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The Undertaker’s Son Discusses If He Will Ever Follow In His Father's Footsteps

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Nov 10, 2018

The Undertaker’s Son Discusses If He Will Ever Follow In His Father's Footsteps

The son of Undertaker, Gunner Calloway was recently interviewed by Chandler Sorrells where he was asked if he would ever follow in his Dad’s footsteps and step in the ring. He said: 

“Yeah, I say as a kid definitely you see it so much you’re like, ‘How cool would that be?’ In my eyes, it was like being a superhero. You know I tried to go to shows, but most of them fell on a school night but as a kid definitely. As I got older into the teenage years you wanna be independent and find your own interests so you know in my young adult life I kind of strayed away from it. Tuned in only when it’s necessary.”

Gunner also talked about his passion for gaming and video game design. He coincidently studied and graduated from Full Sail, where NXT is based.

“But then I went to Full Sail. I got my Bachelors as a video game artist so that’s kind of the path I’m setting for myself. I’d like to within the next 5 to 10 years — I’d love to be an artist for a team like a production company for video games and somewhere I can use my skills. I’d love to own my own indie company and just call out to all the artists and creative people and make our own games just to see what happens. That’s kinda always been the dream that allows me to do something that allows me to travel.”

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