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WWE NXT Spoilers For Next Four Weeks

WWE NXT Spoilers For Next Four Weeks

WWE NXT Spoilers Taped on: May 2nd, 2013 Report by: ANdrews Santiago & PWInsider.com

WWE NXT Taping - Full Sail, Orlando Florida – May 2, 2013

Episode 1: - Daimen Sandow vs Baron Corbin Sandow won with a straight-jacket side effect.

Backstage segment with Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas talking about their match tonight.

- Paige vs Bailey Paige won with Page Turner. Summer jumped Paige after the match.

Big E Langston was interviewed in the back. Sandow interrupted him to issue a formal challenge. Big E tricked him into a match problem ending with Sandow repeating 5 until Langston himself did as well.

- Briley Pierce vs Sakamoto No Contest. Conor O'Brian ran down right after the start and destroyed them both.

- Camacho vs Kassius Ohno Ohno won with his submission. During the match, Ohno wrestled in the role of the face in peril and after the match, on the stage, he cut a promo apologizing to William Regal. He said that the past few months have all been like a blur, to the point where he doesn't even know who he is anymore. The Wyatt Family came out and Wyatt laid him out with the Sister Abigail on the stage.

NXT Tag Team Championship - Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas vs The Wyatt Family The Wyatt Family won the Tag Team Championship when Harper his a rolling lariat on Dallas. Dallas was pushed into Neville, knocking him off the apron. This allowed Rowan to hit a big boot and tag in Harper for the finish.

Episode 2: - Natalya vs Summer Rae Rae won with a rollup. Paige came out while Natalya was attempting a sharpshooter and Rae pushed Natalya into Paige before rolling her up for the victory.

- Bray Wyatt with The Wyatt Family vs Danny Burch Wyatt won with Sister Abigail. As they came out, Wyatt cut a promo about the fact that he was wearing a mask. He said Jericho shook him up last time, but now he will be the new face of fear. His face is a that of a monster, the eater of worlds and no matter what anyone does to him they can't stop him for he is already dead. Wyatt wrestled in the mask.

- Conor O'Brian vs Briley Pierce and Sakamoto O'Brian won with a double flapjack. After the match, Rick Victor stood on stage and had a stare down with O'Brian.

NXT Championship - Big E Langston vs Damien Sandow Langston won with The Big Ending. Typical post match antics from Langston.

Episode 3: - Curt Hawkins vs Sami Zayn Zayn won when he grabbed Hawkins in a wristlock, ran up the corner and came out of it with a spinning DDT.

- Antonio Cesaro vs Yoshi Tatsu Cesaro won with Swiss Death followed by the Neutralizer in a fast squash. After the match, Cesaro cut a promo about how no one on any WWE show can give him competition. Sami Zayn came out to refute Cesaro's claim and challenge him to a match. Zayn ended the back and forth making fun of Cesaro by speaking Arabic and French to confuse him.

- Antonio Cesaro vs Sami Zayn Zayn won by reversing a suplex into a rollup. Cesaro immediately jumped Zayn afterwards and laid him out with the Neutralizer.

- Enzo Amore vs Mason Ryan Ryan won with a Torture Rack into a neckbreaker. Amore cut a promo introducing himself before the match. He has a jersey shore/big mouth guido style gimmick.

- Corey Graves vs Bray Wyatt Wyatt won with Sister Abigail. Rowan distracted the ref and Harper attacked Graves while Wyatt was locked in the 13th Step, leading to the finish. After the match, Ohno ran down to fight off The Wyatt Family. Instead he was laid out by all three of them. Wyatt's mask continuously came off during the match.

Episode 4: - Emma vs Audrey Marie Emma won with Muta Lock.

- Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan with Sylvester LeFort vs Jake Carter and Brandon Traven Dawson and Dylan won with Spinbuster into Top Rope Legdrop/Double Ax Handle double team on Traven.

- The Wyatt Family vs Travis Tyler and Sawyer Fulton. Wyatt Family won with Spinning Clothesline from Harper on Sawyer.

- Big E Langston vs Derrick Bateman Langston won with The Big Ending. Typical post match antics by Langston.

- Battle Royal for the Number One Condership. Participants: Conor O'Brian, Corey Graves, Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno, Adrian Neville, Bo Dallas, Mason Ryan, Sami Zayn, Curt Hawkins, Yoshi Tatsu, Aiden English, Briley Pierce, Sakamoto, Baron Corbin, Mojo Rawley, Dante Dash, Knuckles Madsen and Alexander Rusev. Order of Elimination: - Ryan single handedly eliminated everyone but Ohno, Neville, Dallas, O'Brien, Graves and Wyatt. - Neville caught Ryan with a hurricana to reverse an elimination attempt and eliminate Ryan. - Graves and Ohno double team eliminated O'Brien. - Wyatt quickly ran up behind them and eliminated both. - Neville eliminated Wyatt. - Dallas won when he eliminated Neville by getting his knees up to counter the Corkscrew SSP and then tossing him out.

After the match Neville and Dallas hugged and Langston briefly confronted Dallas.

Post Taping: Sandow came out in a suit for "The Damien Sandow Show". John Cena was his guest and they did a long comedy skit. Eventually, Cena brought out the Hudson River Crossing (Enzo Amore and Colin Casady) to antagonize Sandow. Amore went back and forth with Sandow for a while doing more comedy. The segment ended with Sandow going through his own table. Afterwards, Ryback appeared on screen to rip on Cena. He announced that he would be the guest star for the next taping and be bringing the WWE Championship with him. Cena said he is gonna beat Ryback and that he promises the next time he comes to Full Sail he will indeed wrestle.

Notes: - May 23 is the next taping with Ryback appearing, Big E Langston defending the NXT Championship against Bo Dallas and the start of a Tournament to crown the first NXT Women's Champion. - Sami Zayn is the former El Generico without a mask. - Ohno is now a face and it seems they may have also turned Graves and put them together as a new duo. - Bailey had no longer has Krystal Marshal's old theme. Now she uses AJ Lee's first theme. - There were a bunch of Let's Go Miz chants aimed at Jake Carter because they look similar and The Miz's character in Marine 3 was actually named Jake Carter. - Langston joined Maddox and Tony for commentary on a battle royal.

Posted By: Shawn Moniz on May 03, 2013

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