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TNA Hardcore Justice Results (8/15/13)

Posted By: Elio C. on Aug 15, 2013

TNA Hardcore Justice Results (8/15/13)

Welcome to Hardcore Justice and we are live from Norfolk, Virginia. And we kick things off with BFG Series action. 

Austin Aries vs Kazarian vs AJ Styles

Kaz introduces the ladder early on in the match. Aries stops him. Double sledge by Aries. Clothesline to the back of Hardy’s head by Styles and a crossbody to the outside.  Kaz up the ladder, Aries from behind knocks him off, Kazarian out on the floor and it’s Hardy and Aries. Aries gets sent to the outside and Hardy’s in the ring looking to set up the ladder. Styles in the ring, Hardy misses with the Twist Of Fate gets sent to the outside crashing into the announce table. Kazarian with the DDT to Styles. Aries snaps Kazarian’s neck off the top rope. Ladder slammed against Kazarian’s head. Aries sends Styles to the outside. Aries sets the ladder up and climbs up but Hardy cuts him off. Aries back up the ladder cut off by Hardy once more. Hardy hooks Aries up,  Aries counters with a strike to the midsection and the back. Aries and Hardy both on top of the ladder and the ladder is tipped over


AJ with a springboard flying forearm to Aries sending him out to the ramp. Styles climbing up the ladder. Aries stopping him. Kazarian drives a ladder into Hardy.  Kazarian setting up the second ladder making his way up. Aries on the other ladder and all four men on the ladder and it’s a race to grab the big 20. Powerbomb off the ladder sends Aries and Hardy crashing to the mat. Kazarian hooks Styles up but Styles fights him off. Styles knocked down. Clothesline to Kazarian. Dropkick by Aries to Styles. Aries steadying the ladder makes his way up. Hardy climbing up the other side. Aries knocks him off. Styles hits Kazarian and Aries with the Styles Clash. Hardy and Aries fighting on the ladder. Aries with a dropkick from the turnbuckle into the ladder. Roode & Daniels make their way down. Aries and Styles on top of the ladder and Kazarian topples the ladder over. Irish whip into the turnbuckle by Hardy. Hardy hits the Twist Of Fate on Kazarian.  Roode slides in pulling Hardy down. Hardy with a kick to Roode. Hardy back up, Kazarian up the other side hits Hardy in the face with Daniels’ appletini and climbs up pulling the 20 down to win the match. And 20 points go to Kazarian in the BFG Series

The winner of the match: Kazarian

Backstage: Main Event Mafia are making their way out to the ring


Backstage: Chris Sabin says one of his favourite memories when he got in this business was watching Devon and Bully Ray put their opponents through a table. He says Sabin better beware of him well Bully better beware of Sabin and tonight he’s walking in and out World Heavyweight Champion

Dixie says Kurt Angle has checked into rehab and doesn’t know when he’ll be back but he has the support of Dixie, the Mafia and all the TNA fans and tells him to get well and get back to TNA soon. Aces ‘n’ Eights come out. Anderson says the Mafia have one week to come up with a replacement for their team because he and the Aces n Eights can’t wait to take the bragging rights and say they ended the careers of Rampage Jackson and Samoa Joe. Anderson tells the fans to cheer Sting up because he’ll never be able to wrestle again and Magnus WAS going to be the future of impact wrestling. Magnus says the only future Anderson needs to concern himself with is the immediate future which is Magnus punching him in the mouth. Magnus says there may be five of them, and it may be difficult to find a replacement but he knows Norfolk is Mafia country and if they can’t find one in the back they can probably recruit one in the audience and one of the Aces ‘n’ Eights is going home with the pink slip. Anderson says tonight starts a new chapter, Bully regains the championship and they eliminate one of the Mafia and a brawl ensues

Backstage: We see Tito Ortiz arriving at the arena


Hardcore Triple Threat: Gail Kim vs ODB vs Mickie James

ODB with a clothesline to Gail Kim.Big splash in the corner. Clothesline  to Mickie James. Kim unloading on ODB.  Mickie James bringing a steel chair in. Neckbreaker to Gail Kim. Double irish whip to ODB. Mickie James sending Kim to the outside.  Wheelbarrow on the outside by Kim to ODB. ODB rolled back into the ring. Kim looking for weapons under the ring, James stops her sending her into the ringpost.  James winds up with the kendo stick cracking ODB across the back. James using the kendo stick to choke ODB out. ODB counters and takes Kim and James out with the kendo stick. ODB pulls  something out of her top and chokes out both James and ODB. Kim locks the figure four on ODB around the ringpost. James back in pulling the arms. Clothesline by ODB to Kim. ODB picks James up but Kim swings and misses with the kendo stick. ODB picks Kim up and delivers the Bam on the steel chair for the three count

The winner of the match: ODB

Backstage: The mafia are regrouping backstage and says they need a fifth man and he knows no one likes Austin Aries but he’s going to go talk to him anyways


Backstage: Sting’s talking with Aries and he knows Aries hates Bully Ray and Aces ‘n’ Eights and knows  he’s a former World Champion and wants him to be part of the family and help them against Aces ‘n’ Eights. Aries says that’s quite an offer and Sting says they don’t have to be friends to have a common enemy and they need Austin Aries

Backstage: Roode says timing is everything and when he changed his attitude he changed the landscape of the BFG series

Backstage: Jackson, Joe and Magnus are talking and Sting walks in and tells them Aries said no. Jackson says he has an option but has to go address it in the ring


Backstage: Bully Ray is on the phone with Brooke and says their relationship has not been the normal type but this week is about him and next week is about them and when he brings the World Title home then they’ll celebrate.

