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WWE Smackdown Live Coverage and Results (7/24) Evansville, Indiana

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jul 24, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live Coverage and Results (7/24) Evansville, Indiana

Welcome to WWE Smackdown Live and Smackdown is coming to us from the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana and we have a view of the parking lot as a limousine pulls in and out steps The Miz and Maryse

We then go into the arena where we kick things off with Randy Orton making his way out to the ring. We take a look at footage from last week's United States Championship with Shinsuke Nakamura defending against former champion Jeff Hardy followed by an attack from Randy Orton.

We then go back into the arena where Orton is standing in the ring. Orton says he's heard everyone's theories as to why he did what he did. Him and Hardy have unfinished business? He's bitter about the Top Ten List? No, he tells everyone to look in the mirror. He did it because of the people. He's busted his ass for 16 years and has been the one constant in the company yet he doesn't get any respect. He doesn't get the respect he deserves. Why? because he doesn't paint his face like an idiot? he doesn't change the colour of his merchandise? he hasn't paid his dues? is that why?

He's not an indy performer who started in a bingo hall. He paid his dues and started out as the Legend Killer. He won't let the fans beat them. He is now THE Legend and will destroy every superstar that is put on a pedestal starting with Jeff Hardy and when he's finished Hardy won't be back. Orton will end his career. Now, his story is inspiring but the only part he cares about is the one he gets to write. The final chapter. People can call him The Apex Predator, The Viper, The Legend Killer but there's only one name everyone needs to refer to him as and that is RKO. Orton then leaves the ring


We are back and take a look at the announcement that was made by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on last night's edition of Raw that being that on October 28 we will have the first ever all women pay per view at WWE Evolution


Almas with a side headlock on Rusev and ducks a clothesline but Rusev connects the second time around. Almas plays mind games with Rusev early on as Rusev chases him around the outside and back in the ring Rusev connects with a right hand.  Suplex to Almas and Almas rolls to the outside as we go to commercial.


We are back and Almas in control of the match as Rusev tries to fight back. Rusev back to his feet blasts Almas with a series of right hands. A kick to Almas and the backsplash in the corner. Spin kick by Rusev as Lana cheers on from ringside.

Almas in the corner connects with a boot. Knee to the midsection by Rusev and a nearfall on Almas. Rusev goes for the Machka Kick but Almas side steps and tags Rusev with a series of right hands. Rusev fires back. Boot to Almas. Almas back in control but Rusev connects with the Machka Kick as both men go down and the crowd starts a 'Rusev Day' chant.

On the outside, Zelina slaps Lana and a brawl ensues as Aiden English runs down. Zelina then jumps on Aiden's back as he knocks Lana down. Rusev distracted as Almas delivers the hammerlock DDT for the three count

The winner of the match: Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Post Match: Lana checks on Rusev

Tonight: Miz and Mrs. Premiere Party

Backstage: R-Truth is talking to Tye Dillinger about how it's wrong that his first match back since Wrestlemania and his opponent is Samoa Joe. Truth calls Joe a bad man and Dillinger says he's the Truth, Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth and R-Truth says tonight he's going to show Samoa Joe What's Up


We're back and Aiden English and Lana are arguing. Rusev yells enough and says maybe neither of them are good enough for Rusev Day


Truth on the attack. Joe missex with a clothesline and Truth with a kick. Joe back to his feet delivers headbutt and then out of the corner spikes Truth into the mat and locks in the Kokina Clutch for the tap out

The winner of the match by submission: Samoa Joe

Backstage: Asuka is asked about her reaction to Stephanie McMahon's announcement of the first ever all female pay per view WWE Evolution. Asuka says she is so excited and ready but tonight Billie Kay is not ready for Asuka



Billie Kay in control of the match early on and Asuka delivers a dropkick follows up with a shining wizard. Billie reaching for Peyton Royce but Asuka has hold of her leg. Billie avoids a german suplex and Asuka with a series of kicks to pick up the three count

The winner of the match: Asuka


We are back from commercial and Paige is in the ring. Paige says she has had so much fun being Smackdown General Manager and is excited to see the girls from Smackdown at the first ever all women's pay per view

Right now though we are riding into Summerslam and Paige says it's about time to introduce AJ Styles' opponent at Summerslam. She first introduces the WWE Champion and AJ Styles makes his way out to the ring

Styles takes the mic and says the fans are awesome and for those who don't know, he is a husband and a father and when he told Stephanie McMahon's announcement the first person he thought of was his daughter and anything you want to go after it.

Styles then addresses the biggest party of the summer. Summerslam where he laid the foundation for the House That AJ Styles built. Summerslam is where he and John Cena tore the house down and last year him and Kevin Owens ended their feud and then goes to sign the contract and asks Paige who his opponent will be.

