy, Anderson, and his own brother Devon, then think about what he's going to do to him. He'd normally ask AJ if he knows who he is, but AJ already knows who he is: the guy who beat him two years ago in a Last Man Standing match. AJ has nothing to take except for one thing: Bully wants to take AJ away from the fans because he's sick of hearing the fans chant for him. The fans chant for AJ just to be cute, and Bubba says to smile now, "kid", because after October 20th, they won't be smiling anymore. AJ says Bubba is no different than Dixie Carter because he bleeds people for everything they're worth and then kick them to the curb as if they never existed. Bubba says thank you, he'll take that as a compliment because they're both ruthless millionaires, and he's going to beat AJ, send him home without a contract, and condemn him to live with his miserable wife and three kids. AJ tells Bully he'd better get focused on his match tonight, and Bubba says he doesn't have a match, but AJ says Hogan must really hate Bubba because he booked him to face Samoa Joe. AJ says that Joe is gonna kill him, but the fans don't pick up on that and chant along, so AJ's music hits and he takes a walk while Bubba does "WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT? WHAT IS THIS?" while making confused faces at Brooke.

Tonight: Magnus loses his mind and signed on to wrestle all three members of Ego in a Gauntlet Match! Also, Hulk Hogan will have his decision for Dixie Carter!

AJ Styles is backstage telling Dixie that she doesn't know what she's in for, but Dixie reminds AJ that he's not under contract anymore, and he's gone after he fulfills his one last obligation at Bound For Glory. Dixie starts to have Atlas Security throw him out, but AJ says to save their energy because he doesn't want to breate the same air as Dixie.

Austin Aries joins Mike and Taz at the broadcast table for our next match...

Kenny King & Chris Sabin vs Manik & Jeff Hardy

Sabin distracts Manik and allows King to jump him from behind, immediately trapping Manik in the heel corner. Manik repsonds with some nice moves that send Sabin out to the floor, then Hardy tags in and goes to work on Kenny King, dumping him on the mat and hitting a second rope splash for 2. Manik comes in and gets King in the Royal Octopus, then cradles King backward into a pinning combination and gets 2. King turns it backaround by dropping Manik's throat over the top rope and puts Manik back in trouble, but Manik outmaneuvers both King and Sabin and tags in Jeff Hardy, who cleans up on both King and Sabin. King gets ahold of Hardy long enough to hit a northern lights suplex, but Manik breaks the pinfall attempt at 2, then shoves King into Sabin and knocks him to the floor. Manik hits the double chickenwing into a facebuster, then Hardy tags in and hits the Swanton for the win.

Winners: Manik & Jeff Hardy

Sabin comes back in after the match and attacks both Manik and Hardy, but Aries gets up from the broadcast table and chases him off. Sabin is halfway up the ramp when Aries says that if Sabin wants to run his mouth, he suggests a four way at Bound For Glory between Aries, Sabin, Manik, and Hardy. Hardy gets a mic of his own and says they should make it something he's never done before...ULTIMATE X! So I guess Kenny King doesn't get to be in this either? Too bad.

Sting and Hulk Hogan are backstage and Sting says that the last time we were in this kind of situation was when Bischoff was on his power trip, and Hogan says he thought he'd seen it all and that Bischoff was bad, but Dixie's worse and it's going to be a tough decision. So he hasn't thought about it at all in the last week? Do these people just climb into a hole somewhere and deactivate for a week when the show ends, or what? Anyway, Dixie sends a gift and it's apparently the same watch she gave Sting last year. I don't remember this if it was a storyline and have no idea what it means, but Hogan says it means "let the games begin."

We look at a backstage segment that took place after last week's show when Sting caught up with Magnus backstage to check on him after the beating he took, and Magnus says to leave him alone because he thought he wouldn't let Ego in his head, but he was wrong. He wants to get his hands on Ego, and he wants Sting to stay out of his way.

