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Top 12 Users (Sorted by: Today's Users)

Why Top 12? This is the top users who have added at least 5 comments and faired the best scores with the community in the last 30 days, stats max out at the top 100.
"Today's Posters" (Starting @ Midnight) are a 30 day stat of those users on the system today but does not limit the amount of comments and rank is listed for those users who have one. Columns for today's stats do not sort and will otherwise revert to usual top 30 day statistics.

Rank Name(s) Host Up / Down Score Total Last Seen
2. Verified via Community Key GoodOldPapa 135DDD57.DB9FC5B2.B57E31E8.IP 412 / 63 103.390 116 1 hour(s) ago
8. Verified via Community Key James Donnelly twitter.com 232 / 48 98.005 46 4 hour(s) ago
24. ShutYoMouth WNS-81356D96.clients.campuscommunicationsgroup.com 613 / 273 86.070 61 8 minute(s) ago
25. SirEdger E4488D3A.2A676767.6B2B4DE5.IP 196 / 45 85.930 27 5 hour(s) ago
40. Anonymous WNS-FEC6245B.mindspring.com 84 / 17 79.689 19 5 hour(s) ago
42. AEW Fears WWE 645AEDC1.AEDE4B7D.48F70C9D.IP 209 / 95 78.333 35 9 minute(s) ago
52. John Eschen WNS-0781C525.fios.verizon.net 39 / 8 74.860 12 7 hour(s) ago
56. Ukpitbull WNS-EFBB1A68.cable.virginm.net 108 / 47 72.037 22 3 hour(s) ago
Anonymous EA863102.1DFB3A5C.7076C2FD.IP 8 / 8 0.000 4 4 hour(s) ago
Acotter26 WNS-4D4D8D5C.myvzw.com 0 / 0 0.000 1 6 hour(s) ago

Dennis Le facebook.com 9 / 0 0.000 3 3 hour(s) ago
Anonymous WNS-BDAB4E5B.virginm.net 0 / 0 0.000 1 3 hour(s) ago
These stats are based on a 30 day span of the WNS anonymous commentary system and the community's participation in voting. Numbers may not represent a single user as they are per IP especially in case of mobile provider connections (4G/5G). Results will update every 15 minutes, they are not calculated live. These results would best be viewed on a desktop computer or landscape view on your phone. Your stats are better tabulated using your home's broadband wireless router when possible even via your phone. Averages are calculated on the lower bound of the Wilson score confidence interval for a Bernoulli parameter multiplied by 100 to give a sane percentage with a "secret bonus" for adding comments to the system in the first place.

Scores degrade as IP's last post time ages, so the more often the IP is used on the WNS system, the less a negative impact on your score will be. Same day posting will result in ZERO negative impact. This also is used as a garbage compactor if your IP changes. Your old IP will start to wipe off the scoreboard faster.

Banned users are not counted. Deleted comments votes are not counted. Users who end up banned from voting are universally removed from people's score. Banned users can't vote, but some banned IP ranges can depending on the severity of the situation.

This is a BETA FEATURE and formula method may be tweaked to aim toward better fairness in scoring.