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WWE SmackDown Results (5/3/13) Detroit, Michigan

WWE SmackDown Results (5/3/13) Detroit, Michigan

We get a re-cap of the main event from Monday night.

Friday Night Smackdown this week comes to us from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan and we kick things off with Ryback coming out to the ring. Ryback says last Monday he knew John Cena was hurt which is why he could not tag with him to take on The Shield. Ryback says he’s not John Cena’s keeper. He chose to put himself in the match and at further risk and he was the one who lost the match. Afterwards, he was hobbling around like a weak, pathetic , little animal. And in the law of the jungle, the bigger, stronger and faster always eat the weak.

Ryback vs Daniel Bryan

Bryan delivers a series of kicks to Ryback. Ryback with a shoulder tackle in the corner. Kick by Bryan and Ryback with a reverse knife edge chop to the chest. Forearm across the back. Ryback picks Bryan up and slams him. And Bryan going back to the injured leg delivering more kicks. Ryback beats Bryan down. Ryback picks Bryan up and tosses him to the outside. Bryan to his feet, slides back in. Ryback to the outside and Bryan hits a baseball slide. Bryan with a suicide dive through the middle ropes to the outside. Ryback with knee strikes in the corner, picks Bryan up. Bryan slides down the back and once more goes after the left leg. Ryback with a single leg takedown. Ryback picks Bryan up for a suplex but Bryan counters and drives his knees into Ryback’s head. Ryback picks Bryan up and launches him over the top rope to the floor.


Ryback with a chinlock on Bryan, Bryan fighting back and Ryback with a knee strike. Ryback launches Bryan out of the corner, across the ring. Bryan on the apron and Ryback measuring him with punches. Ryback off the ropes and Bryan with a shoulder tackle to the gut, Bryan with a sunset flip but Ryback picks him up and bounces his head off the mat. Ryback sets Bryan up in the corner and a shoulder to the gut. Ryback from across the ring, runs into a boot. Bryan off the second rope, caught by Ryback. Powerslam by Ryback.  Bryan back to work on the leg and gets Ryback down to one knee. Bryan off the ropes, Ryback with the Thesz Press and Bryan rolls through into a single leg Boston Crab. Ryback trying to reach for the ropes. Ryback turns it around and kicks Bryan away. Mid ring collision and Ryback caught with a dropkick in the corner. Bryan softening up the leg as Ryback hobbles around the ring. Dropkick from the top rope by Bryan. Bryan with more kicks but went to the well one too many times as  Ryback catches him looking for a powerbomb. Both go over the top rope crashing to the floor. Bryan on the apron, caught by Ryback and driven spine first into the steel ringpost. Ryback picks Bryan up and delivers a powerbomb. Ryback setting up, delivers the Meat Hook clothesline. Ryback picks Bryan up and delivers Shell Shocked for the three count

The winner of the match: Ryback

We go back to this past Monday’s opening triple threat match between Big E. Langston, Zeb Colter and Ricardo Rodriguez

Backstage: Renee Paquette is with Ricardo Rodriguez and Rodriguez says he feels so excited going into his match with Zeb Colter tonight and rambles in Spanish. Alberto Del Rio then comes in and tells Rodriguez to calm down and they then go to prepare for their match.


 Fandango vs Zack Ryder

Fandango with a series of knee strikes to Ryder. Irish whip, Ryder blocks a hiptoss and hits one of his own. Leg trip by Ryder. Ryder misses with a dropkick. Knees to the face by Fandango. Forearms to the back of the head by Fandango and a kick to the face from the outside. Ryder with a face buster. Knee to the face and Ryder with a dropkick from the second rope. Ryder unloads on Fandango and hits the Broski Boot. Fandango with a flapjack on the top rope. Side Russian legsweep by Fandango. Fandango to the top rope hits the leg drop for the three count

The winner of the match: Fandango

Backstage: Kaitlyn runs into Khali and Natalya and is holding a bouquet of roses and reads them a text from her cell phone


We get the Raw Rebound and the World Wish Day segment from Monday night.