Rampage Jackson and Samoa Joe come out and Jackson takes the mic and says he needs the TNA fans support. He’s new here and says when he first came to impact MMA fans called him a sellout and it just made him sad. Now that he’s part of the Main Event Mafia he feels like he’s part of a family and he didn’t come to TNA to get his ass kicked by a group of thugs riding mopeds and he calls out Tito Ortiz. Ortiz comes out and Jackson says everybody knows they’re going to fight on November 2 on PPV and he knows Ortiz is going to ground and pound and Jackson’s going to try and knock him out. They’re friends but that’s November 2. He’s never asked for nothing but asks Ortiz to help the Mafia take out Aces ‘n’ Eights. Jackson tells Ortiz they can do this. Ortiz says he went to Bellator and Impact back to back and made headlines and he’s kicked many butts around the world and in the United States. Bully Ray comes out with a smile on his face and says if he didn’t have to win back his World Championship tonight he’d beat the piss out of Jackson and Ortiz and then there would be no Bellator on November 2. He says he has Jackson’s number and if Ortiz crosses him Ray will make him his Huntington Beach Bitch.


Magnus vs Bobby Roode vs Samoa Joe vs Ken Anderson

Roode and Magnus paired off in the ring while Anderson and Joe fight on the outside. Roode levels Anderson and Joe. Roode slides a table into the ring. Roode with kicks to Magnus, stacking the table up in the corner. Joe in the ring cuts Magnus off and delivers a snap slam to Roode. Anderson unloads on Joe. Anderson picks Joe up on his shoulders and Magnus knocks Anderson down. Clothesline by Magnus. Roode stomps away at Magnus.  Table’s set up and Roode and Magnus exchange punches. Inverted atomic drop by Magnus and a running high knee.  Magnus and Joe cutting the ring off as they both work Anderson and Roode over. Anderson with shoulderblocks to Magnus. Roode back on the outside sets up a table. Anderson whipped into the table.  Joe rings Roode’s bell. Headbutt by Joe to Anderson.  Joe sets Anderson up sitting him in the chair and delivers a boot to the face. Magnus sets the table up in the corner. Roode counters the running slam and delivers the double arm spinebuster. Roode and Anderson whip Joe and Magnus into each other. Joe with a clothesline to Magnus. Joe with a suicide dive to the outside on  Roode. Magnus weakening Anderson. Magnus positions the table. Mic Check by Anderson.Joe back in knife edge chop sitting Anderson up on the turnbuckle. Samoa hits the muscle buster but Roode moves the table out of the way. Roode positioning Magnus on the table. Roode goes to the top rope, Joe trips him. Kazarian getting involved gets kicked away by Joe. Appletini thrown into Magnus’ eyes as Roode powerbombs Magnus through the table to pick up 20 points

The winner of the match: Bobby Roode


Backstage: Sting says Tito Ortiz is going to be an asset wherever he goes but is he going to be an asset to Main Event Mafia. His gut feeling tells him yes Tito Ortiz will be an asset to the Main Event Mafia

Backstage: Bully Ray and Anderson are arguing over Anderson’s loss and Bully says all week long he’s heard can Bully Ray beat Sabin and says he doesn’t know because he doesn’t have any help from his club. Anderson says that’s all they’re trying to do is help and they’re not Bully’s enemy. Bully says well they sure as hell aren’t his ally


TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray

Slam by Bubba to Sabin and Sabin quick to his feet. Another slam by Ray. Series of armdrags by Sabin and a dropkick to Bubba sends him in the corner. Ray misses with a punch. Kick to Sabin, Bubba trying for the early escape. Bubba choking Sabin, slam by Bully to Sabin


Sabin trying to fight back and Bubba delivers a headbutt.  Elbow drop to Sabin. Sabin with a series of forearms to the face. Sabin tries to pick Bubba up but Bubba picks Sabin up, backslide by Sabin. Clothesline by Bubba. Bearhug by Bubba. Sabin fights out of it. Bubba elevates Sabin with a back body drop. Bubba goes for a powerbomb, Sabin counters into a sleeperhold.  Bubba backs him into the corner, Bubba charges and Sabin gets the boots up. Tornado DDT by Sabin. Bubba and Sabin exchanging blows. Enziguri by Sabin staggers Bubba. Sabin hits the Driver Down. Sabin whipping Bubba with the cut. Bubba drills Sabin with a boot. The Bubba Cutter by Ray. Bubba climbing up the cage and Sabin meets him in the corner. Series of kicks by Sabin. Hurricanrana by Sabin to Bubba. Sabin picks Bubba up, Bubba counters and hits a suplex. Bubba tells the referee to open the door. Sabin stops him and tries for the escape but Bubba drags him back in. Bubba misses with a crossbody and hits the cage. Sabin with a kick and a dropkick to the back as Bubba’s head hits the cage. Missile dropkick to Bubba. Anderson slams the door into Sabin’s shoulder. Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson run down and Ortiz hits Jackson with the lead pipe as Bubba hits Sabin with the Bubba Bomb for the three count

The winner of the match and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray

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