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WNS GIVEAWAY: Win WrestleMania 30 Tickets - Enter Now!

WNS GIVEAWAY: Win WrestleMania 30 Tickets - Enter Now!


For your chance to win 2 tickets to WrestleMania 30, a PlayStation 3, an iPad and an iPod Touch signed by the Wrestling Manager team, Wrestling Manager Polo Shirts, 4 tickets to a local wrestling event near you and a copy of Wrestling Manager with a Billionaire Starter Pack Code enter the following giveaway!

 Wrestling Manager is for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

"I'’ve played a fair few wrestling simulator games and by far Wrestling Manager has been my favourite, it truly is fantastic. Check it out! " AppScore - Score 9/10

"I’ll come right out and say it: I really like this game." The Game Gurus - Score 9/10

"The BEST supported wrestling game on any platform" 

Wrestling Manager featuring WrestlingNewsSource.com's very own Ben Kerin is the only wrestling strategy game on iOS and it keeps getting better and better!

Players start out in charge of an indie wrestling fed and they have to sign better talent so they can put on events to earn money, buy championships, sign TV & PPV deals and then compete online in rating wars against other players. It has over 400 wrestlers in the game, over 30 match types, 30 arena's and there's even more content on it's way. What more, players can even edit the entire roster of wrestlers simply by dragging images of their favourite wrestlers into iTunes. You can skin Wrestling Manager with your favourite indie fed or even drop pictures of your favourite wrestlers in the game.

For those of you about to make a long trip to WrestleMania, this will keep you entertained all the way there and all the way back. It's the perfect travel partner for any wrestling fan and you should download it right now!

Get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wrestling-manager/id465946596?mt=8


- Facebook.com/WrestlingManagerGame

- Twitter.com/WrestlinManager 

Posted By: Ben Kerin of WrestlingNewsSource.com on Apr 28, 2013

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