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WWE TLC 2016 Results (12/4) Dallas, Texas

Posted By: Elio C. on Dec 04, 2016

WWE TLC 2016 Results (12/4) Dallas, Texas


As the Wyatt came to the ring, JBL spoke in quiet tones comparing the team to the legendary Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen tandem. There was a slight pop when the Wyatts' entrance ended followed by a small "Randy" chant.

They are doing the four man commentary team. We will see how this works out over a PPV.

The champions had control early, including Slater nailing a nice spinkick on Orton. Orton sent him up and over to the apron outside, where Wyatt swept his legs and sent him to the floor. When he returned, Orton picked him up and slammed him down over the ropes. Slater bounced back in, where he was nailed with the Garvin stomp. Wyatt tagged back in and worked over Slater, including a running splash in the corner.

Slater was deposited back out to the floor, where he struggled to get to his feet Orton set him up for the hanging DDT when Slater returned to the apron. Slater tried to fight him off but after Wyatt hit him, Orton caught him with his snap powerslam for a two count. Wyatt cinched in a side chinlock. He sent Slater into the ropes for a backdrop but Slater kicked him and made the tag.

Rhyno cleaned house on Wyatt, including a shoulderblock off the buckles. Orton protected Wyatt but was knocked off the apron to the floor. Rhyno followed and tried to gore Orton on the floor but instead got Luke Harper, who took the bullet for Randy. When Rhyno returned to the ring, he was nailed with the RKO out of nowhere and pinned.

The winners and New Tag Team Champions: The Wyatt Family

Backstage: AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose promos


Carmella escapes to the outside. Nikki goes after her. Carmella on the offence. Carmella returns her to the ring. Nikki with a double leg takedown unloads with punches.

Carmella with a headscissors takedown into the stairs to Nikki. Nikki is shoved into the barricades. Carmella returns to the ring. Carmella with stomps

Suplex by Carmella into the ropes. Nearfall on Nikki. Nikki with a roll up. Carmella goes after the injured leg and another nearfall. Another suplex into the ropes. Carmella places Nikki in the tree of woe..

Carmella goes under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. Carmella with a kendo shot to the midsection. Carmella continues with the kendo stick shots and another nearfall

Carmella with a headlock on Nikki and Nikki grabs the kendo stick delivering kendo shots to the head. Carmella in possession of the kendo stick and Nikki kicks her away.

Carmella drives Nikki into the barricade. Nikki drives Carmella into the ring post. Nikki off the barricade with a roundhouse kick. Nikki with the kendo stick unloads on Carmella

Carmella sends Nikki to the outside. Carmella goes to bring Nikki back in the ring but Nikki uses the fire extinguisher on Carmella. Nikki picks Carmella up and delivers the Rack Attack 2.0 for the three count

The winner of the match: Nikki Bella

Backstage: Daniel Bryan promo


Miz misses with a right hand. Ziggler with the ground and pound. Miz catapults Ziggler over the ropes. Miz pulls ladder out from under the ring. Miz picks Ziggler up looking to run him into the ladder. Ziggler blocks. Miz blocks a Ziggler attempt to run him into the ladder. Elbows from Ziggler break a full nelson and Miz with a boot to the face.

Ziggler places Miz' head in the ladder looking to ring his bell but Miz counters and sends Ziggler face first into the ladder with a drop toehold. Ziggler and Miz with a tug of war over the ladder and Miz with a baseball slide to the ladder sending it into Ziggler. Another tug of war over the ladder and Ziggler uses the ladder to drive Miz shoulder first into the ring post

Ziggler plants Miz face first onto the ladder.  Miz stalks Ziggler with the ladder driving it into his body. Dropkick to the ladder by Miz. Miz on the ladder, picks Ziggler up. Miz hooks Ziggler up for a superplex. Ziggler fights Miz off sending him to the mat.

Ziggler off the ladder with an elbow drop. Ziggler up on the ladder and Miz trying to pull Ziggler off but Ziggler connects with a clothesline. Miz gets sent to the outside and Ziggler once more up the ladder. Miz back in tips the lader over sending Ziggler falling neck first off the top rope.

Miz drives a ladder into the face of Ziggler and the corner dropkicks executed by Miz as he mocks Daniel Bryan. Running clothesline attempt but Ziggler sends the ladder crashing into Miz.

