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WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (4/10) New Orleans, Louisiana

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 10, 2018

WWE 205 Live Coverage & Results (4/10) New Orleans, Louisiana

Welcome to the results for 205 Live!  We will be posting results for this show every five to ten minutes after they happen!  Join us here at 10 PM EST as the show begins.

The show opens with a highlight package showing the finals of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament at WrestleMania where Cedric Alexander managed to defeat Mustafa Ali.  This is followed by the show’s intro package.

Nigel McGuinness is off of the show for a few weeks, but he’s replaced by Percy Watson.  Tonight there will be a celebration of ‘The Age of Alexander.’  Drew Gulak will take on Mark Andrews here tonight.

Kalisto makes his way towards the ring as a promo is shown of Kalisto saying that the Lucha House Party will be in a tornado tag team match next week against Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa.


Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa


A package is shown where Akira Tozawa talks about how much he looked up to Hideo Itami.  Akira Tozawa says after he beats all of Lucha House Party, they are FIRED!

The two start off by circling around before Kalisto tries to take him down.  Tozawa evades it and locks in a waist lock.  Kalisto grabs his wrist before Tozawa breaks free.  Kalisto begins doing his Lucha taunts to get hyped up as they tie it up.  Tozawa breaks in the ropes and softly shoves Kalisto’s chest.  Akira begins doing some screeching before they tie up again.  Tozawa kicks Kalisto’s knee on the break.  They do a series of reversals before Tozawa hits his feint punch.  Tozawa begins stomping on the chest of Kalisto in the bottom corner.  Akira pulls Kalisto up, but Kalisto battles back with strikes before being floored by a stiff elbow strike.  Akira picks him up and hits a big running kick followed by a standing senton drop for two.  Tozawa transitions into a chinlock before Kalisto fights out with strikes.  Tozawa silences his rebellion again with a stiff elbow.  Tozawa begins stomping on Kalisto in the corner before shipping Kalisto into the opposite corner.  Kalisto hits kick from the apron before springboarding in with a seated senton followed by a corkscrew elbow strike from the second rope.  Kalisto hits a hurricanrana for a two count.  Kalisto lifts Akira to the top rope where they begin trading blows.  Akira wins the transaction with a stiff elbow, but Kalisto leaps back up before he can jump.  Kalisto begins hitting shots up top before hitting a headbutt.  Kalisto grabs Tozawa and hits a Spanish fly from the top for a two count.

They get to their feet and begin trading blows before Kalisto hits some quick ones.  Tozawa hits a spinning heel kick to knock him down for a two count.  Akira begins getting fired up as he’s measuring up a kick.  Kalisto ducks and hits a superkick followed by a charging shoulder in the corner.  Kalisto hits a running kick followed by another and another.  Kalisto backs up into the corner to charge for another, but Akira leans back to Monkey flip him into the bottom corner turnbuckle where it looks like Kalisto’s leg hits hard.  Akira climbs up, but Kalisto rolls outside.  Akira leaps down and hits a baseball slide to the outside.  Akira climbs back in to a hit a missile headbutt.  He climbs onto the apron and hits a diving senton.  Akira rolls him inside and climbs up top before hitting a senton onto the knees of Kalisto.  They’re both down for a moment before Kalisto pulls himself up.  Kalisto tries for a spike hurricanrana, but Tozawa catches him.  Kalisto reverses into a rollup followed by one by Tozawa as they switch back and forth.  They get to their feet as Kalisto hits Salida Del Sol for the three count!

WINNER:  Kalisto

They show an image for a tornado tag team match next week with Lince Dorado & Gran Metallik vs. Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa.

Backstage, Mark Andrews is shown getting ready before Tony Nese walks up and tells Andrews that it should be Tony Nese who gets his vengeance on Drew Gulak.  Mark Andrews steps up only for Nese to tell him that Andrews needs to kick Gulak’s ass.

An image is shown for New York City for next year's WrestleMania before showing some stills from the show this year.

Drew Gulak grabs a microphone as he gets to the ring and asks what better time than now or his powerpoint presentation.  The crowd begins to cheer for the powerpoint as he says anytime but now is that time.  Gulak says he’s about to eliminate that pop nitwit Mark Andrews.  He calls himself the best submission specialist in the WWE.  He says it doesn’t matter who you are, if you step to him, you will tap out.  He’s interrupted by Mark Andrews’s music as he makes his way down to the ring.


