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David Otunga Accused Of Being "Unsafe"

David Otunga Accused Of Being "Unsafe"

Ex-WWE developmental talent Marcus Owens has taken to his official Facebook page to bash the skills of RAW Superstar David Otunga:

"I swear David Otunga is the most unsafe guy, I've ever seen on TV. I'd rather work Sid Vicious back when he was with the IV Horseman...LOL."

Owens is the second individual to publicly and negatively criticize Otunga's skills in the ring and on television, as ex-WWE talent Chris Masters had the following to say last year in an interview after his release from the sports-entertainment promotion:

"He's got two left feet. C'mon, just watch him walk around the ring for five minutes."

Posted By: Kenny Williams of WrestlingNewsSource.com on Aug 22, 2012 Source: Facebook.com

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