Ganutlet Match: Brutus Magnus vs Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Bobby Roode

Daniels is the first one in line and Magnus unleashes a week's worth of fury on him, Daniels begs off and tries to take a cheapshot, but Magnus sees it coming and flattens him with a clothesline. Daniels catches Magnus with an STO and gets a 2 count, then bulldogs him onto the top rope. Daniels grounds Magnus with a somewhat poorly applied Cobra Clutch and Magnus easily escapes, Daniels goes for Angel's Wings, but Magnus backdrops out and runs over Daniels with more clotheslines. Magnus hits the Marufuji clothesline and heads up top, but takes too long and Daniels yanks Magnus down by the arm, dropping the arm over the top rope on the way down. Daniels gets the Koji Clutch, but applies it too close to the ropes and Magnus is able to force the break. Daniels goes for the BME, but Magnus gets his boot up in Daniels' face, hits the Michinoku Driver, and gets 3 on Daniels. Now Kazarian comes out, stopping to check on Daniels on his way down, but Magnus doesn't feel like waiting and goes out after Kazarian. He tosses Kazarian back into the ring and Kazarian immediately bails back outside as we go to commercial.

We're back as Kazarian drills Magnus with a bicycle kick and grounds him with a front facelock. Magnus is able to power his way to his feet and elevate Kazarian onto the toprope, Kazarian leaps over Magnus and hits him with a leg lariat. Magnus is back up before too long, catches Kazarian on a crossbody attempt, and plants him with a Snowplow. Magnus goes to the top, hits the flying elbow, and makes a cover, but they're too close to the edge of the ring and Kazarian gets his foot over the bottom rope. Magnus goes to the second rope and isn't able to come off before Kazarian hits a leaping bicycle kick. Kazarian goes for Fade To Black, Magnus counters to a sunset flip, but forgoes the pinfall attempt and hooks Kazarian into the Texas Cloverleaf. Kazarian is trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go and is forced to tap out. Magnus is two thirds of the way there as Bobby Roode comes out to face Magnus. Magnus is so focused on Roode that he misses Kazarian climbing back into the ring to clip his knee, and Roode slowly and confidently takes his robe off before climbing into the ring and stomping on Magnus' knee as we go to commercial.

We're backagain and Magnus is in trouble as Bobby Roode is still putting the boots to him. Magnus tries to fight back, but Roodegoes back to the knee, smashes Magnus with a kneelift, and runs Magnus over witha charging clothesline. Roode doesn't make a cover, choosing instead to jaw with the fans, but Magnus is too hurt to take advantage of it and Roode is able to go back to the knee. Roode takes another charge, but Magnus sees him coming and hits a powerslam for 2, then goes right back to the Texas Cloverleaf. Roode escapes and Magnus tries to go to the top for the elbow, but his knee prevents him from making it up there in a timely fashion and Roode is able to move out of the way when Magnus finally comes off the top. Magnus hits the mat hard and Roode immediately gets him in the cripper crossface, Magnus crawls for the ropes, but Roode releases the crossface and goes to ananklelock and grapevines the knee. Magnus is trapped in the middle of the ring and tries tomake the ropes, but is finally forced to tap out.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Hell of a showing by Magnus, he definitely came off like a monster after going through all three guys. Magnus looks so furious over losing that he doesn't know what to do, and Sting finally comes down to talk to him. Magnus takes this loss really hard, and Magnus is ready to walk off on him, but Sting takes a mic and says he didn't want to address this publicly,but he's making a spectacle of this and wants him to come to the back so they can talk this over. Magnus says no, he's had enough, because Sting, Angle, and Joe all see something in him, but he hasn't been able to take advantage of his opportunities just yet because he only gets so close each time before losing. Magnus says that Sting knows that you're either inor out, and he's not producing the results. Sting says he was there one time, but he didn't give up on the shortcomings and he ended up getting in the ring with Ric Flair and finally making his name there. Magnus says he knows, he saw the match with his own eyes, and he studied Sting for years before getting in the business, but he hasn't had that match and has nobody to have it with. Sting says he'll do it, and that he'll face Magnus at Bound For Glory. They shake on it, and we have another match for TNA's biggest show of the year!

Austin Aries knocks on Hulk Hogan's door and comes in with a present: vitamins to help him make his decision. Hogan asks what he wants, and Aries says they didn't always see eye to eye, but Hogan helped him out by giving him the opportunity with Option C, so he has something to say. Aries knows two Hulk Hogans: the red and yellow Hulkster, and the black and white Hulk Hogan, and tonight, he's looking at the black and white Hogan because there's not a lot of grey area here. That's all he has to say, so he tells Hulk to enjoy his watch and leaves.