Mark Andrews vs. Drew Gulak


They tie up aggressively before Gulak sends him into the ropes.  Gulak does some leaping over and ducking underneath before getting caught by some arm drags.  Gulak tries to block one only for Andrews to hit it with the other arm.  Gulak rolls outside to regroup himself.  The referee gets to an eight count before he climbs back in.  Andrews charges and begins hitting kicks right to the quads of Gulak before Gulak locks in a wrist lock and begins throwing Andrews to the mat time and time again.  He finally ground Andrews as his wrist is still locked in.  Andrews does a flip to get out of it.  Gulak almost hits the Dragon sleeper, but Andrews rolls him up for two.  Andrews flips over Gulak and hits a bulldog for a two count.  They move out onto the apron where Andrews tries for a hurricanrana, but it caught.  He flings Andrews over his shoulders where he lands on the apron before Gulak shoves him forcefully into the ring post as he falls to the ground.  Gulak allows the referee to count before stomping on Andrews as he slides back into the ring at a seven count.  He continues stomping on him before locking on a submission around the head of Andrews.  He fights out, but Gulak hits an elbow to floor him.  Gulak lifts him up and hits a big backbreaker over his knee before covering for a two count.  He leaps instantly into a side headlock.

Andrews begins to fight out, but he’s floored with a stiff knee strike.  Gulak locks in a chickenwing submission as Andrews begins to fight out with some strikes.  Yet Gulak floors him again with a strike for a two count.  Gulak begins stomping into the chest of Andrews while yanking up on the arm.  He locks in a chinlock as Andrews begins fighting out by hitting a jawbreaker.  Andrews hits a big forearm followed by an enzuigiri!  Both men are down before Mark Andrews hits a 619 through the ropes to the midsection of Andrews followed by a leaping corkscrew moonsault for a two count.  Mark Andrews tries for an Irish whip, but Gulak hooks the second rope.  Andrews hooks the arms of Gulak in a crucifix before hitting a crucifix slam!  Mark Andrews climbs to the top rope, but Gulak stops him.  Andrews hits a big kick and tries for another bulldog, but Gulak reverses it with a strike to the back of his head.  Gulak gets a two count.  He lifts up Andrews slowly as they begin trading open palm strikes.  Mark Andrews hits a guillotine lock, but Gulak hoists him up for a suplex.  Only Mark Andrews comes down in a Stundog Millionaire!  Andrews tries for his finish, the Fall to Pieces, but Gulak rolls away.  Andrews comes down and moves towards Gulak who yanks Andrews face-first into the turnbuckle before locking in his Gu-Lock, Dragon Sleeper.  Mark Andrews taps out!

WINNER:  Drew Gulak

Post-match, Drew Gulak locks in his Dragon Sleeper as the referee is trying desperately to break it up.  Tony Nese charges to the ring and drops him with a series of blows.  Gulak slides out of the ring before Tony Nese leaps over the top with a diving plancha!  Nese rolls back into the ring.  Drew Gulak backs away as Tony Nese is left standing int the ring after pulling Mark Andrews to his feet.

General Manager Drake Maverick is shown backstage as he’s joined by the returning The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher.  Maverick says that he’s hesitant about them coming back onto the show as a tag team.  He asks if there will be a vendetta against Hideo Itami for injuring Kendrick.  Gallagher assures that a vendetta is beneath them as Kendrick adds that he’s just glad to be back.

GM Drake Maverick comes down to the ring before asking if this has been the best weekend of WWE or what?  Maverick says that nothing has made him happier than being given the position of 205 Live General Manager.  He says that the Heart & Soul of 205 Live battled it out and tore the house down at WrestleMania.  Drake Maverick calls out Cedric Alexander.  His music hits and out comes Cedric Alexander in dress clothes with his title in his hand.  Maverick hands him the microphone.  The crowd chants "You Deserve It."  He tells them thank you before saying two years ago that the audience chanted "Please Sign Cedric."  He thanks them for the support which lead him to WrestleMania and to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.  The crowd chants "Yes you did."  Cedric says thank you from his family and his heart.  Mustafa Ali's music hits as he comes out wearing all black with blue shoes.  Ali grabs a microphone as he enters the ring.

The crowd chants "One More Match" as Ali says he has something to tell him face-to-face.  Ali says as his opponent, a member of the roster, and as his friend he says that Alexander earned it and deserved it.  Ali says that there's a long line back there of people wanting a chance at his title.  Ali tells Cedric not to forget that he's in that line.  Buddy Murphy's music hits as he comes out of the crowd and hits Murphy's Law on Alexander!  Buddy Murphy slides out of the ring as Drake Maverick is yelling at him.  Buddy Murphy makes motions around his waist to indicate what it is he wants.

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