Ziggler on the ladder. Miz climbing up the other side as they exchange punches. Miz teetering on the ladder and an elbow sends Miz crashing to th emat. Ziggler fingertips away from becoming the new champion and Miz making every attempt to thwart Ziggler

Miz ties Ziggler's leg in the ladder and tips it over. Miz setting the ladder across the ropes. Superkick blocked by Miz and Ziggler gets dropped knee first across the ladder. Miz working over the leg softening it up for the figure four and Miz locks it in

Miz stalking Ziggler looking for the SCF. Ziggler counters fighting Miz off. Ziggler fails to deliver the superkick and Miz executes the SCT on the ladder. Miz sets up the ladder. Miz ascends the ladder once more but Ziggler gets to his feet tipping the ladder over leaving Miz holding onto the Intercontinental championship. Ziggler drives the ladder into miz' leg sending him to the outsidee

Ziggler on one leg back up the ladder. Ziggler fighting Miz off. Miz holding onto Ziggler but Ziggler plants Miz with a powerbomb. Miz, hobbling on one leg as he sets up two ladders. Miz hops up the rungs and Ziggler going up the rungs of the other ladder.

Miz beats Ziggler down but Ziggler fights back. Headbutts from Ziggler. Miz drops to the mat and Ziggler climbs up but Miz returns knocking Ziggler off. Miz climbs up and pulls the championship down

The winner of the match: The Miz

Post Match: Miz dedicates his win to Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan who's hatred of him allowed him to retain the championship over someone who was just handed a title shot whereas Miz earned it because that's what people in Dallas do they hand hand out awards and calls himself a winner and everyone else losers


Kalisto immediately uses the chair to go after Corbin but Corbin takeso over setting up a chair. Powerbomb attempt countered by Kalisto. Dropkick by Kalisto and Corbin drops to the outside.

Kalisto soars over the ropes onto Corbin. Corbin punishing Kalisto with forearms as he's pinned to the barricade. Corbin whips Kalisto back and forth between the ring and barricade. Kalisto ggts punished more in the corner. Corbin sets up chairs and goes to pick Kalisto up but Kalisto with a drop toehold sends Corbin head first into a chair wedged in the corner.

Kalisto off the top rope with a seated senton through the chairs. Suicido by Kalisto onto Corbin. Corbin begins to unload with punches on Kalisto throwing chairs around. Corbin swings but misses Kalisto with the chair. Hurricanrana off the barricade by Kalisto. Kalisto drops the chair on Corbin's head and delivers a dropkick. Springboard legdrop by Kalisto. Kalisto places a chair across the body of Corbin. Kalisto goes to the top rope. Moonsault onto the chair and a nearfall. Salida Del Sol countered by Corbin. Kalisto off the ropes and Corbin smashes a chair across the face. End Of Days on the chairs for a three count

The winner of the match: Baron Corbin


Really nice reaction to Lynch coming out. Lynch went right after her and took her down. Lynch tossed her into the barricade and nailed a nice running clothesline. Lynch set up for a powerbomb onto the announcers' table but Bliss fought her way out and kicked Lynch in the side of the head. Lynch swept her legs and knocked her down on the outside of the ring.

Back in the ring, Lynch locked in a front facelock and snapped her over with a suplex. Mauro Ranallo whipped out a Dynamite Kid reference. Lynch set up a table on the outside of the ring but took a long time to do it, giving Alexa a chance to recover. They battled near the ropes. Lynch teased a suplex to the outside but Bliss drilled her in the back to escape. Bliss tried to knock her off the apron but the champ used the ropes to save herself. Bliss worked over Lynch in the corner. Bliss actually bit Lynch's fingers to prevent her from sending her off the apron through a table.

Riley drilled Lynch's head into the mat with stomps. Bliss pulled a table from under the ring. It was set up in the ring. Bliss looked vicious as she worked over Lynch and placed her atop the table. Bliss went up for what I assume would have been the Sparkle Splash but Lynch attacked her on the top and set up for a superplex attempt. Bliss knocked her off the top and Lynch put the table on its side. Lynch attempted to slam Bliss on the table, which was still on its side, but Bliss broke free and nailed Lynch. She told the champion she was pathetic and placed the table in the corner.

Bliss tried to put Lynch through it but Becky firedf up and nailed a series of clotheslines. She tried to send Bliss through the table but Blis avoided. She went for a head and arms Tazplex but Bliss avoided. Bliss' luck continued as she was able to ward off a sunset flip attempt into the table and drove down with two knees to the sternum.

Becky picked up Bliss to put her through the table but Bliss, on her shoulders, flipped it over. Bliss then DDT'd Lynch into the overturned table. The crowd began dueling chants for the competitors. Lynch locked on the Disarmher through the table leg. Lynch nailed a pumphandle slam. Lynch bridged a table across the lowest turnbuckles and placed Bliss across the table. Bliss was able to take her down and stop the move, then hit a big dropkick.

Lynch was whipped into the corner but reversed it and Bliss smashed into the table. The battle went to the apron, where Bliss was knocked down to the floor. She slipped under Lynch and powerbombed her through the table to the floor.

