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Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Jun 07, 2019

20 Years Ago Today,

The episode of Monday Night RAW that took place on this day, June 7, 1999 was certainly an interesting one.

For months, The Undertaker, maestro of his Ministry of Darkness had dominated the WWF, only getting more powerful after aligning with Shane McMahon's Corporation.

As the heads of the Corporate Ministry, the pair aimed to destroy 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, and usurp ownership of the WWF from Vince McMahon.

The act turned the usually villainous Vince face, and after Stephanie McMahon had been aducted by members of the Ministry, only to be saved by Austin at Vince's request, the Chairman's face-turn was assured. 

On the June 7, edition of RAW, The Undertaker promised to reveal a higher power, a dark entity who was even more vile and diabolical than him. 

That higher power: Vince McMahon.

Shreiking that "even my immediate family bought it!" McMahon revealed himself as evil personified, as his master plan to prove to Austin, that he would do everything he could to ruin the Rattlesnake's life.

Unfortunately for Vince and Shane, their celebration was short-lived. 

Defending themselves against wife Linda and Stephanie, Vince described it as a simple business decision, leading Linda to retaliate.

Linda revealed that she had stepped down as the company's CEO, but not before she had picked her replacement, the Texas Rattlesnake himself, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

Seizing the opportunity to make Vince's life hell, Austin gloated about running the business into the ground, until a Handicap Ladder match was set up at King of the Ring 1999, for complete ownership of the company.

Though Austin came up short against the father and son duo, it wouldn't be long after until the Bionic Redneck once again held championship gold. 

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