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TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Results (10/14/12)

Posted By: Elio Cannella reporting for WrestlingNewsSource.com on Oct 14, 2012

TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Results (10/14/12)

Bound For Glory begins with a video montage highlighting the most memorable moments from past BFG events. And our first match of the night is for the X-Division Championship

Zema Ion vs RVD

Hammerlock by RVD countered by Ion. Kick off the top rope by RVD and Ion to the outside.  Ion back in and Lock up and it’s ion with the side headlock. Ion with the dropkick. Ion with stall tactics, mocking Van Dam and RVD from behind planting Ion on the top rope and RVD from the turnbuckle with a kick to the head sending Ion to the floor. Spike DDT by Ion and Ion sends RVD crashing into the guardrail. Ion off the ropes over the top and seating senton to the outside onto RVD. Ion rolls RVD back in and a stomp on the face. Choke out by Ion and a kick to the head. Irish whip by Van Dam going for the monkey flip but Ion rolls through and counters. Missile dropkick from the top rope. Abdominal stretch by Ion and RVD with an exchange of forearms. Ion elevated into the air with a backdrop and Rolling Thunder to Ion. RVD up to the top, hits the Five Star Frog Splash and covers Ion for the three count

The winner of the match and new X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is with Magnus and asks if he considers his match tonight the biggest. Magnus says it’s the biggest night of the year for everybody. Magnus says he’s a free manand broken out of political jail  and for Samoa Joe no more hiding behind Hulk Hogan and when Joe loses how will he deal with it

Samoa Joe vs Magnus

Magnus and Joe lock up. Armbar by Magnus and hammerlock by Joe but Magnus with the fireman’s carry. Lock up again and a clean break. Irish whip by Joe and a back splash into the corner and boxing jabs by Joe and Magnus with  a sucker punch to Joe over the referee’s shoulder. Chop by Joe and Magnus comes back with a clothesline. Magnus unloads on Joe with knees. Picks Joe up but Joe back to the stinging jabs. Jumping high knee by Magnus and Magnus with the knee to the back of the neck and a running jumping elbow to the neck by Magnus. Magnus drives Joe straight down on the back of his neck. Mangus off the ropes and knee by Joe and seated senton followed by a snap slam. Joe locks the STF  in and Magnus crawling to the ropes but Joe has the arm locked. Magnus extends his leg touching the ropes. Joe places Magnus on the top rope, headbutt by Joe.  Magnus with a a kick sends Joe to the mat, elbow off the top rope by Magnus and unloads with punches to Joe. Joe with jabs and goes for the rear naked choke. Magnus counters with a jawbreaker and a chop block. Figure four by Magnus but Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch forcing Magnus to tap

The winner of the match: Samoa Joe

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is with Bobby Roode and Roode says 12 months. 1 long year this has been building but this hatred between Roode and Storm has been going on longer than a year. They’ve hated each other their whole career and reminds Storm he’s never beaten Roode and last time he beat Storm was at Lockdown and Storm took his ball and went home

We take a look at a video package highlighting the Roode-Storm feud

James Storm vs Bobby Roode

Storm and Roode stand face to face and an exchange of blows. Storm with the forearm. Roode catches Storm with a kick. Irish whip and clothesline by Storm. Back body drop by Storm, Storm charges and Roode sends Storm over the top to the floor. Storm in control using the guardrail and ring apron against Roode. Roode counters and Mo getting in Roode’s face. Storm off the distraction nailing Roode from behind staring at Mo. Irish whip and it’s Storm hitting the guardrail, side Russian legsweep and Roode hits the guardrail.  Eye Of The Storm countered by Roode. Roode with an elbow shot, catapult as Storm hits the ringpost busting Storm open. Roode with the steel chair to the gut. And a chair shot across the back working over the cut. Roode tosses Storm in. Kendo shots by Roode but Storm takes the kendo stick and lands a shot of his own. Garbage can lid in hand but Storm is sent over the top to the floor. Garbage can shot blocked by Storm who hits a DDT from the apron. Storm with a crutch into the gut. Storm with a series of shots to the head. Spinebuster by Roode. Roode and Storm fighting on the announce table and spear by Roode sending them crashing through the Spanish announce table.  Code breaker by Roode. Storm with The Last Call. Another Last Call blocked by Roode. Storm placed on top turnbuckle. Steel chair across the back. Roode spreading a bag full of tacks on the mat.  Roode to the top and superplex blocked by Storm and it’s Roode pushed off the ropes landing back first on the tacks. Elbow drop by Storm. Roode with the beer bottle going to hit Storm but low blow by Storm. And Storm with a beer bottle shot to the head. Last Call by Storm and the cover for the three count

