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WWE SmackDown *SPOILERS* For 11/11

WWE SmackDown *SPOILERS* For 11/11

WARNING: The following post contains spoilers for this week's edition of WWE SmackDown. If you do not wish to find out what happens before the show airs, please do not read any further.

-Randy Orton came to the ring to open the show. He hyped the Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match that he'll be involved in at Survivor Series, then began naming off his opponents. Wade Barrett then interrupted Orton. He said he has experience leading a team and once Team Barrett wins at Survivor Series, he'll prove that he's World Heavyweight Championship material. Christian then came out wearing a neck brace and called himself an inspiration to the fans. Christian, Orton, and Barrett began arguing back and forth until Sheamus came out and helped Orton clear the ring. SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long then announced that tonight, Sheamus will face Christian and Orton will face Barrett.

-Sheamus defeated Christian

-Backstage, Daniel Bryan is speaking with Kaitlyn and AJ about how he almost cashed in his Money in the Bank contract last week on Mark Henry. Henry then appears, telling Bryan that while he may have guts, they'll get spilled later tonight.

-Ted DiBiase defeated Jinder Mahal

-World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan. Following the match, Henry attempted to use a chair on Bryan, but Bryan was able to get the weapon from Henry and use it on him. Henry, however, hit Bryan with a few World's Strongest Slams before setting up Bryan in the corner. Big Show then came to the ring and chased Henry away. Show then cut a promo on Henry.

-Big Show defeated three local wrestlers. Mark Henry watched from the ramp the entire time, then told Show after the match that Henry will emerge victorious at Survivor Series.

-Alicia Fox defeated Tamina

-Backstage, Matt Striker conducted an interview with Sheamus, in which they discussed Sheamus's temper.

-Hunico and Epico defeated The Usos. Following the match, Primo (who was at the announce table) entered the ring and helped Hunico and Epico beat The Usos down. Hunico then cut a Spanish promo.

-In the main event, Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton after Barrett gave Orton a thumb to the eye.

Posted By: Kenny Williams of WrestlingNewsSource.com on Nov 08, 2011

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