 Backstage: Renee Paquette is with Zeb Colter and Colter says the media likes to distort facts and alter things to fit their own agenda. The real story Monday night which was an act of personal bravery on his part. He then tells the truth of what really happened and says he was sick with a 102 degree temperature. He was sweating, he had vertigo, he had everything wrong with him. But he still went to work because that’s what real americans do and it wasn’t lost on people on twitter and some of the comments were that his performance Monday night was one of the single most inspiring moments people have ever seen and some even called him a role model but what hurt the most was that his victory was awarded to an illegal immigrant who snuck across the border and who has no place in his country. Colter then says Rodriguez is guilty of theft. He then says he could go to the police but he’s not going to do that. He’s going to do it himself. He’s going to go out there and rectify it himself and his victory won’t be tainted because unlike illegal immigrants he plays fair.


Ricardo Rodriguez vs Zeb Colter

Colter pushes Rodriguez and slaps him. Rodriguez grabs Colter by the beard and kicks him then stomps on his fingers. Rodriguez then rides him like a horse. Swagger up on the apron. Colter pie faces Rodriguez. Series of punches by Colter. Colter taunts Del Rio and then turns around and Rodriguez fires back with a right hand. Series of kicks to Colter. Rodriguez sets Colter up for an enziguri but Swagger runs in and clotheslines Rodriguez and the referee calls for the bell.

The winner of the match by DQ: Ricardo Rodriguez

Post Match: Swagger beats down Rodriguez but Del Rio gets in the ring and unloads on Swagger. Del Rio clotheslines Swagger over the top rope. Del Rio then turns his attention to Colter and Colter escapes to the outside. Teddy Long then comes out and orders this match to continue under tag team rules.


Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez vs Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter

Colter with a cheap shot from the apron. Hard irish whip in the corner by Swagger to Rodriguez. Swagger charges and runs into the ringpost hitting shoulder first. Del Rio with a series of clotheslines to Swagger. Del Rio with the tilt o whirl backbreaker. Del Rio with punches to the kidney, Swagger with an elbow. Cross armbreaker by Del Rio and Big E. Langston runs in and attacks Del Rio.

The winners of the match: Draw

Post Match: Teddy Long comes out one more time and orders the match re-started as a triple threat match.

Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez vs Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger vs Big E. Langston & Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio unloads on Ziggler. Snapmare by Del Rio. Kick to the face by Rodriguez. Dropkick to Ziggler. Del Rio with a kick to the back of the head. Ziggler with a dropkick. Belly to belly by Langston. Langston with shoulder tackle in the corner. Flying forearm in the corner by Ziggler. Chinlock on Del Rio. Irish whip by Del Rio kick to the face by Ziggler, Del Rio elevates Ziggler and drops him face first to the mat. Neckbreaker by Ziggler. Del Rio with kicks and punches to Langston. Langston with a backdrop. Del Rio driven spine first into the corner, running shoulder tackle. Ziggler misses with a splash in the corner. Kick to Del Rio. Backstabber to Swagger. Del Rio clears the ring and it’s just he and Colter. Ziggler back in hits a DDT. Rodriguez after Langston and Langston mows Rodriguez  down. Slam by Swagger, Del Rio with an enziguri, Ziggler with a roll up. Del Rio locks in the cross armbreaker for the tap out

The winners of the match: Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez

The Shield cut another promo and say they broke  John Cena, they broke The Undertaker and now they’re going to break Kane. Ambrose says Kane is misguided if he thinks justice is taking vengeance for his family. It’s not pride, it’s just his head messing with him. Justice is what they dispense every day. Justice is putting a raging monster down. Justice isn’t escaping, Kane can do all the running he wants sooner or later justice will catch up. They put Undertaker down and it could have been a whole lot worse and if Kane doesn’t believe, he will by the end of the night. They then walk off and we see a fallen Daniel Bryan whom they attacked minutes before.


