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Posted By: Krysti on Aug 06, 2013



WNS Staff & Affiliate Contacts

 Website Administration  
 Director of Operations & Social Networks  - Ben Kerin
 Lead Developer & Network Admin  - K. Aeronwyn Fairchild
 Site Moderator  - Tifanie
 News Reporters  
 Lead News Reporter  - Shawn Moniz
 News Reporter / Submit News  - Ben Kerin
 Assistant News Reporter / Social Networking Asst.  - Lee Jordan
 Assistant News Reporter / Creative Content  - Caylon Knox
 Assistant News Reporter  - Mario Anderson
 Assistant News Reporter  - Adam Nystrom
 Weekly/PPV Coverage  - Elio Cannella
 Associate Graphic Designer  - Mister Kupy
 Lead News Reporter  - Kenny Williams
 Website Associates  
 Feature Columnist  - Justin Henry
 Feature Columnist  - Caylon Knox
 Feature Columnist  - Blake Campbell
 WNS Podcast Host  - Danny Ray
 WNS Podcast Host  - Cousin Doug
 WNS Podcast Host  - Tyler Abear
 Cartoonist  - Bryn 'B' Lenaghan
 Tha O' Show Host  - BigDaddy Donnie
 Tha O' Show Host  - Don Faraldo
 Tha O' Show Host  - Frank Fronte
 WNS Exclusive Columnist  - Chris Gee Schoon Tong
 Network Administrator  - Krystena Goodchild
 General Manager of Indy News  - Chris Gee Schoon Tong
 Content Assistant & Feature Columnist  - Mark Golden
 Chat Staff  
 Network Admin  - Krysti
 Network Admin  - Tifanie
 Network Admin  - Sarah
 Channel Admin  - Josette
 Channel Operator  - Blake Campbell
 Channel Operator  - Lee
 Channel Operator  - Raven'X
 Channel Operator  - Justin Henry
 Channel Operator  - Trenton
 Channel Operator  - Elizabeth Mol
 Channel Operator  - Richard M. Morales
 Regional Contacts  
 Contact Us @ United States  - USA Inquiry Department
 Contact Us @ United Kingdom  - UK Inquiry Department
 All other countries  - Non-English Speakers

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