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Majority of WWE Talent Do Not Want To Travel To Saudi Arabia

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Oct 13, 2018

Majority of WWE Talent Do Not Want To Travel To Saudi Arabia

The pressure is mounting on WWE to pull their Crown Jewel event out of Saudi Arabia. They are in a tough position because this is more of a financial issue for them instead of a political issue. The company stands to make $45 million from the Saudi government and the money coming from that show. WWE management hasn’t committed to pulling out yet but several wrestlers have expressed their thoughts on the situation.

Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that wrestlers scheduled to fly to Saudi Arabia do not want to go.

“I can’t speak for everybody on the WWE roster. I haven’t talked to everybody on the WWE roster but I can tell you that a lot of the people that are scheduled to go to Saudi Arabia, they don’t want to go to Saudi Arabia. In fact, the majority of the talent doesn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia but the office wants to go to Saudi Arabia and they have shareholders that they want to please with all of these big money deals that they’re getting. We’ll see what happens.”

WWE issued a statement on Thursday saying they are monitoring the situation. 

Source: Wrestling Observer Tags: #wwe #crown jewel

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