The winner of the match: Cowboy James Storm

Backstage: Joey Ryan says he just wants to speak the truth and it is that he should have been handed a contract and became a worldwide trend on twitter and tonight when he defeats Al Snow, he’ll be a full time member of the TNA roster and tonight Joey Ryan is bringing sleazy back to Bound For Glory

We see video package of the Joey Ryan-Al Snow feud

Joey Ryan vs Al Snow

Snow with an O’Connor roll and Ryan retreating to the ropes, Snow takes Ryan’s leg out from under him and a slap to Ryan. Hip toss by Snow and slammed hard to the mat. Elbow drop by Snow. Side headlock take down. Suplex by Ryan. Shoulderblocks by Ryan.. Irish whip and clothesline by Snow, back body drop. Series of headbutts by Snow. Snow drives Ryan straight down. Snow goes under the ring and brings out head. Ryan shoves Snow into the official. Dropkick by Ryan sending Snow to the outside. Snow punching Ryan and retrieving Head. Morgan out of nowhere attacks Snow from behind rolling him into the ring. Ryan with the cover and three count

The winner of the match: Joey Ryan

Backstage: Daniels says they are the straw that stirs the drinks. They are the team where the ladies wanna see them and the guys wanna be them and they are the best team in the business and they are going to beat Angle/Styles and Guerrero/Hernandez and wash it down with a delicious beverage

Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez vs Styles/Angle vs Daniels/Kazarian

Styles and Guerrero start out. Waistlock exchange and an armbar by Guerrero. Shoulderblock, side headlock on Styles.Drop toehold and headlock by Styles. Shoulderblock and tag to Angle. Slam by Angle and blind tag by Daniels and tag to AJ. Guerrero in and Hernandez. tags in back suplex release and slam by Hernandez on Styles and Guerrero. Kazariann in and dropkick by Styles. Angle tags in and back suplex to Kazarian. Guerrero tags in and unloads on Kazarian. Legdrop by Guerrero, Kaz tags Daniels and dropkick by Chavo. Angle tags in. Clothesline by Daniels, headscissors takeover by Styles. Snapmare and tag to Kaz, elbow drop and legdrop to Styles. Clothesline and Daniels hiptosses Kaz onto Styles. Kaz with the full nelson and Styles breaks out of it. Monkey flip out of the corner. Paylay by Styles. Angle unloads with clotheslines. German suplex to Daniels and going for the hat trick on Kaz. Daniels with sunset flip, Angle with the Ankle lock and the third suplex takes Kaz down. Suplex from the top rope. Chavo breaks up the pin and suplex to Guerrero. Styles with the flying forearm to Daniels. Open palm thrust, STO to Styles. Running dropkick to Angle.  Super Mex with the suicide dive to the outside. Kaz on the top rope tales out Hernandez. Styles shoulderblock to Guerrero. Seated senton to the outside. Chavo with the three amigos blocked by Angle. Angle Slam. Hernandez cuts Angle tag in by Styles and double suplex to Hernandez. Clothesline to Styles. Daniels in  BME off the top rope by Daniels. Guerrero to the top, Kaz gets sent to the floor and crossbody onto Kaz. Angels Wings blocked by Styles. Inverted DDT by Styles. Styles Clash countered by Daniels, Slingshot shoulderblock by Hernandez, Border toss by Hernandez, Frog splash by Guerrero and Guerrero covers Styles for the three count.

