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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (6/5) Corpus Christi, TX

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jun 05, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (6/5) Corpus Christi, TX

Welcome to 205 Live airing live from Corpus Christi, Texas!

The show opens with the title picture before showing a review of last week's title match between Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander!  Tonight Lince Dorado will be fighting The Brian Kendrick.  Drake Maverick explains the matches for the night in a promo package.  The main event will be Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali in action.

They show 205 Live's opening video package.

Kalisto and Gran Metalik come out to support Lince Dorado as he comes down to the ring.  Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show as they make the Lucha House Party makes their way down to the ring.  The Brian Kendrick comes out accompanied by Drew Gulak but not Jack Gallagher.  Drew Gulak comes over to join commentary.


Lince Dorado vs. The Brian Kendrick


Brian Kendrick charges as soon as the bell rings to flatten Lince Dorado to the corner with some big punches.  The referee pushes him back before Lince fires back with some chops and punches.  Lince Dorado hits a big dropkick followed by a hurricanrana sending Kendrick outside.  Lince misses a baseball slide before Kendrick hits him with a blow before being distracted.  Lince rams Kendrick into the apron before rolling him into the ring.  Kendrick cuts him off at the ropes before ramming him into the apron and rolls him back inside the ring.  The Brian Kendrick does a bit of taunting before hitting a sidewalk slam for a two count.  Kendrick locks in an armhold before Lince fights out.  He rushes towards Kendrick only to get caught by another sidewalk slam.  Kendrick hits some big shots to the side of the head as Gulak continues hyping himself and tearing down Lucha House Party on commentary.

Kendrick begins choking Lince in the corner before dropping a knee onto his chin!  He does this once more before pulling him up for a big dragon suplex.  Kendrick locks in an armhold again as Lince is trying to fight out of it.  Lince begins fighting out, but he's whipped into the corner.  Kendrick lifts up Lince, but he's caught with a spinning heel kick.  They both slowly climb up.  Kendrick charges only to eat a boot followed by a headscissors takedown by Lince.  Lince begins hitting some big blows before being lifted to the apron.  Lince smashes Kendrick's head before hitting a big crossbody for a two count.  Kendrick eats a big dropkick that knocks him out of the ring before Lince Dorado hits a suicide dive.  Lince and Gulak mouth off for a moment allowing Kendrick to knock Lince into Gran.  They move back in as Lince Dorado hits the springboard stunner for the three count!

Winner:  Lince Dorado

Post-match, Drew Gulak blindsides Kalisto and Lince Dorado.  He begins stomping on Lince before Gran Metalik and Kalisto run him off.

The announcers hype the big title match last week before a video package is shown highlighting it.

Mustafa Ali is shown backstage where he is getting ready.  He talks about how tonight he has Buddy Murphy.  He calls Murphy a Juggernaut and a freak of nature, but he says that tonight he plans on showing that Ali has the heart of a champion.

TJP comes out next to go against Brian Keith.


TJP vs. Brian Keith


The bell sounds as TJP extends his hand.  It's accepted before TJP yanks him forward to hit a big clothesline.  TJP slides outside and says he hates to do this in front of all of these Texans.  He calls himself the CruiserGreat before continually beating on Keith.  TJP hits a surfboard smash.  He says that other GMs could probably use him correctly unlike Drake Maverick.  TJP locks in a form of the Cloverleaf.  He doesn't apply any pressure as he pulls the mic up to say that they might have an opportunity to find out what he's capable of soon on their shows.  He drops the mic and yanks back on the hold to force Keith to tap out.

Winner:  TJP

A promo is shown of Lio Rush wearing all-white and talking over a stack of money outside.  He says that there's no secret that Lio Rush is the best wrestler in the world.  He calls himself a living legend, a phenomenon.  He says that it's only a matter of time before 205 Live feels the rush.

Next week will be Lucha House Party vs. Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher, and Brian Kendrick.

Mustafa Ali comes out next still wearing his WrestleMania outfit.  Buddy Murphy is shown backstage talking to Tony Nese before the interviewer asks if he's thought about coming up short.  Nese tells her that he took Alexander to his limit.  Murphy says that you can't stop the unstoppable as he heads towards the ring.


Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy


The match starts off quickly as Murphy charges Ali.  Ali slips out to hit some chops to no effect.  Murphy catches an elbow from Ali followed by a dropkick that sends him outside.  Ali hits a big corkscrew plancha before rolling Murphy inside.  He hits a big crossbody for a two count.  Ali gets to the top rope only Murphy catches him there.  Ali headbutts him down, but Murphy leaps right back up to take a big punch.  Murphy turns Ali around and falls down to the mat allowing Ali to slam onto the top rope.  Murphy covers him for a two count!  Murphy begins targeting the injured midsection.  Ali rolls Murphy up with a crucifix for a two count.  Murphy hits a running knee lift to the midsection to knock him down.  Murphy lifts up Ali to hit a gutbuster, but he holds him to lift up for a spinout backbreaker on his knee.  He covers for a two count before pulling him up into an abdominal stretch.  Ali slips out before ramming Murphy into the corner before following it up with a reverserana!  The referee begins his ten count!

Murphy is dazed as he gets to his feet.  Ali whips him into the corner, charges as Buddy puts up his foot.  He catches the foot and sends him caught between the top two ropes before kicking Murphy in the back of his head.  He covers him for a two count as they both slowly make it to their feet.  Ali hits a big right hand followed by one by Murphy.  A blow is blocked by Murphy as he hits a series.  He tries for the punt kick, but Ali dodges it and connects with an enzuigiri!  Ali hits a big kick in the corner.  He rolls through before trying for the facebuster only to receive a knee right to the chin!  Murphy pins him for a two count.  Murphy pulls Ali out onto the apron where they trade blows.  Murphy pushes him into the post before charging and missing with a running knee strike!  Ali slams him down on the apron with a facebuster before he rolls all the way into the barricade.  He rolls Murphy into the ring for a two count.

Ali is sent into the second turnbuckle.  Ali kicks Murphy and climbs up before getting his head stuck in the top rope by Murphy who superkicks him there!  He falls back into a spinout slam by Murphy for a CLOSE two count!  Ali rolls out of the ring as Buddy follows.  He tries to stomp on the hand of Ali on the apron, but Ali dodges and trips Murphy on the apron to backdrop!  Ali leaps from the second rope, to the outside, to hit a tornado DDT onto the mat outside!  Ali rolls Murphy into the ring to try and set-up the 0-5-4.  But he's blindsided by Hideo Itami!

Winner (by DQ):  Mustafa Ali

Hideo Itami beats down on Ali before hitting the running missile dropkick to the bottom corner on Buddy Murphy.  He attacks Mustafa Ali again with a kick to the head of Ali as he stands tall over them both as referees and producers flood the ring to break it up.  The show comes to a close with Hideo Itami standing tall.

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