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WWE 205 Live Results (6/19)

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jun 20, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (6/19)

Welcome to the results for 205 Live!

The show opens with a video package showing what happened a few weeks ago between Hideo Itami, Buddy Murphy, and Mustafa Ali as that is the main event tonight.

205 Live's opening video package plays.

We're welcomed to Toledo, Ohio by Tom Phillips and Percy Watson as Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness are in England!

Drew Gulak's music begins to play as he's accompanied by The Brian Kendrick as Jack Gallagher is overseas.  They show a video package from last week with the referee seeing Gulak grabbing the tights before Lince wins via roll-up with the tights pulled.  Lucha House Party comes out next with a pinata with Gulak's face on it with Lince Dorado fighting for their team.


Drew Gulak vs. Lince Dorado


The bell sounds as Drew Gulak brings Lince Dorado to the mat with a side headlock.  Lince fights out before hooking the wrist of Drew Gulak with a wristlock.  They exchange some roll-ups before Lince hits a big armdrag to transition into a wristlock.  Lince hooks the hand of Gulak before climbing to the top.  Gulak pulls Lince onto the top rope in a crotched position before shoving him to the floor.  Kendrick teases an attack, but he stays out of it.  Gulak climbs out and pulls Lince into the ring before stomping on him in the bottom of the turnbuckle.  Lince fights out with some big shots to the head.  The referee gets involved allowing Gulak to hit a roll-up sending Lince to the outside of the ring.  Gulak rolls out and points at the pinata with Gulak's face on it that Kalisto brings out to the ring.  Gulak rolls Lince into the ring.  Lince hits a big kick followed by leaping from the top rope with a big crossbody for a two count.  Lince gets rolled up by Gulak for a two count.  Lince Dorado hits a handspring stunner for a two count as Kendrick pulls Gulak's foot onto the bottom rope!

The other members of Lucha House Party argue their case as Kendrick nails Lince with a right.  Gulak takes this opportunity to pull Lince into the Gu-Lock as Lince has to tap out!

Winner:  Drew Gulak

Drake Maverick is shown backstage with a referee as he tells him to make sure the main event goes without problem.  The referee steps out of the room as Hideo Itami steps into it.  Drake Maverick says that he doesn't want any issues.  Hideo says that there won't be any as long as he is shown respect.  Drake Maverick says it goes both ways and he better be ready.

TJP makes his way out to the ring where his opponent is already in the ring.  TJP has a microphone in his hand as he makes his way down the ramp.  TJP says that he doesn't even want to add this guy to his record.  He asks the enhancement talent what his name is before pulling the microphone away.  He calls him someone off the scrap heap before the guy punches TJP to the ground!  TJP locks in the kneebar quickly on him before the bell even rings.  TJP says that he deserves better after carrying this place on his back.  He walks out of the ring.

Mustafa Ali is shown getting ready backstage before Cedric Alexander comes up to shake his hand for a moment.

An image is shown next showing Lio Rush being signed to 205 Live with Drake Maverick.  Next week, he'll make his in-ring debut.  Next week we'll see a 6-man elimination tag team match between Gulak, Gallagher, & Kendrick vs. Lucha House Party.


Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy vs. Hideo Itami


The bell sounds as all three of these men circle around.  Murphy and Ali both turn away from each other to look at Itami who slides out of the ring.  Murphy pushes Ali out of his way as he nails Itami with an elbow shot.  Ali comes out of picture with a moonsault to take out both men.  He rolls Itami back into the ring before Murphy throws him away.  Murphy begins stomping on Itami.  Murphy hits a big punch to Ali who slumps to the mat.  Ali gets back up to hit a chop to Murphy.  Ali hits a big hurricanrana to Murphy.  Murphy gets a boot to the face before being lifted to the outside.  Itami rushes towards Ali to hit a big knee to the midsection.  Hideo locks in a side headlock on Mustafa Ali before yelling "Respect me!"  Ali fights out before Itami pushes Ali into the corner and catches his rebound with a back body drop.  Murphy pops up on the apron before being cleared by Itami.  Itami hits a running punt kick to the back.  Itami hits another big kick.  Ali slides out of the ring as Murphy pops back in.  Murphy and Itami trade kicks to the back in a sort of competition.  Itami slaps Murphy as Murphy retaliates with one in kind.  Itami hits a big knee to the midsection before following it up with some more kicks to the back.

Itami grabs Murphy's hair as Ali whirls him around before lifting him up for a kick to the back!  Ali is hooked by Murphy for a German suplex into a bridge for a two count!  Murphy talks some trash to Ali before pulling him up only to throw Ali into Hideo on the apron.  He talks some trash to Itami before Ali hits a roll-up for a two count!  Murphy locks in a headlock before Ali builds some fire.  Itami sees the opportunity to lock in a headlock on Murphy.  Buddy quickly escapes with backing up into the corner.  Murphy and Hideo take some kicks to the face!  Ali moves through the ropes before being lifted by Murphy into an X-Factor on Hideo!  Ali hits the ropes and leaps off for a tornado DDT onto Murphy for a two count!  Ali moves Murphy towards the corner before climbing up for the 0-5-4!  Hideo stops that before hooking an arm up top.  Murphy comes over to try for a powerbomb, but Hideo kicks him away.  Ali is flipped over before catching a superkick from Murphy!  Murphy traps the head of Hideo before hitting a superkick on the top rope!  Murphy hooks the midsection of Hideo on his shoulders before hitting a spinout maneuver for a two count!  Ali, Murphy, and Hideo begin trading blows before Ali hits a superkick to Murphy followed by a dropkick from Hideo!

Everyone is down for a moment.  Hideo gets up and begins hitting people with blows.  Murphy hits a powerbomb into a kick to the face of Hideo!  He turns to take a kick from Ali!  Murphy falls on top of Hideo before Ali climbs up to hit a 450 on both of them!  Mustafa Ali goes for the pin, but he's pulled out at two by Murphy.  Murphy clears the announce table before pulling Ali up there.  Ali manages to trip him onto the table before taking a few steps back.  Murphy gets back to his feet before Ali leaps onto the table to hit a Spanish Fly to the floor outside of the ring!  Mustafa Ali climbs up to his feet before rolling into the ring.  Hideo comes out of nowhere with that dropkick into corner!  He covers for a two count.  Hideo moves towards the lower corner and exposes the steel.  Ali rolls up him up as he does!  Hideo kicks out as he sends Ali into the exposed steel, face-first!  Hideo hits the running dropkick into the bottom corner!  He covers Mustafa Ali and that's good for a three count!

Winner:  Hideo Itami

The show closes with Hideo Itami walking around the ring to celebrate.

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