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WrestleMania Match Scrapped For Reality Show?

WrestleMania Match Scrapped For Reality Show?

A source is reporting that the Tons of Funk vs. Team Rhodes Scholars match that was allegedly scrapped from WrestleMania at the last minute may have actually been "scrapped" to collect backstage footage for the upcoming Divas reality show premiering on the E! Network.

In layman's terms, the match was never actually planned, but they may have filmed a segment backstage which showed their reactions when they "found out" that the match was "scrapped".

This has not yet been confirmed. For what it's worth though, it was reported that Cody Rhodes in particular made it known that he was not pleased with the match being scrapped. If the report is true, then their reactions backstage may have been a work for the show.

Do you think that WWE actually "scrapped" this match to film a backstage segment for the new Divas show on E!? Give us your thoughts on this!

Posted By: Caylon Knox of WrestlingNewsSource.com on Apr 30, 2013 Source: F4WOnline.com

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