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Reason WWE Doesn't Allow Intergender Wrestling Matches Revealed

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Dec 06, 2018

Reason WWE Doesn't Allow Intergender Wrestling Matches Revealed

Austrian indie star WALTER is ready and set to join WWE in 2019 and their interest in him has already begun with strict instructions being issued as he wraps up his independent dates.

It was revealed in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE instructed WALTER and a UK independent promotion that he must not strike or perform any offense on Satomura (a female wrestler) who was competing on the opposing side.

For a while now WWE has had a strict policy on men on women violence and how it would be viewed by the public. In addition, WWE is believed to have made a promise to Mattel not to allow men physically overpowering women on their programming.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter Tags: #wwe #walter

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