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Matt Hardy Reveals Tag Teams He Feels Could Make It Big In WWE

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Dec 07, 2018

Matt Hardy Reveals Tag Teams He Feels Could Make It Big In WWE

Matt Hardy recently spoke with SportsKeeda and talked tag teams who have the potential to be the next big stars in WWE's tag team division.

“I love The Revival. I’m a big fan of those guys. I wish we’d have got to work with them more, myself and Bray. But I think The Revival have a lot of potential. I hope they get utilized to the best of their potential. I like The Undisputed Era in NXT. I’ve worked with them in Ring of Honor before, so I like them a lot.”

“Tag team wrestling is very important, and it has to be promoted as such. It has to be given a platform and a stage to be treated right. When I started, Jeff and I, our dream was to one day become the WWE Tag Team champions. So tag team wrestling will always hold a special place in my heart. And so, I love it when tag team wrestling is utilized to the best of its ability.”

Source: SportsKeeda Tags: #wwe #matt hardy

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