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WNS Mobile App For Android v1

Posted By: Krysti on Sep 16, 2017

WNS Mobile App For Android v1

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WNS has made an Android app, what now?

Continued development catering to the pro wrestling fan will be ongoing fact in this project. We will not simply be aiming to drop generic apps that do generic things to keep you updated. This will be a module to communicate and navigate the WNS community and future projects. Ultimately focusing on communication protocols, site features and customizing your experience on WNS to be the best it can be.

WNS already has a mobile site, why the app?

We appreciate that you enjoy the mobile site per the feedback we requested but it's hard to expand features when you have to load them PER PAGE. To enhance the WNS experience with both news, notifications and community we need to have some of these resources for this "preloaded" in app land, not website land. The app allows us to keep certain resources always loaded and not loaded “per click”. This allows us to expand the idea of WNS and how it’s used. WNS has many communication protocols and arguably may be the most complex IWC site out in our wild west of IWC websites.

Big claim, what gives?

WNS appreciates our most active readers, people who have provided us feedback and keep giving us the OK and thumbs up to deliver “more”.


What exactly is “more”?

With an app, we’ve been given an opportunity to clean up the site ads. However, we have tiers of considerations to consider right now.. as this is a new idea I’ve never seen on any site. Right now when you load an app, the resources for ads are preloaded into the app and they work independently of the web experience and link into your app experience. We developed an incentive program to both allow us to pay the bills at WNS, but also give you a thanks for further contributions.

App ads being preloaded will help accelerate your web experience but it’s a single ad and it’s very non-intrusive. The app ads will remain when using the app. HOWEVER.. we’re allowing a way to remove the WEBSITE ads. Now.. this is the “more”. Without website ads, and only using native app ads, your WNS experience will be faster.

How do I earn ad-free site hits?

When you arrive to WNS on the app for the first time you’ll see site ads. If you’d like to get rid of them, leave the checkbox that opts out of the incentive program unchecked and add a comment. First you will be given ONE POP OVER AD in exchange for the reward of 2 ad-free site hits which will allow your experience to be more fluid by containing ads into the application land rather than the website land because of your preloaded resources being used instead.

All it takes is a comment and we’d love to encourage more communication, it’s our way of saying “thank you” with this program.

How long do ad-free sessions work?

They work “per session”, and a session kinda has an iffy timeframe but I’m sure you’ll find that the sessions are long enough to be reasonable with how you earned the ad free hits. Sessions will unlikely last overnight… however the spending was just leaving a comment.. so we’re hoping this small exchange doesn’t bother you.. and you can also opt-out by clicking the checkbox that allows you to skip the incentive program and avert inclusion of this program. Bear in mind if this seems “weird” it’s an effort to be an information free exchange of reward, no account, no over extending permissions, we don’t need your right leg or blood samples of your first born for rewards. WNS aims to be free of personal information burden to our readers in an era where personal information never feels safe. We want to still play ball and also give you ease of mind.


Using ad-free hits smart

You’ll find it is easier to navigate the hits with the most relevant news articles below each article, per article, rather than navigating to home, a tag or a new feed to find more news. Ideally you can be rewarded per page and more as you navigate WNS and then you can be website-based awarded ad-free tag hits and elsewise as you accululate website-based ad-free earnings. Each comment earns 2 website-based ad-free hits and you cap out at 10. It was my own mental “reasonable use” number… it may fluctuate with time and expand in different ways.


There are none. This app is beta and a new concept. Nothing is guaranteed! I tested it as much as I could with a typical non-engineer type beta tester and we confirmed between the two of our testing devices, the app worked as intended but by no means does WNS guarantee these incentives work, if they do not work, we do not take responsibility for the malfunction but they should and probably will be, completely safe malfunctions and like an application, will be fixed through updates and more testing from our readers. We’re doing our best to thank our readers and highest contributors with this program. It’s hard to come up with something in a land where we don’t want to sell you anything or take your personal information but still want to thank you. We hope to inspire new communication and new friends through this application.

What changes about WNS?

Nothing. If this doesn’t sound good to you, don’t use the mobile app. Use the mobile web and be unbothered by this incentive program, it’s ongoing development and you being involved in it’s progress, that’s OK with us. It’s not required and WNS will never stifle it’s information from being open to all common methods of content delivery demanded by it’s readership.


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