We get a Raw Rebound and look back at Brock Lesnar’s challenge to Triple H

Backstage: Officials are tending to Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow

Side headlock and shoulderblock by Orton. Side headlock by Sandow, countered by Orton. Sandow with an irish whip and Orton with a shoulderblock. Sandow unloads on Orton.  Knee strike by Sandow and snapmare takedown followed by a kneedrop. Chinlock on Orton, Orton to his feet. Irish whip by Orton, leap frog by Sandow and Orton with a series of clotheslines follows up with a powerslam. Draping DDT countered by Sandow and Sandow hangs Orton out on the top rope. Orton sent crashing from the apron to the barricade


Side headlock by Sandow and Orton counters into a back suplex. DDT by Sandow. Knee strikes by Sandow. Side Russian legsweep and Sandow delivers the Cobito Acquiet. Chinlock once more on Orton, Orton turns it around breaking out with a series of headbutts and an uppercut. Dropkick by Orton. Back bodydrop to Sandow. Headbutt by Orton, Orton hits the draping DDT. Orton with the RKO for the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton

Post Match: Big Show comes out and calls Orton the most amazing one on one competitor. The problem is, he’s not much of a team player. If Orton hadn’t had such a big ego at Wrestlemania, Show would have got the tag and they might have beaten The Shield and Orton wouldn’t have gotten knocked out. Sandow attacks Orton from behind and Show starts laughing and says that was so funny. But at Extreme Rules, there will be nothing funny about what he does to Orton.   

Backstage: Kane says he’s going to make The Shield pay for what they did to Daniel Bryan and Undertaker. He knows what he’s getting into and knows sooner or later they’re going to take him down but he’s going to make sure he takes down as many of them as he can and says they’re going on a little journey to a place called hell.


We get another Raw Rebound highlighting the six man tag match and the tug of war between Mark Henry and Sheamus

Arm Wrestling: Sheamus vs Mark Henry

It looks like Henry’s arm is going down but it’s Henry who ends up winning. Sheamus then says Henry may have had the stronger right arm but he doesn’t believe Henry has the stronger left arm. Henry looks to leave but Sheamus says he can walk away if he’s scared. Henry steps back in the ring and they go one more round. Sheamus punches Henry and tips over the arm wrestling table and delivers a Brogue Kick to Henry.

We look back at last Friday’s Smackdown where The Shield took out The Undertaker


We get photos and comments from stars on the WWE’s recent overseas tour.

Kane vs Dean Ambrose

Kane clears the ring of The Shield. Shield climb back in and Kane takes them out again. Reigns get tossed over the announce table and Rollins clotheslined over the barricade. Kane then turns his attention back to Ambrose. Ambrose set up in the corner and Kane unloads with right hands on Ambrose. Kane tosses Ambrose to the outside. And Kane slams Ambrose off the barricade. Kick to the head by Kane. Kane ties Ambrose up in the corner and levels him with a short arm clothesline.  Irish whip in the corner but Ambrose gets the boot up. Ambrose to the top rope and Kane with a right hand sends Ambrose to the floor


Ambrose takes control of the match and works over the leg. Shield back out at ringside. Ambrose and Kane exchange blows and Ambrose has Kane in the corner working over the leg. Ambrose in the corner with the 10 punch on Kane. A right hand sends Kane to the mat.  Ambrose to the outside pulls Kane into the ringpost slamming his leg into the steel. Ambrose tying Kane’s leg around the post. Ambrose to the top rope and Kane slams him to the mat. Series of right hands and a clothesline in the corner. Sidewalk Slam by Kane. Kane going to the top rope delivers the flying clothesline. Kane setting up for the chokeslam but Ambrose tries to counter but it’s not enough as Kane hits the chokeslam the second time around. Kane signaling for the end looking for the tombstone piledriver. Ambrose counters pushing Kane hits the big boot to Rollins sending him from the apron to the floor.  Clothesline over the top by Ambrose. Kane pulls him out and bounces Ambrose’s head off the announce table. Reigns thrown into the ring steps. Kane back in and Ambrose with a dropkick to the injured knee. Front faceplant by Ambrose for the three count

The winner of the match: Dean Ambrose

Post Match: Kane challenges The Shield to come back into the ring and Shield oblige as Kane clears the ring. Shield re-groups and the numbers game catches up as all three members hammer away on Kane. Kane back up looks for a double chokeslam on Rollins and Ambrose but Reigns hits the spear and then set Kane up for the triple powerbomb. Shield stands over a fallen Kane holding up the tag team championships as Smackdown goes off the air

-End Show-

Posted By: Elio Cannella reporting for WrestlingNewsSource.com on May 04, 2013

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