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Booker On Why He May Not Be Able To Run For Mayor In 2019

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Dec 08, 2018

Booker On Why He May Not Be Able To Run For Mayor In 2019

Booker T was recently interviewed on the WINCLY podcast and revealed that he might be unable to run for Mayor of Houston in 2019 due to obstacles.

I’m coming across a couple bumps. That’s been the story of my life, obstacles; trying to figure a way over them, around them, under them, sometimes you have to go straight through them. There’s obstacles that have to do with my past, and I’m running out of time more than anything. This month is my deadline, and with what I got going on with the state of Texas, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna allow me to actually run this term. But we got four more years ahead of us, and that’s my ultimate goal in the long run.

I’ve done time, I have to clear a couple of issues, my lawyers have been working on it diligently. But it’s just one of those things like I said, time is running out on me. It’s expiring on me more than anything, literally rapidly expiring.

That’s why I say it’s only a four-year term. If I don’t qualify this year, I’m sure my time is gonna come.

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