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BREAKING NEWS: The Rock Wins WWE Championship

BREAKING NEWS: The Rock Wins WWE Championship

Tonight during the main event of the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view The Rock won his eighth WWE Championship from Phoenix, Arizona.

Below is a full match recap:

The Rock vs CM Punk

Punk and Rock unloading on each other and Punk unloading on Rock. Irish whip and Rock comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Rock with the clothesline sending Punk to the floor. Punk and Rock to the outside and Rock bounces Punk’s head off the announce table. Punk with a kick tosses Rock back in. Rock with a right hand and Punk back to the outside runs into a boot to the gut. Irish whip into the barricade. Heyman with a forearm to the Rock and Punk with a clothesline from behind. Punk drops Rock on the barricade. Knee strikes by Punk. Snapmare to Rock and a kick to the spine. Bodyscissors on Rock by Punk and Rock breaks out of it and unloads but Punk with a knee to the midsection. Anaconda Vise by Punk and Rock with knees to the back of the head. Inveted atomic drop Punk has Rock on the ropes. Suplex by Punk hanging Rock over the top rope. Punk going after the leg and he’s putting knees to Rock in the corner. Heyman once again with a cheap shot. Rock sent to the outside after a kick to the head and axehandle from the top rope to the floor. Rock back in focusing on the injured knee but Rock sent to the outside again. Suicide dive over the ropes onto Rock. Rock back in, Punk going to the top rope misses as Rock moves out of the way Rock in control now. Side Russian legsweep and Rock setting up looking for Rock Bottom. Punk counters and goes for GTS but Rock counters with the Sharpshooter. Roll through by Punk and Punk locks the Anaconda Vise. DDT by Rock. Rock Bottom countered, GTS but Rock rolls through locks the Sharpshooter in once more. Punk rolls out of the ring. Rock now tears apart the Spanish announce table. Punk trying to crawl back in but Rock pulls him back out laying him on the table. Two punches by Rock and a kick by Punk. Punk picks Rock up on the announce table setting up for the GTS but the table collapses. Rock Bottom on Punk on the outside. Rock picks Punk up and rolls him back in. Punk with the roundhouse kick to the temple. Punk and Rock in a slugfest. Spinebuster by The Rock. Rock sets up for The People’s Elbow but the lights go out and The Shield triple powerbomb Rock through the table. Punk slides out and rolls Rock back into the ring and covers him for the three count. Vince McMahon comes out and says Punk’s celebration is over. He told Punk if Shield got involved Punk would be stripped. He knows just kuz the lights went out it wasn’t The Shield so Punk thinks we’re all stupid. Rock then says the night isn’t over. McMahon doesn’t take it from Punk, Rock does and the match starts now. McMahon orders the match restarted. Punk attacking Rock. Punk hits the high knee and clothesline. Punk to the top rope hits the flying elbow. Punk sets up for GTS. Spinebuster to Punk, The People’s Elbow for the three count

The winner of the match: The Rock

Posted By: Ben Kerin of WrestlingNewsSource.com on Jan 27, 2013

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