The winner of the match and new Smackdown Live Women's Champion: Alexa Bliss


Ring intros began at 9:08 central, so either we’re getting a very long main event or another PPV that ends well short of three hours, which is just fine. They brawled in the ring, with Ambrose going after Styles aggressively. They fought to ringside and up the aisle. Ambrose ended up suplexing Styles on the ramp. Then he pulled a trash bag out of a trash can and then put the trash can on Styles’s head. Then he elbowed the trash can and Styles fell over. Otunga said it’s part of Ambrose’s mind games. Ambrose dragged Styles back to ringside threw him over the ringside barrier. He pounded his chest and got a mix of cheers and boos. Ambrose then leaped off the ring barrier, but Styles met him mid-air with a dropkick. Both were slow to get up. Styles checked for loose teeth. Ambrose charged at Styles with a chair and knocked him off the ring barrier.

Back in the ring Ambrose climbed a ladder. Styles re-entered the ring and climbed the ladder and knocked Ambrose off. He then bodyslammed Ambrose onto the ladder at 8:00. Some fans chanted “A.J.” and he waved them off. JBL noted that Styles indicated he doesn’t want or need fan support. Ambrose catapulted Styles over the top of a ladder leaning on the top rope. Ambrose then lifted and threw the ladder at Styles at ringside. He looked up at the belt and calculated how to get to it. He rolled to the floor to find another ladder. Instead, Ambrose grabbed a table and set it up mid-ring. Styles bashed Ambrose with a chair. They set up a big spot where Ambrose slammed Styles onto a group of chairs mid-ring, similar to what Kalisto did to Corbin earlier.

At 14:30 Styles suplexed Ambrose through a table leaning in the corner. The table snapped in half. Styles was slow to get up. Ambrose tried to battle back, but Styles countered with a high dropkick. Ambrose then fired back with a clothesline, and Styles flip-bumped hard to the mat. They cut to crowd responses like this was “America’s Funniest Home Video.” WWE is obsessed with that right now, and it’s too much.

Ambrose set up Styles for a superplex off the second rope onto a table at ringside. Styles fought out of it. He went for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Ambrose moved. Ambrose went for Dirty Deeds, but Styles blocked it. Ambrose backdropped Styles over the top rope to the floor. Ambrose played to the crowd to a mixed response, then did his running dive through the ropes. Styles went head-first into the edge of the announcer table. Ambrose threw Styles onto one table, while he removed the cover and monitors on all of them. Ambrose dragged Styles onto the middle table, then grabbed a ladder from another side of the ring. Ambrose placed the table upright on an announce table, then beat up Styles a little more to justify why Styles was still lying there. Ambrose then climbed the ladder and leaped off of it and landed a flying elbow. The table collapsed out from under Styles. JBL said the human body is not designed to go through that. “Mamma Mia!” exclaimed Mauro. A “Holy sh—” chant broke out. Then a “This is awesome!” chant.

Ambrose climbed the ladder. Styles got up and nailed Ambrose with a springboard Phenomenal Forearm to knock Ambrose off the ladder. Both were down and slow to get up. They both climbed the ladder slowly and punched each other on top. Then they both fell to the mat. Styles set up a Styles Clash, but Ambrose countered and did an airplane spin until he rammed Styles into the ladder. Ambrose climbed the ladder slowly. Styles yanked him down and then powerbombed him over the top rope. Ambrose countered and flung Styles over the top rope, too. Ambrose awkwardly regained his footing at ringside at 24:00.

Styles made it to the ring apron and then he moonsaulted onto Ambrose and turned it into a reverse DDT all in one motion. Styles set up a table at ringside. He placed Ambrose on it. He struggled climb the ringside steps. Then he springboard launched himself onto Ambrose at ringside with a 450 splash that broke the table. They cut to another crowd reaction. Then came a “This is awesome!” chant. They showed more isolated shots of fans reacting. Styles climbed the ladder. JBL said nothing will stop him now because he’s finally done enough. Out walked James Ellsworth in a neck brace at 27:00.

Styles jumped to ringside and forearmed Ellsworth. JBL said Ellsworth deserves whatever is about to happen to him. Styles then set up a Styles Clash on the steps again, but Ambrose jumped in and DDT’d Styles on the stair base. Ambrose then climbed excitedly into the ring, set up the ladder, and climbed. Mauro said he was about to become a two-time WWE Champion, which meant he wasn’t. Styles entered and met Ambrose on top of the ladder. Ambrose knocked Styles down. Styles bumped to the floor. Ellsworth, though, tipped the ladder over and knocked Ambrose all the way over the top rope and through two tables at ringside. The announcers wondered what just happened. Otunga suggested Ellsworth might be confused. As Styles got up, Ellsworth cheered on Styles. JBL said it’s erratic behavior. Styles climbed the ladder and grabbed the belt to win.

The winner of the match and still WWE Champion: AJ Styles


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