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Former WWE/ECW Wrestler Doug Furnas Passes Away

Former WWE/ECW Wrestler Doug Furnas Passes Away

It is with great sadness that WrestlingNewsSource.com reports the passing of former Wrestler, Doug Furnas. The 50 year old Oklahoma native spent many years wrestling for various Wrestling Organizations such as WWE, ECW, WCW and All Japan Pro Wrestling. Fumas is also known for holding records in deadlift and squat in the State of Tennessee. Fumas began his fourteen year wrestling career in Continental Championship Wrestling. He retired during his time with ECW in the year 2000 when he was diagnosed with early forms of Alzheimers Disease. All of us at WrestlingNewsSource would like to extend our condolences to Mr. Furnas's family and friends during this difficult time.

Posted By: Blake Blaze Campbell on Mar 03, 2012 Source: PWInsider

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