The winners of the match and new World Tag Team Champions: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Tara vs Brooke

Tara and Brooke standing face to face and Brooke pushes Tara slap by Tara. Series of quick pins and Brooke with spinning headscissors sending Tara to the outside. Taryn Terell getting between the knockouts and a kick by Tara. Sliding kick to the floor by Tara. Tara placing Brooke over her shoulders dropping her on the apron face first. Tara tosses her back in the ring. Chokelift by Tara driving shoulders into the midsection. Tara  rolled up by Brooke. Tara rubbing Brooke’s face in the mat. Irish whip and Brooke gets the boots up, connecting with the DDT to Tara. Tessmacher with a series of punches and clotheslines to Tara. Brooke takes Tara down, going to the top and flying headscissors off the top rope. Tara placing Brooke on the top rope. Brooke pushes her off, seated senton misses its mark. Tara looking for The Widow’s Peak and covers Brooke for the three count

The winner of the match and new Knockout Champion: Tara

Post Match: Tara says she’s been so inspired and people think she did it for them but she did it for her Hollywood boyfriend. People might have seen him on TMZ and introduces Jesse from Big Brother

We see highlights from the TNA Hall Of Fame induction ceremony last night.

We see video of the Aces ‘n’ Eights invasion

Aces ‘n’ Eights vs Bully Ray & Sting

Aces ‘n’ Eights come out with Joseph Park and Sting and Ray exit the ring and a brawl breaks out as they open offense on Aces ‘n’ Eights using ring apron, guardrails and ringstteps. Sting’s head gets bounced off the broadcast table.   Forearm by Sting, Stinger Splash misses its mark. Back in the ring short arm clothesline. Irish whip to Sting and big splash and clothesline. Big Boot to Sting. Sting going for the Scorpion Death Lock but gets attacked from behind. Suplex to Sting countered into the Scorpion Death Drop. Ray tags in and unloads with clotheslines and punches. Neckbreaker, off the ropes and clothesline. Big splash and pin is broken up. Chair shot blocked by Ray who lands a boot. Low blow by the third member. Joseph Park breaks free and slides in the ring attacking members of Aces ‘n’ Eights.  Back in the ring, Sting and Ray getting beaten down. Ace n Eight member on Ray’s shoulders, clothesline by Sting off the top rope. Big splash in the corner, Stinger Splash. Sting signals for the tables. Sting gets taken out and a fourth member drives Ray through the table and gets the three count

The winners of the match: Aces ‘n’ Eights

Post Match: Hulk Hogan comes out and lays out Aces ‘n Eights Hogan lays out the member with a big boot and the mask is taken off to reveal it’s Devon

Backstage: Austin Aries tells Jeff Hardy after BFG he will still be the TNA World Champion

Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Aries lock up and clean break out of the corner. Hardy pie faces Aries. Hammerlock and a float over by Aries into a side headlock. Aries holds onto the front facelock and Hardy with the open hand slap.  Test of strength by Aries but boot to the gut by Hardy throws Aries head and chest first into the corner. Side headlock takedown but Hardy counters with the headscissors. Headstand and Aries gets out of it. Hardy with the double sledge. Dropkick by Aries. Suplex by Hardy and double sledge to the outside.  Irish whip and Aries hits the steps and the dropkick across the outside of the ring.  Whisper In The Wind missed by Hardy and Aries with top rope splash. Aries driving the knee into the back. Splash by Hardy but Aries gets the knees up. Backbreaker by Aries. Modified abdominal stretch by Aries. Snapmare out of the corner and dropkick by Aries. Brainbuster blocked by Hardy and Hardy connects with the sit out front suplex. Corkscrew slam from the apron by Aries. Aries looking for The Last Chancery but it’s blocked by Hardy. Hardy lifts Aries up into power bomb position dumping him backwards face first. Double legdrop and dropkick by Hardy. Whisper In The Wind connects, twist of fate blocked. Aries with a slingshot to the outside and suicide dive by Aries. Last Chancery by Aries but Hardy gets the foot on the ropes. Aries tosses Hardy to the outside. Brainbuster blocked, twist of fate misses and Aries with the clothesline.  Aries to the top missile dropkick. Mid ring exchange and Hardy hits the Twist Of Fate. Hardy to the top but Aries cuts him off. Aries to the top and a jumping top rope hurricanrana and follows up with the dropkick and a brainbuster. Double foot stomp by Aries, stunner but Hardy hits the twist of fate. Swanton from the top rope and the three count

The winner and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

-End Show-

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