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WWE 205 Live Results (3/27) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Mar 27, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (3/27) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Welcome to the 205 Live Results from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 3/27/2018!

The show opens with a video package between the four men in the fatal-4-way match tonight between Buddy Murphy, TJP, Kalisto, and Akira Tozawa!

We join Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness at ringside as they run down the importance of the fatal-4-way before showing GM Drake Maverick sitting beside them.

Mark Andrews vs. Tony Nese

The bell sounds as they circle around.  They lock up, but Nese lifts him up and slams him to the mat before showing off his guns.  They try for another lock-in, but Andrews takes him to the ground this time in a side headlock.  Nese hooks the head and Andrews bridges out only to be slammed into the mat.  Tony Nese locks in a headlock, thrown into the ropes, and shoulders Andrews down.  He hits the ropes only to move back and forth before Andrews hits a deep armdrag to floor Nese.  Nese brings Andrews into the corner and strikes him with a sucker punch.  Nese rushes towards the corner and springs over Andrews before hitting some kicks.  Andrews tries for an armdrag, but it misses.  Only Andrews hits the next one.  Andrews gets a two count after a moonsault stomp.  Andrews climbs to the top and hits a hurricanrana!  Nese slides out of the ring.  Andrews teases a move to the outside only Nese catches him with a running elbow!  Nese begins kicking at Andrews before hitting an anchor Irish whip into the corner that floors Andrews.

Nese hooks on a leg scissors around the midsection.  Andrews tries to roll him up only for a two count as he hooks him in tighter.  He breaks out only to be kicked away and connected with a huge running knee strike to the midsection.  Nese hooks onto the waist of Andrews with hold.  Andrews gets out with an elbow strike followed by another as Nese charges him.  Andrews tries to kick Nese, but he catches the foot only for Andrews to catch him with the other.  Andrews hits the 619 to the midsection before springing off the top rope into an inverted bulldog.  Andrews rushes towards the corner and hits a moonsault, caught, into a DDT for a two count.  Nese rolls outside only Andrews climbs to the apron to hit a moonsault from the second rope to the floor!

Andrews is caught on the top rope by Nese before he lifts him up for a huge gutbuster for a two count!  Andrews gets up and is flattened by a running lariat that only gets a two count as he shows frustration. Mark Andrews begins fighting back.  He gets onto the apron and is nailed by a high kick followed by a sweep kick that floors him.  Nese slides outside and connects with a vicious forearm strike!  The referee begins to count as Andrews is rolled back in.  Nese climbs up and misses a springboard moonsault from the second rope.

Big chest slap from Andrews before a chop!  A flurry of blows from Andrews only to be caught by another forearm.  Andrews catches him with a running enzuigiri! Nese tries for a powerbomb as Andrews has his arm hooked only Andrews rolls into a pin!  Instead of going for the pin, Andrews leaps up for a moonstomp for a two count.  Nese tries for a move only for Andrews to catch him with Stuntdog Millionaire! He climbs up and nails a shooting star press for the three count!

Winner:  Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews walks up to GM Drake Maverick and asks for the match with Drew Gulak.  Drake Maverick says he's considered it and consider it done for next week. Drew Gulak is shown backstage.  Gulak is caught for an interview.  He says Andrews is a great high flyer, but why is he here?  He says that Mark Andrews is just sad because he lost to him.  Gulak says that 205 Live is about submitting and says that if Andrews steps up to him, he'll tap out.

TJP and Buddy Murphy are shown backstage getting ready.  TJP is sipping coffee as Buddy Murphy is working out.

A video package for WrestleMania is shown.

Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander are shown backstage with Drake Maverick being the mediator as the title sits between them.  Alexander says that he thought he'd be at WrestleMania, but he didn't realize it'd be so soon against Mustafa Ali.  Cedric says that he wants to win and make his daughter proud.  Ali says that this isn't how this story usually wins as he usually runs out of ink before the story can be finished.  He talks about how they usually are the ones who tear this place down.  Ali says that his story ends with himself holding the title up.  Alexander says that he will stomp out the heart of 205 Live if it means him moving out of WrestleMania the winner.  Mustafa Ali tells him that that is exactly what he'll have to do to beat him.

