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Big Update On Alberto Del Rio's Black Eye: What On Earth Happened? Details Inside

Posted By: Lee on Aug 19, 2013

Big Update On Alberto Del Rio's Black Eye: What On Earth Happened? Details Inside

PWInsider.com have given us more of an insight into what on earth happened pre-Summerslam in relation to Alberto Del Rio and a huge black eye.

Alberto Del Rio was spotted on Saturday night/Sunday morning in a pub very close to the WWE hotel. It's said Del Rio got into a fight with several men within the pub, none of which are other wrestlers.

Cageside Seats note that one of the scenarios out there involves WWE superstars stepping in to help Del Rio and back him up. This is where Drew McIntyre seems to have come in the story. Drew is said to be one of the guys helping out Del Rio. Upon their return to the hotel, it's noted they stayed away from everyone within the main area of the hotel, especially WWE officials.

Drew McIntyre is said to have reported injuries as well. With both men bruised up, it does sounds like it was a reasonably large fight within a pub and there has been no sign of any kind of police call or involvement.

As seen last night, Del Rio retained the title and had obviously seen what Del Rio had all over his face (not helped by his busted nose suffered in his match last night) so it doesn't seem Del Rio has too much to worry about.....yet anyway. Nothing is known officially but you can imagine this isn't the end of the story. This is the very latest on this story so it really is still developing by the hour.

Source: PWInsider & Cageside Seats Tags: #wwe #alberto del rio #del rio #fight #drew mcintyre #summerslam

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