Paige is about to announce Styles' opponent but we're interrupted by James Ellsworth who says the real reason he's back is for the WWE Championship and 4 times the charm. No one says that but they will after Ellsworth beats Styles and becomes new champion

Paige asks why Ellsworth is out here and calls him a joke. Ellsworth says Paige is the joke. He can't even understand what she says half the time and then mocks the way she dresses. Paige says they don't make fun of people on Smackdown and Ellsworth says he does.

Paige says she's had enough and has two words for him 'YOU'RE FIRED!' and calls for security to remove Ellsworth. Paige is walking with security as they remove Ellsworth from the building meanwhile back in the arena Samoa Joe attacks Styles laying him out with the Kokina Clutch then signs the contract for Summerslam


We are back and Joe walks in the back and Paige wants to know what he did out there. She picked Joe because he was unpredictable and has a killer instinct. Joe says what Paige had planned was pedestrian. What he did was phenomenal.

Carmella appears behind Paige and she asks why would Paige fire James and kick her out of the building. Paige tells Carmella to buy a new boyfriend. Carmella reminds Paige she is her champion and she will be the champion at Evolution. She beat Asuka and Charlotte twice and she will beat Becky Lynch right now.


Takedown by Becky and she looks to lock in the Dis-arm Her early on but Carmella gets to the ropes. Left hand by Carmella as she drops Becky. Forearm to the face by Becky as Carmella rolls out of the ring. Becky with a right hand from the apron as she throws Carmella back into the ring, Carmella slides back out and Becky connects with a baseball slide. Carmella quickly turns the tables as we go to break


Back from break, Carmella yelling at Becky to get up and saying she's the champion. Carmella and Becky get to their feet as they trade right hands. Becky in control with a series of clotheslines. A kick and a headbutt to Carmella. Carmella with a flatliner. Carmella on the second rope gets caught by Becky who goes for a Beck-sploder. Becky on the second rope now and Carmella takes her down to the mat.

Becky goes after the left arm and Carmella sends her head first into the turnbuckle. Kick by Becky as both women are down. Becky gets to her feet and goes to the top rope. Becky goes for the leg drop but misses. Kick to the face by Carmella and a nearfall on Becky who turns over and locks in the Dis-arm Her for the submission

The winner of the match: Becky Lynch



Wolfe and Woods start things off and Wolfe with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Woods with a roaring elbow for a near fall. Wolfe blocks an Honor Roll and hits a German suplex. Dain tags in and kicks Woods in the midsection. Woods with punches but Dain pushes Woods into the corner. Woods with a kick but Dain catches Woods and hits an accordion slam followed by a back senton.


We are back and Dain sets for a superplex on Woods but Woods blocks it and he knocks Dain off the turnbuckles. Woods with a missile drop kick. Wolfe and Big E tag in and Big E with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex and then Big E sets for the Warrior Splash but Big E is distracted by Young. Dain catches Kofi. Young goes up top and Kofi stops Young. Big E gets Wolfe up and Woods hits Up Up Down Down for the three count.

The winner of the match: New Day

Post Match: The Usos leave the announce table and go to the ring. Before anything can happen, the Bar make their way to the stage.

Sheamus says they are back. Cesaro asks them if they were missed. Sheamus says they don't miss any of you. Cesaro says they miss their titles. Sheamus mentions their path to the titles at SummerSlam.

Paige is with Miz, Maryse, and Monroe and Paige says she found a babysitter for Monroe. Sin Cara stops by and Miz says it is time to introduce the cutest baby to the WWE Universe.


Miz welcomes everyone to the Miz and Mrs. Premiere Party.  He says we mourned the end of Team Hell No but those were the relics of the past.  It is time to celebrate the future, his wife and him.  Miz says it is an honor to share the spotlight with his co-star in front of the curtain and behind the scenes.

Maryse says with the historic announcement about Evolution, the Evolution started with her.  Her evolution keeps going because after Smackdown, her reality show will debut.  

Miz says it is Curb Your Enthusiasm meets This is Us meets Ruff Ruff Ref meets Survivor.  Miz mentions that the cast of the show is here tonight, including an infant who has accomplished more in her life than Daniel Bryan since his return.

Miz mentions that mentioning Daniel Bryan has put Monroe into dream land.  He wants everyone to use their inside voices.  We have a special preview of the show. but it does not appear to be what Miz wanted played.

Daniel Bryan appears in the back and he says Miz and Misses looks like the greatest reality show ever.  Daniel says that Kerwin is now 0 for 2 in the truck.  Daniel says he is sorry, but why is he saying it back here.  Daniel says he should apologize to Miz in person.

Daniel is stopped at the ropes but he fights his way through security and he goes to the ring.

Daniel enters the ring and Miz tosses 'Monroe' but it was a doll and Miz with a kick and Skull Crushing Finale.

Miz tells Daniel that he does not steal his spotlight.  It always has to be about Daniel Bryan.  It was a ruse.  That baby backstage was an actor.  Would he bring his precious little angel to a city like this?

Now your face is in the mat.  If you want to see Monroe Skye, you can watch Miz and Mrs.


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