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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (7/24) Evansville, IN

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jul 25, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (7/24) Evansville, IN

Welcome to the coverage and results for WWE 205 Live!

The show opens with a video package highlighting the four men in the main event with TJP, Hideo Itami, Drew Gulak, and Mustafa Ali!

The opening video package plays.

We're welcomed to the arena by our usual hosts of Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness, and Vic Joseph.  They highlight the main event before introducing 205 Live GM Drake Maverick who is hanging out on commentary.


Akira Tozawa vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher


A phone promo is shown with Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick.  Jack Gallagher says that he's part of the best tag team in WWE with Brian Kendrick, but he's also an excellent singles competitor.

Back to the ring, the bell sounds as Akira is sent into the ropes before he bounces over Gallagher with a sunset flip before kicking Jack Gallagher.  He hits a leaping senton.  He pulls up Jack Gallagher who hits a few strikes before getting caught with a big shot from Akira.  Jack falls to the apron before getting knocked off the apron.  Akira tries for a baseball slide before Jack pulls the apron out and traps him in it.  Jack gets in some licks while he's trapped.  Gallagher rolls Akira into the ring before hitting some fierce kicks followed by a body slam.  Jack applies a side headlock before transitioning it into finger manipulation.  Akira kicks his legs and makes it to the ropes to get the break.  Gallagher continues working on the hand and fingers of Akira before stomping down on his arm.  Tozawa begins firing up before hitting an enzuigiri kick!  Akira climbs up to the top, but Jack slides outside.  Tozawa hits the topei suicida before rolling Jack back inside.  Akira hits the missile dropkick from the top rope for the two count!

Akira applies the butterfly octopus stretch, but Jack slips out and hits a big sidewalk slam.  Jack gutwrench powerbombs Akira for a two count.  Jack tries for a dropkick into the corner, but he slips over onto his feet.  Akira is lifted up for a suplex, but he brings the knee into the head of Jack to break it up.  Akira climbs up for his finish, but Jack catches him there with an uppercut.  Akira reverses him and hits a forward slam before hitting the senton from the top rope!  He covers for the three count and the win!

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

Post-match, Akria tells Maverick that he wants Lio Rush.

TJP is shown backstage on the couch.  He says that Drake Maverick finally got it right.  He says that he's going to break arms and win the number one contender.

Hideo Itami is shown backstage shadow boxing before he says that Cedric survived this battle, but he won't the next one.

Kalisto is shown backstage with Lince Dorado.  Kalisto talks about the heart and speed that they have.  They say that there is no matching the Lucha House Party.


Lince Dorado & Kalisto vs. Two Enhancement Talent


The talent mocks Lince before he smacks him across the mouth.  Lince hits a big hurricanrana followed by a superkick to the jaw.  Lince hits the bronco buster before pulling him out and tagging in Kalisto.  Buddy Murphy is shown backstage watching.  Kalisto and Lince hit dual kicks.  The other partner enters the ring before getting cleared by Kalisto.  Lince and Kalisto hit the Tower of Lucha.  The other partner outside gets to his feet before getting nailed by Lince with a plancha.  Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol for the three count.

Winners:  Kalisto & Lince Dorado

Drew Gulak is shown backstage getting ready.  He says that this match is chaotic and unpredictable.  He says that there is only one result when you step up to him.  You will tap out.

Mustafa Ali is backstage.  He says that he just has to endure the knee-crippling attack from TJP.  The rib attack from Hideo.  And he has to endure whatever torture Drew Gulak has in store for him.  Then he hits the 0-5-4 and it's over.  Easy enough.

Lio Rush is shown backstage talking about how Akira needs to keep his name out of his mouth as he's moving on.


#1 Contendership Match for Cruiserweight Championship
Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak vs. Hideo Itami vs. TJP


The four circle around as the bell sounds.  But Gulak and Itami jump Ali at the start of the match.  TJP steps back.  They look at him expectantly before he charges in.  Ali dodges him, but he's floored quickly.  Gulak monkey flipped Ali into TJP before Ali takes out Gulak with a kick.  Itami catches Ali with a big knee, but TJP breaks it up.  Itami asks him what he's doing before pushing him out of the ring.  Ali rolls up Itami for a two count!  Drew Gulak comes in and hits a big clothesline to floor Ali.  Drew Gulak applies a headlock as the pace slows down here.  Drew Gulak lifts up Ali and hits a forward slam for a two count, but TJP breaks it up.  Itami and Gulak look at TJP before they agree that they need to beat up Ali.  They hit a triple back drop on Ali.  TJP begins directing traffic.  They whip Itami into the corner to hit a clothesline.  He sends him back.  They go for a double suplex, but TJP rolls up Gulak in a betrayal!  Itami kicks him to break it up.  Ali gets away to hit a big triple crossbody to take them all out!

TJP manages to get Itami and Ali locked into a double abdominal stretch, but Gulak breaks it up before he applies a Gorey lock into a pin for a two count.  TJP rolls through as they exchange pins.  They exchange holds for a few seconds before they stalemate.  Itami clobbers Gulak and begins yelling at TJP.  Itami sees Ali and kicks him in the head.  TJP climbs to the top rope as Itami lifts up Ali.  Ali slips out and sends Itami right into the groin of TJP.  Ali leaps to the top rope to hit a hurricanrana to send TJP right into Gulak!  Ali hits a dropkick to Itami, but TJP catches a kick from Ali!  Ali hits the roll-through facebuster.  Ali hits the spinning spike DDT for the two count as Itami breaks it up!  All four men are down.

Ali gets up and reverses a Detonation Kick from TJP.  TJP and Ali collide in the center of the ring with a double crossbody.  Itami and Gulak are on their feet now.  Gulak says that he respects Itami.  He overs a hand to shake before slapping Itami.  They begin trading blows.  Itami hits a running kick as Gulak returns it.  Itami hits a final one before Gulak tricks him into a suplex for a two count.  Itami hits the falcon arrow for a one count!  Gulak and Itami begin hitting blows from the kneeling position.  They roll out of the ring fighting before they continue trading blows out there.  Gulak hits a big chop followed by a huge kick from Itami to the chest!  In the ring, TJP hits a big springboard dropkick to Ali.  He tries to spring up, but he's thrown backwards from the apron into the barricade.  Ali leaps to the top rope before hitting a 450 splash onto them!

Ali grabs TJP throws him into the ring before hitting a big springboard tornado DDT!  He climbs up and hits the 0-5-4!  He goes for the cover, but he's pulled out of the ring by Itami.  Itami slams his head on the steel steps before hitting a pinpoint dropkick into the steel steps.  He picks up Ali and sends him into the ring post.  He rolls him into the ring, but Gulak throws Itami into the steel post!  Gulak slides into the ring and locks on the Gu-Lock as Ali cannot go on!

Winner (and new #1 Contender):  Drew Gulak

Cedric Alexander is shown backstage watching before Gulak is joined by Kendrick and Gallagher as they celebrate to end the show.

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