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Bully Ray Discusses The WWE And ROH Women's Divisions

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Dec 20, 2018

Bully Ray Discusses The WWE And ROH Women's Divisions

WrestlingInc recently interviewed WWE and Impact Wrestlng Hall of Famer Bully Ray who gave his thoughts on the progression of women's wrestling in WWE and ROH.

Comparing WWE's Men And Women:

“I think the WWE women right now are outshining the WWE men. I think Becky, Charlotte, Asuka and Ronda are doing a phenomenal job. I’m so happy to see Asuka back in the mix because she is the real deal. I mean this is a girl that had matches with Minoru Suzuki in Japan. You wanna talk about bad MF, that’s what Asuka is. Charlotte is the best female athlete and one of the best athletes, period, in the entire WWE and Becky is the chosen one right now. Becky is the people’s champion. So when you have a warrior like Asuka, a phenomenal athlete like Charlotte, and the people’s champion with the emotional investment in Becky…now you bring the badass Ronda Rousey? You have four top stars there. I don’t care if they’re male, female – they are getting the job done.”

“Along with the triple threat TLC match for the SmackDown Women’s Title, there were two other TLC matches on the card. But Ray says it’s not fair to compare any tables, ladders and chairs matches to the first two TLC matches involving him and D-Von Dudley vs. The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian. When comparing TLC matches, you compare them to every other match that is not the original two TLC matches. I don’t think you can [compare]. Right place, right time, right guys, planets lined up, stars in the right position… everything was perfect. People have been trying to top those matches forever.”

Women of Honor:

"I think the women of Women of Honor could use some more time in the ring and some more reps. They all go in there and bust their ass and try very hard. Trying very hard doesn’t always mean your going to be successful though. But I didn’t see [the Final Battle WOH match], so I really can’t comment on it.”

 Final Battle: 

“I think every Final Battle, I don’t wanna say is a historic show, but it’s a big show especially in that building. I listen to the matches – I really don’t watch. Listening tells me everything I need to know. Listening to the whole night, I thought the whole night built very well. I thought Cobb and Page tore it down. I thought Marty and Daniels did a great job. I’m obviously very proud of the job I was able to do with Flip. Cody… you can’t have a bad match with Jay Lethal – Cody and Lethal did great. Ladder Wars… how can you have a bad ladder match with The Briscoes, The Bucks and SCU? When you sit back and you look at those matches, it’s impossible for the show to fail.”

Source: WrestlingInc Tags: #wwe #ring of honor #bully ray

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