Kalisto is shown getting ready with Lucha House Party and Akira Tozawa being coached up by Hideo Itami.  The fatal-4-way is next.

Akira Tozawa vs. Kalisto vs. Buddy Murphy vs. TJP

The bell sounds as all four men are in the ring.  Kalisto and Akira tie it up in the corner, but Murphy throws Kalisto away before chunking Tozawa out of the way.  Murphy charges Tozawa and is thrown over the top rope.  Kalisto focuses on Tozawa only to be taken out of the ring.  TJP is the last man standing as he taunts everyone by laying down.  Murphy yanks him up by his hair only to be caught by a head scissors down to the mat.  Murphy knocks him out of the ring only to be caught by a springboard rotation by Kalisto.  Tozawa hits a running senton on Kalisto for a two count.  TJP jumps Tozawa as Murphy and he are the only two standing in the ring.  TJP extends a hand to shake as Murphy gives him a weird look.  He offers Kalisto for a double suplex, but Murphy yanks him away for a suplex on his own.  TJP blasts him from behind and begins driving a foot into the throat of Murphy in the corner.  TJP trips Tozawa who comes back in before hooking him in a leg lock.  Kalisto runs up and is caught in an abdominal stretch.  Kalisto breaks out and begins hitting some big chops that knocks TJP to the ground to hit a move on Tozawa who is still caught up!  Northern Lights suplex hurt Tozawa again as Kalisto is brought to the ground for a two count.

Both men roll out as Murphy reenters for a couple of leaping dropkicks.  He clotheslines TJP over the top rope.  Kalisto comes back in only for Murphy to kick him and send him outside.  He moves outside and begins throwing everyone around on the outside.  Murphy hits a big punch or elbow to everyone else in the match.  Kalisto and Tozawa finally work together to hit a big throw to take out Murphy.  They throw TJP into the ring before Kalisto throws Akira away.  He climbs in only to be blindsided by TJP.  TJP locks in a Gorey Stretch before hooking Kalisto into a move, holding both men in submissions.  He moves into a cloverleaf, but Murphy takes him out.  Kalisto knocks down Murphy and Akira takes out Kalisto as everyone is laid out.

TJP uses the ropes to pull himself up as does Murphy.  Akira rushes towards TJP and connects with a big punch.  He whips TJP into the corner who springs over and connects with a dropkick to Murphy.  Akira hits a huge diving suicide dive to take out TJP.  Kalisto springs for a springboard corkscrew.  Murphy sees this and leaps over the top rope with a huge splash onto everyone before hitting the ground.  Murphy rolls Kalisto into ring and climbs to the top.  Akira pushes him off as he climbs up.  Kalisto crotches him on the top turnbuckle.  Kalisto climbs up to the second rope.  TJP tries for a powerbomb, but it doesn't work.  He yanks the legs out from underneath before locking in a bow and arrow submission!  Murphy leaps into the cover on TJP!  Akira hits a big senton from the top through all three men!  All four men are down!

Chops from Akira to Murphy.  He fires up, goes for a chop, pauses, then connects with a stiff punch when Murphy drops his guard.  Murphy floors Akira.  Kalisto hits a big Salida Del Sol for a two count by Akira who pushes Kalisto out of the way!  Kalisto and Akira argue before they take each other out.  Murphy is caught by TJP's kneebar.  Akira and Kalisto look at one another outside before yanking TJP out.  Corkscrew plancha from Murphy that takes out both Kalisto and Akira.  He slides back in to be nearly caught by The Detonator.  TJP springs off the second rope to be caught by Murphy's Law!  It's good enough for the three count as Akira and Kalisto tried to slide in!

Winner:  Buddy Murphy


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