We look at a video package looking at the history of Hulk Hogan in TNA, from his entry into the company on January 4th, 2010, through the Immortal and Aces & Eights eras, and finally to recently when he started running into the friction with Dixie Carter. We then go to a backstage promo with Chris Sabin where the mystery cameraman asks him why he isn't going to the ring with Velvet Sky for her match, and Sabin says he doesn't need to because she's the toughest Knockout in TNA, and he's just going to sit back here and do his Tai Chi.

Ego is backstage celebrating their win over Brutus Magnus earlier, but Daniels and Kazarian have great news for Roode: he's going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame! Roode tells them to shut the front door, and Daniels says that indeed he will be the first EVER inductee into the Outstanding Gentlemen's Club Hall of Fame! Because Roode is the Prime Minister of Suave and Debonaire, they know he'll be dressed to the nines because he's off the chain and in the Hall of Fame! I love these guys.

Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky come out for a #1 contender match for the Knockouts Title, but Lei''d Tapa comes out before the match and lays Velvet out with a single big clothesline, then waits for her to get to her feet so she can drill her with a big boot to the face. Tapa chases the referee away so she can put the boots to Velvet, give her a TKO, and shout at the fans before walking off and leaving Velvet in a heap. The bell never rang, so I guess no match.

Time for a series of video packages: James Storm and Gunner talk about why they love teaming with each other, Ethan is coming, then IT'S MAIN EVENT TIME!

TNA World Champion Bully Ray vs Samoa Joe

Joe and Bubba with an extended feeling out process, neither man budges on shoulderblock attempts, then Bubba backs Joe to the corner and call him a stupid Samoan sonova...he doesn't get to finish because Joe unloads on him with jabs and a leaping enziguiri before hitting the chop/kick/kneedrop combo. Joe gets the Kokina Clutch and gets it, but Bubba runs forward and drops Joe face first on the top turnbuckle. Bubba gets the chain, the referee takes it away, then Bubba low blows Joe when the referee gets rid of the chain. Brooke loved that one and applauds Bubba as we go to commercial.

We're back as Bubba catches Joe with a charging clothesline in the corner and follows it up with a short clothesline. Joe dodges an elbowdrop, then unloads with jabs, an inverted atomic drop, running boot, and running senton on the champ. Joe comes off the second rope with a boot to the face for 2, but Bubba reverses a whipand sends Joe crashing into the referee. Joe gets the Kokina Clutchagain and Bubba is tapping, but there's no referee, so Joe drops Bubba and goes to check on the ref. Bubba gets the chain and wraps it around his fist, but Joe doesn't notice and nails Bubba, then sits him in the top rope. Joe turns to check on the ref again, but turns around as Bubba comes off the second rope with a double axhandle with the chain. Bubba drops the chain on the way down and the referee sees it and disqualifies Bubba.

Winner: Samoa Joe by DQ

Bubba shoves the referee down after making that call, then tosses Joe out to the floor and yells to Taz that he's going to piledrive Joe on the concrete. Bubba pulls back the ringside mats and sets up for the piledriver, but AJ comes out through the crowd and springboards off the barricade with a flying forearm that wipes Bubba out. Atlas Security comes after AJ, but he runs off into the crowd where the fans mob AJ and actually shield him from Atlas Security. Wow, that's pretty cool actually.

Hulk Hogan is backstage, and he's...THINKING! It's decision time for him when we come back from commercial!

Okay, Dixie and her crappy entrance music come out to the ring so she can say that she knows some people aren't happy with the decisions she makes, but people simply have no concept at all of business and the complexities of it. She can't be mad at them because they don't know any better, she gets that, but someone who does know a bit about business is Hulk Hogan, so she wants Hulk to come out so they can take care of it right now. Hulk comes out and Dixie says she knows what a great career he's had, but asks if he's ready to take it to another level. She's tickled to see he's wearing the watch she got him, but that's just a token of all that could happen with them, but she needs to know if he's ready to take a ride on the Dixie Train, or if he's going to force her to make a decision she knows he's going to regret. Hulk starts by thanking her for the watch, then says he thought about his 35 year career and how he always dreamed about being in a power couple, but at the end of the day, it's an amazing offer...for someone else, because he quits. Hogan throws down the microphone and starts to walk off, but Dixie goes running after him. We can't see what she's saying, but she's obviously begging him to stay. Hulk's not having it and tries to walk off, so Dixie clings to his leg and starts dragging her with him before she finally lets go and Hulk walks off to the back as Dixie yells after Hulk that he's fired because she had enough of him anyway

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