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Mick Foley Needs Hip Surgery But Doesn't Have Health Insurance

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 28, 2016

Mick Foley Needs Hip Surgery But Doesn't Have Health  Insurance

Mick Foley does need to get hip surgery, but the bad side is that he has no insurance to help pay for it. He said this in a Facebook post earlier today:

"I guess I should've said something when I started getting prayers and well wishes from friends and colleagues alike – including some of the biggest names in the business. I have definitely mentioned that I needed a hip replacement, definitely mentioned that I intended to get one sometime early in 2017, but never actually set a date. I have this little tiny problem in that I don't actually have health insurance."

He did have insurance before for 26 years, but the last four have been hard on him.

"I had health insurance for 26 years, but the last four years have been tough – with companies sending out letters telling me they will no longer be insuring families, and that I needed to find alternate insurance. By 2016 health insurance was particularly confusing, and after missing one payment, I found myself no longer insured. I am doing my best to be insured in 2017, but nothing is guaranteed, and I have no idea how this new insurance company will feel about replacing a hip that clearly should've been replaced many years ago."

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