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Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.Com on Jun 20, 2013


A Year In Review -WWF 1993

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Click the month you wish to view and step back to the year 1993!

I. January
    1. RAW Debut
    2. Career Match
        A. Aftermath
    3. Bret/Razor Feud
        A. Rumored Warrior/Bret Hart match.
    4. Royal Rumble Match/Event

II. February
    1. Hulk Hogan/Brutus Beefcake return
        A. Feud with Money Incorporated.
    2. Impact of Lex Luger debut in the WWF.
    3. Tatanka’s push.
        A. Feud with Shawn Michaels
    4. Doink the Clown
        A. Feud with Crush.

III. March
    1. Bret Hart/Yokozuna feud
    2. Lack of Randy Savage wrestling
    3. Wrestle Mania Event.

IV. April
    1. Lex Luger and his “metal plate”
    2. Mr. Perfect/Shawn Michaels feud begins.
    3. Money Inc/ Steiner Brothers
    4. Smoking Gunns debut.
    5. Beginning of Hulk Hogan/Yokozuna feud.

V. May
    1. Mr. Perfect/Shawn Michaels  feud heats up...
        A. Jim Duggan gets involved.
    2. The 1-2-3 Kid debuts.
    3. Marty Jannetty returns.
        A. Wins the IC Title from Michaels
    4. A shocking win that elevates a jobber to a star.
        A. 1-2-3 Kid beats Razor Ramon cleanly

VI. June
    1. Razor/Kid and $10,000
    2. King of the Ring Event
    3. Steiner Brothers/Money Inc feud
        A. Steiner’s tag team title win.
    4. Razor become a baby face
        A. Feud with Money Inc.

VII. July
    1. The beginning of Lex Express.
        A. Lex Luger slams Yokozuna and become a baby face
    2. Crush gets a rude awakening
        A. Vicious attack from Yokozuna
    3. M.O.M debut
    4. Razor Ramon is full fledged good guy.
        1. Forms alliance with 1-2-3 Kid.
    5. Jerry Lawler/Bret Hart
        1. Lawler insults Hart’s family.
        2. Who is the true king of the WWF.

VIII. August
    1. Luger wants the World Title.
        A. Build up to Summer Slam.
    2. Steiner Brothes/Money Inc continues
        A. Cage Match.
    3. Destruction by Yokozuna
        A. Takes out Jim Duggan.
    4. Summer Slam Event

IX. September
    1. Quebecers/Steiner’s
        A. Controversy on title change.
    2. Doink becomes a good clown.
        A. Victim, Bobby Heenan.
    3. PJ Walker
        A. Upset win over I.R.S
    4. Shawn Michaels Suspension.
        A. IC Title vacant.

X. October
    1. Battle Royal for the IC Title
        A. The Bad Guy adds some more gold
    2. Ludvig Borga
        A. Target, Lex Luger.
    3. Debut of Jeff Jarrett
    4. Crush, crushes Randy Savage.
        A. Heel turn by Crush

XI. November
    1. Randy Savage wants revenge
    2. Who is the Real IC Champion?
        A. Razor Ramon/Shawn Michaels feud
    3. Who’s more popular?
        A. Bret Hart/Lex Luger fight for the fans.
    4. Survivor Series Event

XII. December
    1. A sad day in the WWF
        A. Bobby Heenan in “fired” by Gorilla Monsoon
    2. Owen Hart challenges Bret Hart
        A. Jealously on Owen’s part.
        B. Bret’s response.
    3. Yokozuna/Undertaker Feud
        A. Yoko is afraid of caskets.

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